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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Bristol Palin spreads more bullshit about her pregnancy

From Brancy's blog

So here are the things you should all get straight before you continue to mock me, judge me, and talk about me. 

None of us are perfect. 

I made a mistake, but it’s not the mistake all these giddy a$$holes have loved to assume.

This pregnancy was actually planned.

Everyone knows I wanted more kids, to have a bigger family.  Believing I was heading that way, I got ahead of myself. Things didn’t go as planned, but life keeps going. Life moves on.

But I do not regret this baby. This baby is not a disappointment, and I cannot wait to be a mom times two. Tripp is going to make the best big brother!!

Let’s get another thing straight, because I can’t tolerate all the talk on this subject. I have never been paid as an “abstinence spokesperson.” I was employed by the great people at The Candies Foundation.

From their site:

The Candie’s Foundation is a non-profit organization that works to shape the way the youth in America think about the devastating consequences of teen pregnancy and parenthood. We are an operating foundation that develops and runs communication campaigns to raise awareness about our cause. Each year millions of teens are exposed to The Foundation’s message, which encourages them to delay pregnancy and shows the realities of teen parenthood. Our approach is unique: all of our ads feature celebrities that teens can relate to and speaks to them directly using their own language. We go beyond raising awareness; our goal is to influence teen culture.

I'm sure Bristol planned this pregnancy, the problem is Joey Junker's sperm go to her egg first.

The comment about Tripp going to make the best big brother, he already is a big brother!  And he is good at it too.

So Bristol if you weren't the abstinence spokeswoman for Candies, how did you make $300,000 ,by being the CEO?

Radar Online also smells the bullshit too:

Just days after announcing her second pregnancy out of wedlock, mama bear Bristol Palin was back on the defensive, addressing the wave of critics who have called the former abstinence advocate a hypocrite in a blistering blog post. “I have never been paid as an ‘abstinence spokesperson,'” she said, although has learned she earned more than $300,000 spreading that very message.

Palin admits she was employed by “the great people at the Candies Foundation [sic],” and according to tax records obtained by Radar, she was paid $262,5000 in 2009 for her work as an advocate, and $70,000 the year after.

While Palin insists that her focus, and that of the organization’s, was simply to prevent teen pregnancy, her statements in those years were stridently pro-abstinence.

In 2009, she told Good Morning America, “regardless of what I did personally, I just think that abstinence is the only … 100 percent foolproof way to prevent pregnancy,” and promised a magazine in that year, “I’m not going to have sex until I’m married: I can guarantee it.”

And when Palin made an appearance with the head of the Candie’s Foundation on Greta Van Susteren‘s On The Record in 2010, Van Susteren introduced her by saying, “”Bristol is promoting abstinence for the Candie’s Foundation.”

What’s more, her listing on the webpage for the Single Source Speakers Agency lists “abstinence” as the very first topic of her expertise.

Thus, while Palin splits hairs and insists she is not a hypocrite for getting pregnant before marriage yet again, she admitted in the blog post that she knew she was going to be“completely crucified” for not practicing what she has preached, loudly, for years.

Still, she remains defiant.

“I made a mistake, but it’s not the mistake all these giddy a**holes have loved to assume,” she wrote.

The Dancing With The Stars vet defended her past work, claiming that she was a young parent speaking with other teenagers, “when I could share first hand the challenges of being a teen mother.”

Palin said now, she’s in her mid-twenties, with a steady job, a house, and years of parenting experience with her son Tripp, 6.

“I am pregnant,” she wrote. “This is not the ideal situation, but life is important even if it’s not in the most absolute ideal circumstance.”

Meanwhile, the Candie’s Foundation voiced their support for the unwed mother, and said in a post on social media, “In 2011, when she was just 19, Bristol Palin was enormously helpful to The Candie’s Foundation in our mission to educate teenagers about the devastating consequences of teen pregnancy.

“Her courage, while still a teen herself, to admit her mistakes so publicly in an effort to help others was remarkably brave. Today, at 24, we can only offer our support to Bristol and her family and respect her request for privacy.”

Bristol does have two supporters, and it's not who you thought it would be.  Levi and Sunny Johnston!

Bristol just got some support from her nemesis -- the baby daddy fighting her in a nasty custody war ... former fiance, Levi Johnston.

It's a strange twist. Levi, who shares 6-year-old Tripp with Palin, tells TMZ he and wife Sunny are going to do what they can to help raise her new kid. He says she's "a great mom."

And get this ... Levi says he's sorry for Bristol's string of bad luck, specifically mentioning the fact she called off her wedding.  

Palin posted a somber announcement on her Facebook page Thursday and noted that the pregnancy was a "huge disappointment" to her and her family, but Sunday she said the pregnancy was planned.
As for the whole kid out of wedlock thing, Levi says waiting to have kids until the parents tie the knot is the way to go, but he understands things happen ... they happened to him. 
Strange words for someone fighting for custody. 

Bristol it's a shame you treated Levi like shit.  He has more class in his pinky toe than you and your mother have in your entire bodies.

Remember when Levi and Sunny announced they were pregnant?  You freaked out:

But above all, Bristol’s main fear is that Tripp will be humiliated at school. “I don’t want him to go to elementary school with 10 half-siblings,” she says. “That would really affect him,” [she said, totally projecting]. She adds, “I hope that this child is raised with two parents. He needs to step up to the plate and be there,” she sighs. “I thought he had learned his lesson the first time.”

Yes Tripp might be humiliated at school, but it won't be because of Levi.  It will be because of Tripp's mother, grandparents, and uncle.

So Bristol just shut up and take care of yourself and your unborn child.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sarah Palin complains about the Supreme Court's decision on ACA

From Sarah's Fecebook page

Is it too much to ask "Constitutional Scholars" to be faithful to the Constitution?

The most intrusive big government takeover in history – the Obamacare debacle – is now step-by-step tragically enabled by a handful sitting on the Supreme Court. They, who don't understand our Constitution, are deceiving those not paying attention by acting as if the federal government is more powerful than our individual states, and worse, is greater than individual free and capable Americans. THIS is why a sincere protector of the Constitution must win in 2016. Her or his appointments to the bench WILL make or break America. The purpose of the United States Constitution is to impose restrictions on government, to not feed the beast until its expansion suffocates a free people. As noted below, the Obamacare ruling just spoon-fed our obese Oval Office that is filled with those ignoring the will of the people along with our founding documents. The solution? Demand answers from candidates. Ask them: Is it too much to expect judicial appointments and the politicians doing the appointing who swear to God they'll uphold the Constitution to be loyal to the oath?

- Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin don't you realize the conservatives outnumber the liberals on the court 5-4?  And the conservatives are actually the activists?  Oh look who I am talking to.

She also has an op-ed on  I will not post the link to it, can't give that dead asshole any hits.

The Bradley County Courthouse has flown an historic flag just below our stars and stripes; it features a simple evergreen tree and the phrase “Appeal to Heaven.” The ATH flag has a rich history, being first commissioned by George Washington to fly over Navy schooners during the Revolutionary War. Washington knew the colonies needed God’s intervention as they battled for freedom – they had no recourse but to call on God. The appeal to heaven ultimately granted America freedom. This is our foundation! And the few who disdain this foundation want the innocent but illustrious flag removed.

Special friends, Pastor Dutch and Ceci Sheets, presented me with an Appeal to Heaven flag of my own. It has stirred my heart and will stir millions more once the significance of this flag attack is understood.

