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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Poor Bristol, she really missed out on this one

From US Weekly

Ringing in the new year with a ring! Dancing With the Stars pro Mark Ballas proposed to longtime girlfriend BC Jean (a.k.a. Brittany Jean Carlson) in November, multiple sources confirm to Us Weekly.

“Mark and his girlfriend are engaged,” the source tells Us. “She’s wearing an engagement ring.”

The insider also revealed that the dance pro and singer, 29, proposed to the singer/songwriter, 28, the day before Thanksgiving. "They have been keeping their exciting news on the down-low as they wanted to celebrate and enjoy the holidays with close friends and family," the source says.

Congrats to Mark!  He really dodged the Palin curse didn't he?


  1. "She's wearing an engagement ring." Yeah, well, so was Bristol, however briefly...

  2. Yeah, well, apparently they've been engaged more than 2 months. Barstool can't hold them that long.

    You've got have something more than a willingness to spread your legs, if you want a marriage. Unless he's stupid.

  3. Did Mark's mother buy BC Jean's engagement ring, like Ol' $arah bought the engagement ring for Bri$$y?

  4. Check out Bristol's latest Instagram post:

    It's a photo taken in a bar/restaurant. As best I can calculate, the photo was posted between 8 and 9 PM, Saturday, 16 January Alaska time.

    One of the comments suggests the location is Suite 100, an Anchorage bar-restaurant.

    The occasion is a birthday party for someone. Notice three items in the photo.

    1. Piper is seated with an open bottle of beer and a half-empty glass of beer in front of her. She's 14. Can anyone spell "underage drinking?" The place could lose their liquor license.

    2. Marina Lupas, the Exotic Russian Ho' is front and center. Well, actually, her tits are front and center.

    3. Piper is holding the infant Sailor. If Sailor was born on 23 December (she was not), then, she's only 3+ weeks old. If she was born on 4 November (which she was), then, she's 2-1/2 months old. Either way, who drags a newborn out to a smoky bar-restaurant for God only knows how long?

    Someone needs to inform the Alaska alcohol control people about Piper's underage drinking.

    1. You know, that baby she is holding.... All of a sudden, it seems to have shrunk and does look more like a newborn than a 2 1/2 months old. Also, too, it sure does look quite 'dark complexed' there - and way more hair, and darker hair - than other pictures of her!
      Are they playing with two different babies again???

    2. 1) If you look at the full-size photo you can see that it is clearly a ROOT Beer, brand name product.

      Probably a family style restaurant. Nothing illegal that I can see.

    3. Anonymous 6:08: Thanks for your observation. I still haven't figured out how to download an enlarge pics on Instagram.

    4. Yes... How can you safe or enlarge an instagram picture? I am on an old iPad...

    5. Old Redneck, I'm not sure what I did. I think I just clicked directly on the photo a couple times and it made it bigger.

      6:36 as for saving a photo, just "right click" on your mouse or mousepad thing and it gives an option like "Save As" or "Save Link As" or something similar, depending on what computer and program you surf the web with.

      It will want you to tell it where to save it and usually the "Desktop" is a good place since you'll always remember where it is.

      Give it a name that you can remember instead of the gobbley goop one that comes automatically with it. I also like to put the source in the new name so I know where it came from. A date is good for future reference.

      Hitting "Save" or carriage return usually saves it for you.

      Be careful though, as you want to make sure it's not an oddball website or something that will give you a virus.

      Also, too. Breitbart's website gives you "kooties" so don't download--or even look there! LOL!

  5. Replies
    1. Forward it to the authorities... ATF? Not sure which one is responsible for licensing a restaurant for alcohol.

  6. OR, where was Tripp? We know Bristol loves taking her kids to adult parties.

    1. She has been farming Tripp out to Sunny and Levi for quite a bit lately. I remember Sunny saying something that they now have 'three kids', and that Tripp 'came home from school' the other day, telling her how he boasted to his friends how the sausages she gave him for lunch were from her, and that she had shot the moose herself...

    2. OHHHH. I can hear another Wasilla refrigerator taking a beating. This one's Bristol's.

      She and Sarah only pretend to be tough back-to-nature Alaskans. Sunny and Levi are the real deal.

      Deal with it, Bristol.

      ps. first post here, didn't realize it would be the same as Gryphen's--meaning real easy and Anon is OK to use. I hate the ones that require everything but your birth certificate to get on to post. Thanks, SPHASH!

    3. Lucky Tripp actually has another place to go. Poor little Sailor only has Bristol.

  7. It is Suite 100 which is a very nice place with super owners. They would NEVER serve an underaged person. And...BTW smoking is not allowed in Anchorage bars or restaurants. Look carefully. It IS root beer. I know that all of us reading here dislike the Palins but we should be careful not to make assumptions and libel/slander innocent owners of good businesses.

  8. Bristol has zero common sense. You do not take a 3 week old child out in public unless absolutely necessary. She brags about her big, extended family. Couldn't she get a babysitter for a couple hours? What is Piper doing at a party for a woman twice her age? She is still only 14 and they treat her like an adult. Sarah is oblivious, as usual!

    The baby's immune system is far from completely developed and she hasn't even received a full set of immunizations. She doesn't belong around all those people but Bristol probably wanted to be the center of attention despite putting her daughter in a dangerous situation. She probably has plenty of gadgets but not a single book on parenting!

  9. Bristol is a retard for dragging Piper and her baby to an adult only gathering, plus it's inconsiderate to take an infant to a restaurant when she should be sleeping at home instead of disturbing the customers with her crying. I noticed Willow wasn't included in the photo, did she have a fallout with her sister? Maybe the cousin knows.

    1. Willow moved to Seattle. She was just up here for the holidays.


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