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Saturday, January 30, 2016

The latest report from Sarah Pac has now come out.

The last report (end of June 2015) proved she is hemorrhaging money:

Total Receipts $493,507
Total Spent $753,233
Begin Cash on Hand $825,556
End Cash on Hand $565,830
Debts $0

The media is starting to pick up on the fact that she spends very little money on candidates:

Chris Hayes over at NBC does a wonderful job at picking her apart:

Now the latest report is out, it's bad but not as bad as I thought it would be:

Total Receipts $457,469.52
Total Spent $642,326.57
Begin Cash on Hand $565,830
End Cash on Hand $380,963.17
Debts $0

So Sarah spent $180,859.05 MORE than she took in.

Some of her expenditures:

Two checks for $1500 to two candidates that were never cashed.

SarahPac treasurer Tim Crawford $77,000

Photographer Shaelah Craighead $1500

Aries Petra (Ram's LLC) $18,000

Paid trolls Marilyn Lane and Carol Ryan $15,000 apiece.  Wish I could get a job as a paid troll!

Attorney John Tiemessen $5528

Postage aka hush money $74000.04

SarahPac will be broke by the end of the year!


  1. Must be that commonsense conservatism at work.May the fleas from a thousand camels infest her arm pits!

    1. Aww, c'mon, what did the fleas do to deserve that?

  2. If you Google her name, the current articles coming up discuss her lavish spending from Sarahpac. My mother-in-law, who had an 8th grade education, sent money to Jimmy Swaggert. Her family could not make this impoverished woman understand he was a swindler. I suspect Sarah has many elderly white non-tech supporters financing her family spending sprees. It may not be a criminal act in regards to pac money, but it is certainly unethical.

    1. "I'll do what I want until the courts say I can't." Fine, go right ahead, there's suckers born every day that will support her. Just stop with the "god" stuff already....she nor that family emulate anything godly.

  3. According to MALOE on IM, she actually has even LESS than that in her piggy. Seems, her accountant was able to 'fudge' the books for $100,000, but was not able/willing to do it for her requested $250,000. I.e., he was able to 'defer' some payments to this next cycle of reporting. MALOE says, she has in reality something like $288K, NOT the $380K.
    Also, too, that Bri$$y has gotten a paycut - from $5000/week to about $3800/month - and that that supposedly will end by March 1. Bri$$y is very anxious, because she will actually have to find a real job to support herself and her 4 kids. That's why she is trying to sell so many stories and pictures all over the place.

    1. Put me down as not believing a word of it. I've asked her repeatedly to confirm if Track is living in Bristol's basement (like I read on the internet) and she never addresses it. It just so happens I found out the truth about that (and why) so I'll know if she's lying but she never mentions it. That's a big "tell" to me.

    2. Oh Alicia, when are you ever going to get tired of stalking every site that tells the truth about your idols and realize that A. We all know that you have never met them and B. They are absolutely NOT that happy family that lives inside your dos functional mind.
      No one on this page believes your lies.
      Put me down as not believing a word of it.

  4. A) Bri$$le most likely does not have a basement, and b) It says in the police report that he is living on the compound.

    That said: WHO got those $0.04 from the $74,000.04 hush money?

  5. I can't imagine how those donors must have felt when they realized that their money had been used to finance Sarah and her family's lavish life styles without having to work to earn their living like most hard working Americans.


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