The angry opposition to the evergreen-emblazoned bolt of cloth spews from those refusing to acknowledge the truth – that the patriots of old knew America’s hope for freedom was rooted in God. And unlike any other, the idea of “America” would be exceptional in that we would dedicate to God this land overflowing with the blessings of liberty.

In Bradley County, the ATH flag has flown over the courthouse, until the Freedom From Religion Foundation – a group that spends its funds suing municipalities who don’t see as they do – demanded Judge Keith Neely take down the flag or be sued.  The judge found himself in a tough spot, and without the budget to fight out-of-town lawyers, he was advised by the county attorney to remove the historic flag. Well, The Freedom From Religion Foundation rattled the wrong cage. This is an attack on freedom, on honoring accurate history, and is more of the fundamental transformation of America that will render us not only unexceptional, but unrecognizable. But not if we intercede.

The solution? Get behind Judge Neely and the good folks in Bradley County who want to Appeal to Heaven for our nation.  Religious freedom is what this republic was founded on – why kowtow to the few who threaten that right? I won’t deny our need for God’s grace and miracles to fundamentally restore America. Please join. Write your own “Appeal to Heaven” in the comments below. Press in! And stand strong with those already standing for freedom.

This attack on the ATH flag might seem irrelevant in light of all the important things happening right now, but it’s symbolic and symptomatic of the precarious position we’re in when it comes to religious liberty, our entire Bill of Rights, and our need to openly acknowledge the ultimate source of our country’s blessings. May we never doubt that a Providential Hand will always guide us to a better future as long as we are humble enough to seek that help.

I don't know if this is in response to the SCOTUS ruling on gay marriage, but Sarah get over it, gay marriage is here to stay.  At least Bristol can marry Marina and Marina can be the baby's daddy now.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Bristol, I mean Nancy French's response to all of us

From Brancy's blog

This is still how much I care about anything negative …

#prolife ❤️ God is good, happy Friday!!

Whatever Bristol, you are still a slut.

I for one have no problem slut shaming her.  When you get paid $262,000 to preach abstinence and you get knocked up anyway, all gloves are off.

Seriously there is no excuse for Bristol getting pregnant.  Birth control is now covered by Obamacare so she can't complain she can't afford it.

We need to pinpoint in on who the daddy could be.  I'm taking it with a grain of that Dakota Meyer is the father.

It is estimated that Bristol is 3-4 months pregnant, so she would have gotten pregnant Feb -March.  She and Dakota got together mid-Feb.  January-early Feb she was still with Joey Junker so it's a possibility Joey is the daddy.

Bristol pops the question in March 13, 2015 after a month of dating Dakota.  She puts up her house for sale a few days later and moves to KY mid April.  

According to Sarah Dakota came up to Alaska first weekend in March so a conception could have taken place then.

Bristol and Dakota were together the weekend of March 14-15 in Vegas when the proposal took place so conception could have taken place then.

Dakota comes up to Alaska Easter weekend (first weekend in April) so that's less than three months ago so no conception took place then.

If Bristol is only three months along conception could have taken place during the time they were apart and there were large gaps, which means it could be Junker or black guy in Anchorage.  According to a comment left on Immoral Minority that is the case:

Anonymous2:38 PM
Bristol is trying very hard to pitch a reality show which documents her pregnancy and birth. She is desperate for cash. The $18k per month allowances are long gone. 

She has attempted to contact Mark Burnet multiple times, and he will not respond to her. I think he knows what she's trying to pitch and simply isn't interested. 

Bristol is also trying to shop "belly photos" to tabloids but so far has only gotten a $2500 offer from In Touch magazine. (Less than 10% of what she was asking) I don't know whether she accepted or not but considering they are just bathroom mirror selfies which her sister has shown lots of people already, she should be thrilled anyone is willing to pay a dime. 

Look for Bristol to disappear later in the fall. She has to wait and see how dark the baby turns out. My daughter said she was told by Willow, that Bristol is "100% sure the baby is Joey's OR this black guy from anchorage". (Her words, not mine)

I'm sure she sees no irony in saying she's "a hundred percent sure" the father of her unborn disappointment is ONE of two people- one of whom she refers to as "this black guy". 

Oooh, and Sarah is so PO'd she's drinking her feelings and praying for the spotlight to drift away before she's forced into making an announcement. Willow said Bristol was literally forced by her mother to announce before the funerals of the 9 AME church victims, because she thought the news coverage of the funerals would diminish any coverage Bristol might get. 

Just when I'm always sure I can't loathe that screechy harridan any more, suddenly I find I can.

I never advocate deadbeat dad's but it would serve Bristol right if the daddy  never pays a dime of child support, then she will know what a deadbeat dad is really like.  Levi did struggle to pay child support when he was younger for Tripp, but Sarah made it hard to for him to find adequate employment in Alaska and Rex and Tank totally fleeced him

What do you all think?

Sarah Palin tries to get people to give her money by posting a contest regarding the new $10 bill.

From Sarah's Fecebook page

Since politicians just can't leave well enough alone, and evidently have nothing else to do, they’ve decided to create a new $10 bill featuring a woman. Let's help them pick a strong and proud role model of the American spirit! Vote here on some of our suggestions for whose face should grace the new bill. We’ll reveal our winner on Friday, July 3rd.

When you try to vote it takes you to a link where you have to put your name and contact info.  Nice try Skanky!

And my vote for the $10 or $20 bill?  Eleanor Roosevelt.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Jim Bob Duggar had a restraining order filed against him

From Radar Online

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar covered up their son Josh’s disturbing sex crimes for years— and the 19 Kids And Counting couple kept even more sick skeletons in their closet.

In August 2004, just a year after Josh was caught molesting his sisters in the family home, an Arkansas businessman set a hearing for a restraining order against seemingly harmless dad Jim Bob, can exclusively reveal.

According to Arkansas’ Washington County Circuit Court documents obtained by Radar, James Penny and Wireless Technologies Corporation filed a motion for a temporary restraining order hearing on August 2, 2004.

The bad blood between the two men went back to 2003, when the ultra-Christian father of 19, now 49, sued Penny and Wireless Technologies Corporation for failing to vacate a building he owned in Springdale.

A judge ordered the defendants to move out by July 18, 2003.

Three months later, the judge ordered Wireless Technologies Corporation to pay Jim Bob $16,679.30 to honor their lease agreement.

The next August, Filtek Corp., the company for which Penny served as vice president, called for the hearing to obtain a restraining order against Jim Bob.

The motion was ultimately denied, and the Washington County Sheriff’s Office was granted permission to sell items seized under a Writ of Execution.

There must have been a good reason why James Penny wanted a restraining order against Jim Bob.  I can totally see Jim Bob harassing someone.  You can read the document here

Sarah Palin needs to find a job now

From Politico

Fox News will not renew its contract with Sarah Palin, whose bombastic appearances have been a cable staple since the former Alaska governor’s failed run on John McCain’s ticket in the 2008 presidential election cycle. When asked for comment, a Fox News spokesperson confirmed the network had amicably parted ways with the governor on June 1.

Palin, 51, is expected to make occasional guest appearances on Fox and Fox Business, and will appear on other networks and cables. She has a show on the Sportsman Channel, does a lot of speeches, and will announce a new publishing project soon.

