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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Only a month into 2016 and it has been sucky for Sarah Palin

So far in 2016:

Dakota files a lawsuit regarding the parentage and custody of Sailor Palin

Sarah endorses Donald Trump, pissing off most of her base

Track is arrested for assault and battery.  The media is now scrutinizing his service

Sarah blames President Obama for Track's problems, getting backlash from the media and veterans groups

Sarah tries to raise funds for Sarah Pac, only to get blowback

Her SarahPac report is out and she is still hemorrhaging money.

What will be next for Skanky Hooah!


  1. Yeah, I've been really enjoying 2016 so far!

    I'm not understanding- I know that Dakota has asked for joint custody and child support for the infant who may or may not be his child- and I understand that at least in Kentucky, if the parents aren't married and do not sign a statement agreeing they are parents, the court will order a paternity test. Is that the same as filing suit?

    1. Dakota has not asked for child support, that was a lie made up by TMZ or made up by the Palins and perpetrated by TMZ.

      Dakota has asked for shared custody and for child support to be decided. That's all. It's a completely reasonable request.

    2. If he has the child, then she should be paying child support to him. When she has the child, he should be paying child support to her. That's how it should work.

      My question was whether this is considered the same as filing a lawsuit.

    3. I think filing for custody is at least like a suit, whether or not it's called one. That's a technicality or a semantics issue. The long and short of it is that Dakota has filed for the court to get involved and take some action on this matter. It doesn't really matter whether it's called a custody "suit" or a custody "proceeding" or a custody "case."

    4. I never heard of any couple having shared custody and either of them paying child support, that goes against the whole ethos of shared custody, which is supposed to eliminate the areas of dispute that Bristol Palin has used to beat Levi over the head for years.

      I haven't asked yet and I haven't been told but I believe Levi now has shared custody of Tripp so Bristol won't be getting a cent from him. I assume the current court action is a discussion of child support debt occasioned by the unfair and unreal level that was set by the court when Levi had a very bad lawyer.

      What will Bristol do with no man paying her child support to live off of?

    5. There can be child support with joint custody if there is a large discrepancy in income and or the custody isn't 50/50.

      Kentucky laws about birth certificates don't apply to a child born in Alaska.

    6. Here's the link to the AK lawsuit file by Dakota Meyer against Bristol Palin on 1/4/16:

      Click on "Search Cases" and enter: 3AN-16-04017CI

      Scroll down for what's on the Docket so far.

      Oddly, no attorney has yet appeared on her behalf. That leads me to believe there are furious settlement (silencing?) negotiations occurring.

      He also filed in KY. I believe on 12/29/15 or thereabouts. I don't have a link (anyone?). It's my understanding that it's the KY court that wants a paternity test before proceeding.

  2. Old Sarah is still kicking..she's appearing in Iowa today. Heaven forbid she hang out at home and get to know her grandkids. Or connect with that warrior son and make sure he has no guns to shoot himself with. Such a wonderful example of motherhood, love and Christianity, isn't she? Not to mention honesty, faithfulness, humility, and caring about others. In fact, I can't think of one good human trait that Palin even possess. She's got the Seven Sins covered, though.

    1. The toxic Palin stink will be all over Des Moines for the next couple of days, there'll be no escaping it.

      I'm predicting it will bring down Trump.

      And you can be sure that a certain drunken non-combat warrior will be glad she's not around- she has brought immeasurable humiliations down on his head. Bitch has trashed forever what were probably the only good years of his life.

  3. Ain't sucky enough for me me.I wanna see the bitch cuffed and stuffed wearing an orange jumpsuit.I never want to see or hear the slut again.

    1. Good for you, I know just how you feel.

      Time's coming.

    2. The truth about Trig wouldn't put her in jail (I don't think--what law would apply?), but it would be good enough for me.

  4. Well, her big TV interview didn't go as planned. Guthrie had the nerve to ask her if she regrets blaming the President for Track's supposed brain issues. Then Sarah had to whine that she was 'promised' the interview would be about the Iowa caucuses, but of cause, 'the media never keeps its promises' Gee, Sarah, I guess your dreams of ever being at 30 Rock again are gone. Wasn't it this week that you were whining about scripted interviews? Honey, we just saw how you handle unscripted ones, and it was hilarious. And get a load of the people behind her smirking at her...Iowa doesn't like you any better than Alaska does. Oh, and that outfit looked like you were ready to head out to Times Square and beg for money.


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