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Monday, January 18, 2016

Monday Meme


  1. Not only is it stupid, but it's also full of shit. Republicans, most certainly including Palin, risk chocking when they try to sound celebratory about our 'melting pot' society. Perhaps only in line behind power and money, what they surely prize most is conformity.

  2. Hi SPHASH! Don't worry, us Canadians can spot a phony when we see one! The fuckin' idiot was so stupid then, and still is now. She knows better than to stink up our fine country. Pervert daddy Chuckles admitted that they used to go to Whitehorse for free healthcare. The fuckin' bitch has the nerve to slam "socialism", yet they milked our system here. We are now watching diligently to keep those fuckin' grifters out of here!


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