When Palin was at her zenith, she made frequent appearances, and Fox installed a camera at her house. But executives consider her less relevant now, and her appearances were sometimes hampered by the vast time difference with Alaska. She remains a huge conservative force on Facebook, with 4.5 million fans – twice that of Rand Paul, who has the biggest reach in the 2016 field. She also has 1.15 million Twitter followers.

Palin’s Facebook page got a new look at midnight, including a new cover photo with a quote from her announcement speech in Dayton, Ohio: “I didn’t get into government to do the safe and easy things. A ship in harbor is safe but that’s not why the ship is built.”

She’ll remain heavily involved in GOP congressional and gubernatorial primaries for 2016, and many candidates have reached out to her. This week, SarahPAC is donating to over 40 candidates. She is currently out in the mail to several thousand SarahPAC donors with a half-hour documentary DVD detailing her impact on Republican politics over the past three cycles.

Sorry Peebots this does not mean she is running!  Looks like Sarah is gonna have to get a real job or fire Brancy and write her own screeds.   She could go to Taco Bell and get an employee discount.

Now that Bristol is knocked up again there is another mouth to feed.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Let's make up names for Bristol's new baby

From Radar Online

Could Bristol Palin be the ultimate hypocrite?  (HELL YES!) The single teen mom made thousands of dollars promoting abstinence after she gave birth to son Tripp in 2008, and has confirmed that she is pregnant out of wedlock yet again!

Bristol admitted the news Thursday after being contacted by Radar about rumors out of Wasilla.

“I wanted you to be the first to know that I am pregnant,” she wrote on her blog. “Honestly, I’ve been trying my hardest to keep my chin up on this one.”

“At the end of the day there’s nothing I can’t do with God by my side, and I know I am fully capable of handling anything that is put in front of me with dignity and grace,” she continued, admitting, “I know this has been, and will be, a huge disappointment to my family, to my close friends, and to many of you.”

Insiders told Radar that rumors about her pregnancy have been running wild in Wasilla for weeks.

“Bristol has been telling pals she’s preggers,” a Wasilla insider tells Radar. “Three months along.”

Though her mother Sarah is unlikely to run for President in 2016 — and recently lost her gig on Fox News — another baby scandal could prove to be the ultimate embarrassment for the conservative family, and a fatal blow to their wider political ambitions.

Said the source, “Bristol is a hypocrite! She has made a ton of money by preaching abstinence but yet is going to be an unwed mother for the second time in a matter of months. Typical Palin fashion, not practicing what they preach.”

When asked about the rumors, both Bristol and her rep David Martin repeatedly refused to comment, but more obvious signs have appeared on her Instagram page recently.

So what should Bristol name the baby?

Joseph Dakota?

Dakota Joseph?

Oh hell these are the Palins so let's come up with really stupid names for the baby:










Tap (as in I tapped that)

Trollop (after it's mother)

Piper Palin found a home for Penelope yet

From Piper's instagram (now since removed)

Penelope the pig needs a new home! if anyone is interested in adopting her, please let me know!

Looks like Willow wasn't too pleased about it:

wbf_ So you better delete this 

wbf_You can't get rid of her when you have a contract with someone. 

piper.p take her then. @wbf

wbf_Delete this dramatic

What was the contract and who was it with?  Dakota?  The Humane Society?

Since then Penelope has been rehomed;

Judging by the looks of Penelope's new mother I have a bad feeling Penelope ended up between two pieces of toast, tomatoes, and lettuce.

Poor Penelope.  RIP.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Jeb Bush favors privatizing social security

From Yahoo News

WASHINGTON – Jeb Bush thinks the next president will need to privatize Social Security, he said at a town hall meeting in New Hampshire on Tuesday – acknowledging that his brother attempted to do so and failed. It’s a position sure to be attacked by both Republicans and Democrats.

Bush has previously said he would support raising the retirement age to get Social Security benefits, a common position among Republicans. And he backed a partial privatization that House Republicans have proposed that would allow people to choose private accounts.

The future of Social Security has become one of the most hotly contested issues in national politics, and both parties have accused the other of threatening its survival. Republicans argue that Democrats’ refusal to change the program will lead to its bankruptcy. Democrats say privatization would kill the program and leave elderly Americans at the mercy of the stock market. Plus, any discussion of changing the system often creates fear in older Americans beyond or nearing the age of retirement, who also tend to vote in the greatest numbers.

Republicans have split on the answer to fix the program, which could begin to pay out more than it takes in as more baby boomers retire and younger generations aren’t able to pay enough into the system to keep it going. Understanding the fear privatization proposals create, some Republicans have argued that the retirement age should be increased or means-testing established instead. Many Democrats advocate raising the ceiling for the tax that funds it.

Speaking in Derry, New Hampshire, Tuesday, Bush acknowledged that when his brother President George W. Bush attempted to privatize Social Security in 2005, he met great bipartisan resistance.

“My brother tried, got totally wiped out,” Bush said. “Republicans and Democrats wanted nothing to do with it. The next president is going to have to try again.”

Bush also said Social Security shouldn’t be called an “entitlement.” “I’ve learned that in town hall meetings,” he said, according to a video released by the pro-Democratic group American Bridge. “It’s a supplemental retirement system that’s not actuarially sound, how about that. Medicaid and Medicare are entitlements, and they are growing at a far faster rate than anything else in government.”

Yes wanting to raise the retirement age is going to go over real well with the voters.  And privatizing Social Security?  NOT!

Sarah Palin you really shouldn't drunk Facebook because you opened a can of worms

From Sarah's Fecebook page

Ok, I'm sorry. I shouldn't laugh... this hard. I know this isn't a victimless crime, what this white chick perpetrated. But it's a most crystal clear picture of so many screwed up things we've let society adopt as the norm. Namely, the practice nowadays of judging someone not based on character, but on skin color. Our original civil rights freedom fighters are rolling in their graves over the backward steps we've taken lately. It's politically incorrect to call out Elizabeth Warren for falsely claiming she's American Indian, or dinging Obama for just making up his former multi-ethnic girlfriend, and I guarantee I'll be branded a racist for laughing at this Rachel Dolezal story. Whatever. Dolezal is an unsatisfied lily white leftist who believes the only thing less politically correct than being a white girl is to be a white guy today. Can't help but be preemptively amused as I post this and invite Dolzel's defenders wrath to aim and miss at we who won't put up with political correctness destroying truth in America. Oh, and on a personal note, I can finally look forward to the Left's positive comments about a scholar's association with college in Idaho! After all that high-falutin' criticism for choosing a good school that I could afford to attend while working my way through, graduating college debt-free, I can't wait to hear the former mockers of Idaho now defend the integrity of that great state's academia! Go Vandals!

Big question, why did Sarah have to bring up her college career?  She just opens a can of worms there.  Rachel never attended school in Idaho.

In case you have forgotten Sarah attended the following colleges to get one bachelors degrees:

University of Hawaii at Hilo
Hawaii Pacific University
North Idaho College
Mat-Su College
University of Idaho

And Sarah's degree is very questionable.  Malia Litman who is very trustworthy did get a confirmation that Sarah graduated.  I question the official at UI who told her that.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Josh and Jim Bob Duggar should go to jail for perjury

From Radar Online

Before the bombshell reveal last month, the Duggars had been desperately attempting to hide Josh’s sick past of sex abuse for years— and they would go to any lengths to keep it hush-hush.

Now can exclusively reveal that both Josh and Jim Bob went so far as to lie under oath about their history with police during a secret civil court case.

