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Friday, October 9, 2015

Video proof of Bristol Palin pregnant in 2010

Bristol spoke at the  Tulare-Kings Right to Life on September 30, 2010 in California which was convenient for her as she was appearing on DWTS at the time.

We all know Bristol was the only contestant ever to gain weight during the show.

If you look at the video at the 1:12 mark you can see a belly there.


  1. Notice Brissy's double chin, she wasn't like that in 2009 when she looked thinner and had a flat stomach.
    The people at Candie's Foundation should have fired that sow for abusing her role as a spokesperson against teen pregnancy and demanded that she must return every dime she took from them.

  2. Yeah. If you blow it up full-screen, and are quick on the pause/play so you get individual frame advances, sure looks like a bun in that oven to me. Not that the other, existing photos from this time left much doubt.

  3. Just admit that you're a nympho, Bristol.



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