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Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Palins=Ethan Couch

Along with the Bristol/Dakota saga I am also enjoying the soap opera involving affluenza kid Ethan Couch.

Both Ethan Couch and the Palins suffer from affluenza.  The difference is the Palins are nowhere near as wealthy as the Couch family.

When Track got busted for vandalizing school buses, Sarah bailed him out.  No jail time.

When Willow was busted for breaking into and vandalizing a house.  No jail time.

Diana Palin.  No jail time.

Todd Palin ran a prostitution ring.  No jail time.

But someone like Sherry Johnston who is poor gets busted for selling a painkiller gets prison and then house arrest.

Ethan's mommy even got her bail reduced and is out now.


  1. Does it make sense, SPHASH, that Levi would do Sarah a favor and then Sarah would turn around and have his mother arrested?

    Levi did not want to go to the RNC. Furthermore, I don't think he was ever engaged to Bristol. That was all made-up so Bristol wouldn't have to appear "supposedly" pregnant without having a future husband in the picture.

    As we later learned, Sherry had a serious drug problem. Yes, she was set-up to be arrested. I think Levi wanted to get help for his mother and that was the deal he made with Sarah. However, I don't think Levi or Mercede wanted their mother arrested.

    Sarah was willing to help Sherry but she wasn't going to pay for it. Hence, the arrest. The State of Alaska picked up the tab for her jail time/rehab and then three years of house arrest and random drug testing. This was discussed at great length on Mercede's blog.

    Sherry Johnston was arrested for "SELLING" ten Oxy pills. She was not arrested for "USING" drugs.


  2. Ethan Couch and the Palin kids are very similar except that he's going to jail while that thug Track is still fighting and was a vandal in his teens, and yet he got away with it thanks to Mommy.


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