In August 2013, the 19 Kids And Counting patriarch, 49, and his eldest son, 27, sued Acceptance Casualty Insurance Company and Joe Brown Insurance Agency for nearly $85,000 over an insurance deal gone wrong.

The Duggar men, co-owners of second-hand car dealership Champion Motor Cars, argued that the insurance company did not dutifully honor a claim after 91 of their cars were damaged by a hailstorm.

Though the case was of a civil and not criminal nature, the defendants sent a list of questions, or interrogatories, about the Duggars’ pasts as part of the legal process.

In Washington County Circuit Court documents exclusively obtained by Radar, Jim Bob and Josh were asked to “describe any criminal records you may have, including the nature of the charge, date and place of the arrest, and conviction, if any.”

“The Plaintiffs state that no such records exist,” they responded.

“Please produce copies of any reports, statements, or other documents provided from or to the Springdale Police Department, Washington County Sheriff’s Office, or the Arkansas State Police,” the defendants asked next.

“The Plaintiffs state that no such records exist,” they replied.

However, as Radar readers know, Josh and Jim Bob have a long history with the Springdale Police Department, Washington County Sheriff’s Office and the Arkansas State Police relating to the younger Duggar’s sexual assaults on five minor females, including at least two of his sisters, between 2002 and 2003.

According to Springdale Police Department documents revealed to the public in May, Jim Bob and Michelle first met with a Washington County Sheriff’s Office detective about allegations against their son in 2006.

During that interview, Jim Bob confessed that he and Josh met with an Arkansas State Police officer about the grave matter in 2003.

By the time an investigation was launched, the statute of limitations had ended, meaning Josh could entirely avoid prosecution for his crimes.

Both Jim Bob and Josh would have had access to these records, but neither wa honest in the interrogatories responses seven years later, which were answered under oath.

In addition, Jim Bob told another lie in the same set of interrogatories.

“Have you ever filed any other civil suit?” the defendants asked.

“Plaintiffs have not filed any other civil suits,” the father/son pair answered.

But as Radar exclusively reported, Jim Bob filed a civil lawsuit against tenant James Penny and Wireless Technologies Corporation in 2003.

The case, which involved a motion for a temporary restraining order against Jim Bob, eventually ended in the father of 19’s favor.

Though Jim Bob and Josh were never called out for their lies in the car insurance suit, they lost the case anyway.

According to Arkansas law, Jim Bob and Josh could be charged with false swearing, a misdemeanor carrying a sentence of up to a year in jail, for lying in their responses to the interrogatories.

However, the statue of limitations is only a year, and they submitted their responses in November 2013.

It looks like the Duggars once again got away with their crimes.

Since the statue of limitations has passed, the best punishment for the Duggars is to lose their TV show.  They are already losing speaking engagements so that's a start.

Some more shining examples of Sarah Palin's parenting

From Bristol's instagram account

A real mother wouldn't let a barfly like Bristol who has had a fender bender and a speeding ticket teach Willow how to drive.

And of course we can't forget this

Sunday, June 21, 2015

More of Jim Bob Duggar's parenting

From The Daily Banter

The revelation that the Duggar family covered up a very serious molestation and incest scandal should not have come as a surprise. Religious fundamentalism suppresses basic human nature, and denying growing adolescents the chance to explore their sexuality is a recipe for disaster. We see this play out in the Catholic Church over and over again, yet fundamentalists refuse to address these systemic problems by looking at the root cause.

While one should not play armchair psychologist with ’19 Kids and Counting’ perpetrator Josh Duggar, it doesn’t take much to imagine what could have led to his outbursts of sexual deviancy. Gawker has been compiling stories from readers who have had contact with the Duggar family, some of which shed fascinating light onto the bizarre world of the Jesus loving fundamentalism that may or may not have led to Josh Duggar molesting young girls and his own sisters. One Gawker reader writes:

My cousins husband used to work at the Duggar production as well. He has many, many, stories about this family, but one that particularly strikes me as terrible is when one of the older Duggar Boys was caught playing with himself. He said that one of his brothers had told on him for being in the bathroom for a few hours one night, worried that he was sick. Well to see if he really was, Jim Bob walked in. He caught him doing it, and on one of the day’s the cameras were filming. Jim bobs screams made the crew run to where they were filming. Immediately they asked him what was wrong. All Jim Could reply was “idle hands are the devils playthings.” Apparently, the whole next day he was supposed to do chores around the house. But, Jim Bob had tied his hands together so that doing anything was nearly impossible.

Masturbation is of course perfectly natural and perfectly healthy – particularly for teenage boys who are a cauldron of rampaging testosterone and hormones. If this story is true (and it has not been corroborated as of yet), then Josh Duggar’s deviancy can be understood a little better. Growing up in a household where you are taught that sex is bad and masturbation evil is bound to create a ticking time bomb of sexual confusion and frustration.

Of course the Duggars believe Josh ‘sinned’ against God and treated him with more repressive Christian claptrap, sweeping the real problem further and further under the carpet. Josh Duggar may be ‘cured’ in the religious sense of the word, but in the real world, he’s probably still pretty messed up.

Comparing Levi Johnston, Todd Palin and Track Palin as fathers

Levi supports his children, spends time with them as you can see on Sunny's Facebook page.

When was the last time Track spent any time with Kyla?  He also is a druggie.

Todd appears to be a loving father but he has failed in getting Trig proper therapy:

I rest my case.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Why Jeb Bush would make a shitty president #1

He admits he would never disagree with his brother Dumbya.

Jeb Bush wants to shame women who have babies out of wedlock. Ok let's start with Bristol


It was a little jarring to learn this week that Jeb Bush, before he became Florida’s governor, took some surprisingly far-right positions on social issued in a 1995 book. In Profiles in Character, for example, the Republican touted the benefits of public “shame” and a “sense of ridicule” for unwed mothers and those who rely on public assistance.

Jeb Bush even cited Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter as support – the novel served as a reminder, he wrote “that public condemnation of irresponsible sexual behavior has strong historical roots.”

In fairness, the book was published 20 years ago. The Florida Republican can’t simply walk away from his record, but it’s not unreasonable to think candidates of every stripe are going to change and adapt to changing circumstances over the course of two decades. If Bush wanted to say he’s learned a lot since 1995, it’s an understandable response.

But that’s what made yesterday so interesting. As msnbc’s Benjy Sarlin reported, Bush was given a chance to walk back what he wrote in 1995, and instead, he did the opposite.

Asked by msnbc whether his views regarding the application of shame had changed, Bush suggested his book’s warning had proved prophetic and stressed the importance of encouraging young people to get married before having children.

“My views have evolved over time, but my views about the importance of dads being involved in the lives of children hasn’t changed at all,” he said. “In fact, since 1995 … this book was a book about cultural indicators [and] the country has moved in the wrong direction. We have a 40-plus percent out-of-wedlock birth rate.”
There’s video available of Bush, who made the comments in Poland during a European campaign swing, making the comments while talking to reporters.

It’s possible the GOP White House hopeful doesn’t fully appreciate the nature of the controversy.

If Jeb Bush wants to make the case the children benefit from larger support networks, fine. If he wants to talk about the enormous challenges facing young, unwed mothers, no problem. If he wants to argue that two parents are better than one, we can at least have a conversation about the available social science.

