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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Best Tina Fey impersonation of Sarah ever!

Of course Brancy had a fit over it and had to personally attack Tina.

  I’m sure many of you saw Tina Fey, who sounds nothing like my mom, do a skit based on my Mom’s endorsement of Donald Trump. 

I don’t know about you, but hearing her fake accent is like nails on a chalkboard for me!

I may be biased, but I think my mom trumps her in the looks department. (Especially for having three more kids and seven more years on Tina!)


  1. I have a question for Bristol.


    Bristol, have you ever Listened to your mother? I don't mean "Don't have unprotected sex, young lady!" or "This is how you make a can of soup for supper".

    I mean, did you ever sit in front of the television, and watch one of her endorsements, and actually listen to her?

    Because if you had, you'd understand what we all mean by Screech. Her voice has a screeching quality to it. And a meanness. And a vindictiveness that is totally unbecoming of someone who should be trying to attract voters.

    Her voice actually repels people. It's not even the words she's making up. The hertz hurt.

    Now, you guys are getting snow today, put some socks on, and keep those kids warm.

  2. About 1 week ago, Sarah Palin's niece posted this about SarahPac:

    "It is low, my mom said she was bitching the other week that she would be a laughing stock when people saw she had less than 300k in "liquid". Not 100% sure what that means but I know when Bristol buys purses and shoes worth 1000s she uses the money from my aunt's donation account thing. I guess now she doesn't get much but she used to get like 20k a month. As in 5000 per week. My mom always said all my aunt is buying is the guarantee that she will have to keep purchasing Bristol's loyalty.
    They do weird things with money, they trade cash for money orders but only at the post office even though you can get them from the bank. Then they put money orders in the bank. Why not just put the original money in the fuckin bank???"

    The niece must be telling the truth about Sarah Palin and her family, because everything that she has posted came out as true.

    1. I salute her for exposing her money hungry aunt and cousin.

  3. Why did the media avoid Bristol Palin's 2010 DWTS pregnancy?

  4. Brissypants is using her skank mother's "go to" method of deflection by using the exact comments "her voice is like nails on a chalkboard" by redirecting it to someone else. Screech has used that silly method numerous times - she's such a loser - it's hard to say which palin is the most useless trailer trash - it's a tie between skank mother and slutty pants bristle


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