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Thursday, January 21, 2016

It was a year ago this week that Bristol's (and Sarah's too) lives were ruined

The 2016 SHOT Show is happening this week.  One year ago Dakota Meyer made a pact with the devil (Sarah) and began courting Bristol.  We know how that all turned out.

The question is, will the sperm donor be in Las Vegas again this year?  Dakota will be, but he isn't the sperm donor.  I'm talking about the lounge lizard Bristol slept with.


  1. Hi SPHASH! Look at that horny old bitch leering at Dumbkota's "junk". Remember, the horny bitch fucked Brad, and busted up Pimp Toad's business relationship with him. One wonders if she blew The Donald; what does Melania think of her now??

    1. Not buying the "junk" check. Never did.

  2. When I saw these pictures, i immediately believed the wasillawitch had the hots for MOH. No question in my mind - but, to be fair, I also acknowledge that its not fair to assume anything without proof. (Trying to keep a straight face here).

    However, a picture is worth a thousand words! First reason- her "little girl cutesy" expression that turns the stomach of most women - regardless of age. Most of us have witnessed another woman acting like this at some point and I know I don't have to describe or explain it. It turns our stomach even more when said woman is over 16 yrs old. ๐Ÿ˜‚

    Reason two - from the first time I saw this, I assumed she was holding the sign with MOH. Nope. And that makes this pic even more of an eye roll. If you enlarge it, let me know if you see it too. I won't share my discovery until you guys have another look or maybe you've known it all along?! Let me know!!

    Third reason - regarding the pic below that one - I read comments from others who believe baby maker was photoshopped into this pic- I agree with you but putting that aside, the wasillawitch is WAY to close to MOH - slutty pose which includes: breast touching...Check. Hip touching....Check. Black jeans..Check
    Black shirt....Check. Low hipster belt with gaudy belt....Check.

    MOH .....looks almost uncomfortable.....

  3. Andddddd...... :-D. If the people in the photographs could talk... This is what they're saying:

    BABYMAKER: How the hell did I get teleported to this picture?

    MOH : ahhh...ummmm....oh fuck, this IS awkward... Holy shit! Why is this crazy bitch resting her hand on my ass!??

    WASILLAWITCH: This is MINE. His ass...omg.....his ASS!


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