But in his book, Bush went much further, touting the societal benefits of shame, even for those in poverty. He literally wrote about the value in a “sense of ridicule.”

This isn’t just rhetoric about old-fashioned affinity for a traditional nuclear family; Bush’s vision went much further.

And given a chance to clarify his book 20 years later, Bush declined.

It’s worth noting that during Bush’s tenure in Florida, the state had a law “that required single mothers who did not know the identity of the father to publish their sexual histories in a newspaper before they could legally put their babies up for adoption.” Bush eventually repealed the law following a successful court challenge.

When msnbc’s Sarlin asked the former governor yesterday about the policy, Bush said he was fuzzy on the details, but he nevertheless seemed to support the purpose of the defunct law. “To assume you can create a fatherless society and not have bad outcomes I think is the wrong approach,” he said yesterday. “I don’t remember what the repeal was, I can remember the purpose of the law was to enhance the ability to collect child support because men have the responsibility of taking care of their children.”

This may very well be the kind of rhetoric that resonates with Republican primary voters, but for the American mainstream, it’s a stretch.

So Jeb are  you going to call out Bristol for having Tripp out of wedlock?  Crickets.

And Bristol are you going to call out Jeb for shaming women?  Crickets.

This is another reason why the Bush family should be banned from running for anything.

Sarah did speak but it's not the response we all want:

Encouraging to see the strength and diversity the GOP has to offer voters as the 2016 race continues to unfold. Unlike the coronation on the left, conservatives can head towards a positive, healthy democratic (small d!) debate on how best to restore America to the beautiful and bold dream our Founders set forth.

It was encouraging today to hear Governor Jeb Bush speak directly to an issue that touches so many lives in these challenging times, both culturally and fiscally – raising a child with special needs. Nearly one quarter of American families live with special children that have greater challenges than some people will ever understand. These families need an advocate in a government that insists it can set our nation's priorities, especially given the disastrous implications of Obamacare on the special needs community. As was said today, these children are truly a blessing and they can teach us more than we can ever teach them. Some days it's admittedly tough to understand all God's purposes, but it helps when those we chose as leaders have a heart for those less fortunate. I'm glad Jeb's life was touched by God's purpose-filled children, and hope he continues with a positive message of inclusion, empowerment and specifics as how we can best advocate for families who would never expect government to do it all, but would like to count on government being on their side.

This campaign is just getting underway with many good candidates, and many more to come. Let's keep our hearts open, but our eyes and ears too! May the best man, or woman, win! See you on the trail!
- Sarah Palin

PS - you can read more about the impacts of Obamacare on special needs families here:…/obamacare-hurts-parents-of-specia…/

Take a moment and watch this beautiful video here:

Is Sarah just sucking koch so she can be on Jeb's ticket?

Friday, June 19, 2015


As you all know a deranged gunman opened fire in a church with a predominately African American congregation killing nine people, all of them black.

The gunman's names is Dylann Storm Roof (how appropriate) who is a racist and got a gun on his 21st birthday from his father.

Dylan is a known racist who said and I quote  ‘I have to do it.’ ‘You rape our women and you’re taking over our county. And you have to go.'”

Yep he is a racist.

Condolences all over the world have poured in, and of course Skanky had to get Brancy to write a screed on Fecebook:

Sincere sorrow is shared after hearing the news out of South Carolina. Our prayers are for the victims and their families suffering enormously from this disgusting, despicable attack in Charleston last night. My heart goes out to the community. What they're made to go through now is inexcusable. On this day of darkness, small rays of light can sometimes be found -- some will find light on a Facebook post that was written by someone much more gracious and mature in our faith than I. Find it here:…/347576-the-only-comment-on-dylan…/

- Sarah Palin

Of course we all know Sarah isn't sincere.  She is just a racebaiting attention seeking whore.  So Sarah shut up and let the good people of Charleston mourn in peace.

Of course we will not get anymore decent gun laws passed after this.  I lost hope after Sandy Hook.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the Charleston victims, and all victims who have died as a result of lax gun restrictions.

If Dakota Meyer wants a political career

If Dakota Meyer is serious about a  political career, he is going to have do a lot more than ride on Sarah Palin's coattails.

He needs to go to college

He needs to bone up on the issues ALL OF THEM.

He needs to make amends for that pic above.

He needs to dump Bristol and marry a real virgin to get the evangelical vote. (which he did)

Thursday, June 18, 2015

So why did Sarah Palin triple down so much on her defense of the Duggars?

As we all know Sarah has to open her trap on every little thing that happens.  This time she opened her trap regarding the Duggar scandal.

Up until now Sarah has pretty much ignored the Duggars.  She did wish Josh Duggar a happy birthday earlier this year and did meet him when he came to Alaska but that's it.

So why all the defense?

Is it because the police report was FOIAed and Sarah is worried things like Trig's birth certificate, her and Todd's divorce, Track, Bristol, and Willow's criminal records will get the same fate?

Or is because she may have been a sexual abuse victim herself?

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

So Track has a new woman?

So who is Jordan Loewe?  Is she one of Todd's hookers?  Here is her instagram

She might be from Arizona as she is wearing an Arizona Wildcats sweatshirt.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Michelle Duggar got a gay crew member fired from 19KAC

From Gawker

To start us off, here’s one story about matriarch Michelle Duggar, from a woman who says she worked on the show in 2008 (I’ve edited for brevity and added emphasis):

In 2008 I worked on the set of what was then known as “17 Kids and Counting” and I have something to tell you. ...

During this time, the Duggars had very limited exposure to what they called the “outside world” and so most of the crew members being from larger cities, we were all very surprised at how very little they knew or understood about places like New York, Los Angeles, and London. All of their perceptions of these places were the most exaggerated stereotype cariacatures as if their only source of news was from locally produced religious cartoons from the 1980s. As in, LA is full of surfer dudes and Valley girls, and everyone in New York talks and walks like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, walks in packs carrying switchblades, spray paints graffiti at every turn, with the only safe haven oddly being the mighty Trump Tower. Yes, Trump Tower was Jim Bob’s go-to when talking anecdotally about the elegance of lavish and luxurious places. ... They didn’t own a television or had an Internet connection at that time, so, really, next to second hand church gossip, the local newspaper was really their only link to anything outside of Arkansas. The producers of the show had instructed crew members to not ever engage in conversation on our own with Jim Bob or Michelle in fears that we may either say something normal that they would find objectionable or that they would say something to where we’d react funny because we weren’t used to their level of “unwordliness” I think it was put.

We were constantly reminded that we were not to upset them or taint their version of the world, which is why they wanted limited conversation. Even a lighthearted conversation that might actually educate them about something they were horribly ignorant about was seen as tainting their view. It was very much like being told to not tell your little sister about Santa Claus.

So, during the leadup to their first family trip to New York to appear on the Today Show, Michelle started approaching some of us about New York and if it’s “scary for kids”. Because Michelle came to us, it was acceptable to entertain conversing with her but producers would always rush over and monitor the conversation. That very day we had a couple of crewmembers new to the set not familiar with the drill. She had directed this question to four of us who all happened to be standing together. As tempting as it was to give some ridiculous answer, the producer’s face reminded us to just be polite and give her the answer she wants. Well, the followup question is when it went completely off the rails. “Well, I hear the city is overrun by ..... gays... has that been causing a lot of problems?” One of the new crewmembers laughed and said “Why don’t you ask “Jimmy”? (Changed his name) and then proceeds to yell over his shoulder “Hey, Jimmy, you giving the city lots of problems???” Jimmy as you can guess, was gay, but this fact was completely lost on the Duggars.

It took her a minute to process that the joke answer might mean that there might really be one of these gays she’s always heard about nearby! In her house, even! She pulled the producer over to the corner and started yelling at him and demanding to know if what was just said was a joke, and that she wants to see Jimmy. We’re all watching this go down from a distance dying inside at how funny this was, and how shit is about to really hit a very big fan. The producer is now in a very tough position, because Jimmy is a veteran of the industry and is excellent at what he does, but now the Duggars’ weird uncultured Pollyanna worldview is threatening to disrupt the production staff. We could see the producer trying to calm her down and offering to have a talk with Jimmy (who we all thought was at a rig about 500 feet away, far enough out of ear shot) when suddenly Jimmy appears. ...

Michelle asked point blank “So ... you’re .... gay???” The four of us are staring at this from a distance as if we’re on the edge of our seats, completely shocked that someone in 2008 would even do that, and Jimmy ... suddenly strikes a pose like a model in a pinup photo, and responds “Well, darling, depends on who’s asking!” Holy shit, the four of us watching were doubled over in pain laughing so hard at this. ...

Well, when we returned, we found out that Jimmy was removed, fired from the set, and transferred to another production, and that none of us are to breathe a word of what we saw to anyone. The official reason given to pacify the Duggars was that he was “fired due to causing conflicts with the talent”. Talent! Amazing how such a small sentence can contain so much hyperbole. He was fired 100% because he was gay and for no other reason. The conflict was because he was gay. Of course, he wasn’t really fired fired, but taken off this particular crew. Jimmy was super cool and took it all in stride, and understood the reasoning and the delicate balance the producers needed to have to please these stupid people. And the reason he never came forward or made a stink was because he was paid a bonus and moved to a more desirable production. The dramatics of the “firing” was inflated for the Duggars’ benefit, stupid enough to believe that normal people from more progressive parts of America would support the removal of a gay person from a job filled with union democrats. (Another secret they weren’t aware of!)

...They kept a very tight lid on this incident, because on future tapings when new crews would be swapped in, they were suspiciously more and more straight-edged Christian than you’d typically see on the set of a television show, any television show, outside of the 700 Club. As long as the Duggars are comfortable and safe from the scary city gays, all went according to plan. ...

Sorry this was so long, I guess I could have just told you that Michelle got someone fired because they were gay, but I thought setting the scene is important to the story. Enjoy!

Although it hasn't been confirmed Michelle did this I am 99.9% sure it is true.  Hey Michelle you want to keep your kids safe, kick Josh off the compound!

Is this Bristol's new home?

Since she sold her house, has she bought a new one since coming home to Alaska or is she living in her truck?

I doubt she and Sarah are on speaking terms right now since the wedding fell through.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Monday Meme

Sarah Palin still will not read a history book

Sarah posted the above graphic on her Fecebook page

Anyone with a brain knows that in the past 80 some years the Democratic party has become more progressive and the Republicans have become less progressive.

If I were alive in 1865 I would have been a Republican due to the slave issue.

If I were alive in 1915 I would have been a Republican due to World War I and I would have felt we need to keep out noses out of European affairs.

By 1932 I would have switched to the Democratic Party to support FDR's New Deal.  By 1965 I would have been a full fledged liberal.

Sarah also forgets Ronald Reagan raised taxes 11 times, spoke in favor of separation of church and state, and advocated letting illegal immigrants stay in the US.  Crickets from Sarah.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Jill Duggar's husband Derick Dillard resigned from his job at Wal-Mart

From Radar Online

The fallout from the Duggar molestation scandal continues. After Josh Duggar resigned from his Family Research Council job in Washington, DC his brother-in-law Derick Dillard has now left his job at Walmart, has confirmed.

Jill Duggar’s husband was employed in the tax department for the Arkansas based company and recently gushed about how much he enjoyed working for the behemoth organization.

However, when Radar contacted Dillard via his Walmart account on June 9, 2015 an auto-reply revealed that he has left the company.

“I have recently accepted a position outside of Walmart and am no longer working for the company,” Dillard’s email said.

Fans of the new father questioned his leaving the company, writing: “Why did you resign from Walmart? Are you going to Nepal for mission work?” on his Instagram page.

The scandal-plagued family has been in crisis mode since the news of Josh’s molestation of two of his sisters, including Dillard’s wife, was revealed, with the family saying the “inappropriate touching” happened when Josh was a “young teenager” and that the sister victims have all forgiven their brother.

Real smart of Derick to quit his job with an infant at home and most likely the gravy train with TLC crashing to a permanent halt.  And going to Nepal?  The last thing Nepal needs right now is more proselytizers.    They need people to help rebuild their infrastructure.  I hope he doesn't go on the grifting train like his in-laws and the Palins.  God help us.

Today is Flag Day and Sarah Palin is violating flag ettiquete again

And she has taught Tripp to desecrate the flag too:

And now on Fecebook she is encouraging others to do the same:

On June 14th, America celebrates Flag Day. We’re celebrating more than just a bolt of cloth with stripes and stars. Our flag was adopted by the Second Continental Congress in the middle of the American Revolution, and it symbolizes the hope of our nation!

At a time when some are purposefully pushing so many things to divide our country, we can gather around our shared symbols and stand strong through unity – especially embracing that which represents our American soul. Every day should be Flag Day! On June 14th, let’s display the red, white, and blue with honor and pride; and together, we can marvel at this “emblem of the land we love, the home of the free and the brave.”

Please share photos of the celebration that is Flag Day – whether it’s respectfully draping the flag over your front porch, wearing flag t-shirts or pins, waving it from your car, truck, boat or bike, displaying it in the garden or office cubicle, maybe decorating a cake in our colors... however you want to show your pride in ol' Glory! It will do our country's soul well to celebrate together!
- Sarah Palin

Follow this link to share your photos:

Yes Sarah some are purposefully pushing so many things to divide our country, people like you!  So fuck you.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Josh Duggar has now moved back in with Mommy and Daddy

From Washington Post

Looks like it’s moving day for Josh Duggar and his family. A photographer snapped trucks being loaded up at the Oxon Hill, Md., home of the eldest of TLC’s “19 Kids and Counting” clan on Tuesday.

The apparent move follows revelations earlier this month that a then-teenaged Duggar was accused in 2005 of molesting young girls, including four of his sisters.

Duggar resigned from his job at the Washington-based Family Research Council in the wake of the reports, which the family has acknowledged.

Another sign that change is afoot for the Duggars, who for the last two years were just another church-going, sports-loving D.C.-area family (except, you know, being followed by the occasional TV crew)? Photographer Mark Wilkins spotted Steve Neild at the family’s house on Monday.

If that name sounds familiar — particularly when linked with a scandal-steeped TLC family — it’s because Neild was the bodyguard-to-the-stars who became a tabloid target himself when he reportedly dated Kate Gosselin, the “Jon & Kate Plus 8,” matriarch after being hired as her security detail.

Josh is pretty much unemployable at this point.  Really who would want to hire an admitted child molester?  Guess he is going to start having to use birth control and Anna may have to get a job.

Where's Todd? We need to put an APB out on him

Haven't seen or heard about Todd much lately.  What could he be up to?

Is he doing double duty as a hooker and a john?

Is he recovering from a flying can hurled at him by Sarah?

Is he shacking up somewhere with his mistress/boy toy somewhere?

Friday, June 12, 2015

The Duggars are under investigation again

From NBC News

State officials called 911 after being denied entry to the home of the "19 Kids and Counting" family just eight days after the Josh Duggar molestation scandal surfaced.

In Touch magazine reported Wednesday that a Arkansas Department of Human Services worker contacted police after not being allowed inside the family's Tontitown dwelling on May 27.

A DHS employee is heard asking for help in an audio recording obtained by the magazine which aired exclusively on NBC's TODAY on Thursday.

"Well, we're, um, Washington County DHS office and we're out here to, uh, we have, uh, an investigation, and, um, I guess they're, uh, not being cooperative, and we have to see the child to make sure the child is all right. So we just need police assistance or escort," they said.

The call was transferred and it is unclear what happened next. It is also not known what was being investigated.

With all the scrutiny the Duggars are facing right now you think they would be more cooperative.

I wonder if the child is question is Mackenzie, Josh and Anna's oldest daughter.  She is five, which was the same age that Joy was molested by Josh.

After a nearly 5 month hiatus, Sarah Palin appears on FOX

Even though Sarah is an idiot, this interview with Sean didn't bother me that much 

However the one she did with Extra did:

Sarah Palin is explaining her decision to support the Duggar family in the wake of the sexual molestation scandal that has rocked their family. The outspoken former governor spoke to “Extra” at her home in Alaska, revealing why it was so important for her to speak out on behalf of the Duggar family.

“I’ve been one to speak out on behalf of victims, for one, and there are victims in this issue with the Duggars, and others sexually exploited and assaulted and had to live with the advances, sexually speaking, from someone they trusted.”

Her outrage ignited even further by the media coverage, "The media’s hypocrisy about how they try to crucify an entire family for a 14-year-old kid’s actions 12 years ago.”

Palin says she feels bad for the victims, “Unfortunately, this had all been rebirthed, and the girls trusted their counselors and trusted law enforcement that they were telling law enforcement and counselors that it would all be confidential and private, and here it’s busted out for all the world to see and be humiliated by.”

Palin said she was proud of the way Jessa Seewald and Jill Dillard, who identified themselves as victims of their brother Josh's molestation, presented themselves on "The Kelly File."

"They did such a good job in explaining they've forgiven their 14 year old brother," Palin commented.

She added that she has met Josh, who was accused of touching four of his sisters and a babysitter when he was a teenager, and she feels he is being punished in the court of public opinion, but also feels like he may be able to use this situation to do good, explaining this might be an opportunity for him to "educate others, help others get through tough situations, perhaps that’s part of the redemption he would capitalize on and ultimately help society.”

Sarah came under fire herself for dragging actress Lena Dunham into the Duggar controversy, something she is not standing down on. “Lena Dunham is the most exploitive character I’ve ever heard of who brags about, offers up, is celebrated for her sexual exploitation of a little girl, breaks my heart… she sexually abused a little girl and yet she is rewarded with fame and fortune.”

Palin is always quick to answer any question thrown at her, but the one she is still dancing around, is if she will run for President. "I would never say never. Who knows... stranger things have happened," she said. 

These are the parts that pissed me off:

"Oh ya know I’ve been one to desire to speak out on behalf of victims, for one, and there are victims in this issue with the Duggars and others sexually exploited and assaulted and had to live with the advances, sexually speaking, from someone they trusted.

“Lena Dunham is the most exploitive character I’ve ever heard of who brags about, offers up, is celebrated for her sexual exploitation of a little girl, breaks my heart… she sexually abused a little girl and yet she is rewarded with fame and fortune.”

Sarah "Hoohah" Palin has never, ever been an advocate for sexual assault and abuse victims!  Ever!
She tried to force rape victims to pay for their rape kits while mayor of Wasilla, an act which outraged the state so the state legislature passed a law forbidding it.

While GINO of Alaska she didn't do shit regarding the sexual assaults that were occurring in the Natioanl Guard.  While running for VPOTUS she said she would ban abortion for rape victims.

As for Lena Dunham I have never defended her, even though she was 7 when she looked at her infant sisters vagina.  However Josh Duggar molested his sisters, and was awarded fame and fortune.  So Josh Duggar=Lena Dunham.

Sarah you fucking cunt go live in one of the Native villages and see all the abuse that goes on there.  Maybe then you will have some sympathy.  But I doubt it.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

In Touch does a good job at exposing the lies of the Duggars

1) The “licensed” counseling details. Jim Bob and Michelle and two of their daughters have stated the girls went through “licensed” counseling, but have not addressed why Jim Bob and Michelle apparently waited FOUR years before getting them into counseling after they had been victims of Josh. They have also refused to discuss that the counseling seems to have occurred only after the Department of Human Services launched an investigation into the family, following the police probe, which ended due to the statute of limitations having expired. Jim Bob and Michelle apparently did NOT get their daughters counseling from at least March 2002 when, according to the police reports, Josh confessed he had committed “4 to 5” separate acts of molestation, through December 2006 when Springdale police turned the case over to DHS. During that time period Josh committed at least SEVEN acts of molestation, according to police reports.

2) Downplaying the molestations as “subtle and mild.” Echoing Jim Bob and Michelle’s characterization of Josh’s actions as “mild touching,” Jessa said: “None of the victims were aware of what happened until Joshua confessed. The extent of it was mild – inappropriate touching on fully clothed victims, most of it while [the] girls were sleeping.” She also added, “In the situations where it happened and the girls were awake they weren’t aware of what was happening. It was very subtle.” But two police reports strongly contradict these assertions. After several instances of Josh sexually molesting sleeping victims, his behavior progressed. According to the police report: “James [Jim Bob] said [redacted, Josh] was reading to [a] five year old …and as she was sitting on his lap he had touched her breasts and vaginal area. James also said that some time during this time frame, his daughter had been standing in the laundry room and [redacted, Josh] had put his hand under her dress.” Fox’s interviewer Megyn Kelly never pointed out that one victim was five-years-old and Josh was 15 at the time of that molestation. The Springdale police report also reveals that Josh molested another awake victim outside the home. According to the report: “They [Jim Bob and Michelle] said that [redacted, Josh] also admitted to fondling [redacted] outside the home on her breasts.”

3) The escalation of Josh’s molestations is troubling to mental health experts and not to be dismissed in the manner Jessa characterized it as, “a young boy in puberty and a little too curious about girls.” Dr. Paula Bruce, a California clinical psychologist, told In Touch about the Duggars: “None of them acknowledged that this is predatory behavior. It’s classic. It’s got dominance and exploitation. The touching that happened when they were asleep and touching when they were awake, it sounds like escalating in violence because it became more forceful. There was an incident in the laundry room. That was showing a pattern of increasing aggression. That’s a pattern of someone who is becoming more sexually compulsive and increasingly so. That’s not the pattern of someone who is resolving their sexual compulsivity.”

4) Safeguards. Jim Bob and Michelle have said (and their two daughters echoed) that after they became aware of Josh’s abuse they put “safeguards” in their home. But the Springdale police report reveals that Jim Bob and Michelle first became aware of 4 to 5 separate acts of sexual abuse by Josh in March 2002 and there were more acts of sexual molestation by Josh in July 2002 and March 2003. The parents have not addressed the fact that their “safeguards” repeatedly failed and allowed at least SEVEN instances of sexual molestation during the course of a year. Were the girls upset that they were subjected to ongoing abuse for more than a year with Jim Bob and Michelle refusing to get outside help? Were security measures ramped up after every time Josh committed another act of sexual molestation? As these security measures proved to be ineffective, why did Jim Bob and Michelle wait at least a year before removing Josh from the house for a short period of time? The family was not asked these questions and continues to not fully explain the situation.

5) Jim Bob, Michelle, Jessa and Jill all made a point to say that Josh “paid for his own counseling.” But Jim Bob and Michelle did not admit – and were not questioned – about why Josh apparently did not get counseling from a mental health professional for at least FIVE years after his first four acts of molestation, and only after the Department of Human Services opened an investigation into his activities. Josh admitted to his parents to molesting minor females on multiple occasions in March 2002, July 2002 and April 2003. In December 2006, Jim Bob and Michelle told Springdale police that Josh had been “counseled” in 2003 by a family friend who remodeled homes but was not a licensed mental health professional, according to the police report.

6) The family has continued to give the impression of cooperation with authorities, but fail to offer a detailed explanation of why they did not produce Josh for a police-requested interview in 2008. Josh, 18-years-old at the time of the Springdale police interview, hired a lawyer and refused to be questioned.

7) The family strongly implied that details from the DHS investigation were leaked. Jessa said of talking to DHS: “We did you know, we told them, we were honest. We said here’s what happened and we told them the complete story and my parents said, ‘This isn’t something people are going to blab around, you can tell them, you can trust them. Tell them your story. It’s a safe place to talk.’ Unfortunately not.” The reality is that no details from the DHS investigation or what the victims told DHS investigators have leaked or been reported. Cooperation with DHS is mandatory.

8) Public records spin. Public records obtained by In Touch of a plane used by the Duggars show that it flew to the location of their crisis public relations specialist prior to giving these interviews in an attempt to save their TLC show. A source confirms to In Touch that the Duggars met with their own PR team to create a strategy for the interviews. All of the Duggars attacked the situation with demonstrably false statements against people and entities involved in the case, including Jim Bob’s strong suggestion that the Springdale police chief took a bribe to release the police report. These false statements were left unchallenged by Fox’s Kelly.

9) The family has continued to float the possibility that they will take some legal action against the city for releasing the records. But a deeper analysis of the situation reveals top experts say they have no basis for such action. Reports The Washington Post:

“I don’t think they have a leg to stand on,” said John E. Tull III, a lawyer for the Arkansas Press Association who frequently represents newspapers in cases related to FOIA. “I don’t see any basis for any sort of lawsuit.”
In a response to the Duggar family’s claims on Fox News, Springdale city attorney Ernest Cate released a statement defending the release of the report to In Touch magazine.

“The requested record was not sealed or expunged, and at the time the report was filed, the person listed in the report was an adult,” he wrote. “Any names of minors included in the report, as well as pronouns, were redacted from the report by the Springdale Police Department in compliance with Arkansas law prior to release.”
Tull and other lawyers told The Washington Post that officials in Springdale simply followed FOIA by disclosing the records, which were redacted to protect the victims’ names and gender.

“It’s not a case I would ever take,” said attorney TrĂ© Kitchens, of the Brad Hendricks Law Firm of Little Rock. “They don’t have a viable claim based on the facts as I know them.”

10) The Duggars have continued to mischaracterize the FOIA-released police reports as juvenile records and say there were “illegally released.” Jessa told Fox: “Freedom of Information Act is not, you can’t FOIA juvenile cases, everybody knows that.” Her characterization of what was released via FOIA is wrong, reports The Washington Post, which also points out that by not releasing the police report city officials would be committing a crime under Arkansas law:

The police investigation did not occur until 2006. By that time, Josh Duggar was already an adult at age 18, so the state code covering the confidentiality of juvenile records would not apply to this case, legal experts have said.

Journalists and advocates for public information consider Arkansas’s open records law to be one of the nation’s best. The Arkansas state attorney general even describes it as one of “the most comprehensive and strongest” public records laws in the United States.

That means that there are very few legal exemptions for public officials to withhold documents. And if officials don’t comply with the law, they can face misdemeanor charges and fines. Just Thursday, for instance, the director of a Little Rock housing authority was found guilty of failing to comply with FOIA.

11) The order to destroy the police record. The order to destroy the police report was entered by Judge Stacey Zimmerman. Neither Fox nor the Duggars have acknowledged that the judge heard only an emergency argument from one side (via a lawyer hired by the Duggars) and no media outlet or other entity challenged the ruling, which many legal experts believe was overly broad and a wrong interpretation of the law. Even Springdale’s police spokesman noted the highly unusual nature of the judge’s decision.

“The judge ordered us… to expunge that record,” Springdale Police spokesman Scott Lewis said, adding that similar records are typically kept indefinitely.

Law professor Michael Johnson, a former United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Arkansas, told In Touch: “The order to destroy all the reports from Springdale Police Department cites Arkansas law that is not relevant. The law Judge Zimmerman uses states law enforcement should not disclose to the public directly or indirectly identifying the victim of a sex crime, but that is not a valid reason for the destruction of a police report.

“By its very nature, destruction is an irreversible decision and it seems odd Judge Zimmerman chose to have the police reports destroyed. I don’t understand why she simply didn’t have the information she felt identified Jane Doe 1 redacted. And, if she wished to go further, why she didn’t have the records sealed pending further investigation."

And one final side note on the interview:

Kelly repeatedly attacked the media for reporting the story, but FOIA documents obtained by In Touch show that Fox also tried to get the police report to report the story AFTER it first came out. Their request was denied.

So there you have it.  Even FOX News wanted a piece of the action.  Why do the Duggars think they can lie and get away with it?  I am starting to feel less sorry for Jill and Jessa.  In their little cult they are now adults since they are married.  For Pete's sake ladies stand up to your parents and tell the truth!

Why does Sarah Palin have to inject Ronald Reagan into everything?

From Sarah's Fecebook page

On this 71st Anniversary of D-Day, may God bless our Greatest Generation for the sacrifices they made for our freedom. Please take some time today to reflect on their courage. Thank a WWII vet and listen to their stories, tell your kids the story of D-Day, watch “The Longest Day” or “Band of Brothers,” or simply say a prayer in gratitude for the tens of thousands who made the ultimate sacrifice that day in order to liberate an entire continent from evil.

We will always remember. We will always be proud. We will always be prepared, so we may always be free.” – President Ronald Reagan, June 6, 1984, 40th Anniversary of D-Day

A more appropriate way to end her post would have been the D-Day prayer that President Roosevelt (who was the POTUS at the time, not Reagan) spoke in a fireside chat he gave to the nation announcing the troops landed in Normandy:

I'm sure the only reason Sarah even bothered to mention D-Day was because her ex-almost son in law to be Dakota posted something on his Fecebook

D Day... Operation Neptune... June 6, 1944. The day that the free world banded together and started turning the tide to beat back and eventually defeat Hitler and the Nazis. This was the largest amphibious assault in the history of the world to date with over 150,000 men landing on those beaches. I cannot begin to imagine being in one of those landing craft. The bravery and valor displayed by those men on this day 71 years ago should be honored and celebrated.

Dumb hillbilly Dakota got something incorrect, Operation Overlord was the code name for the whole invasion, Operation Neptune was the name of the initial landing on June 6, 1944.