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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The real reason Sarah Palin is endorsing tRump

More donations to Sarah Pac!

Sarah knows damn well that Donald is popular with the racists, ill educated, and ammosexuals which is her base as well.  More money will pour into Sarah Pac so she can pay off Dakota and Track's legal bills.

I bet tRump will get $500 max from SarahPac.


  1. And no Sarah Track was not in combat. And did not receive a Combat Badge because he was not in battle. It says so on his discharge or don't you read Sarah? He enlisted under Bush after being caught stealing alcohol and vandalizing school buses. Was his early PTSD Bush's fault?

    Pfc. Track Palin has been promoted from driver to an "air guard" position in one of the rear hatches of the Stryker vehicle. He stands in the hatch with a rifle and watches out for danger to the vehicle, be it airborne or on the ground. His unit also provides security for the brigade's commander and deputy commander. He never leaves the vehicle.

    ButSarah, do not worry your flippin' wigged noggin'. We won't tell.
    But,you betcha,the news media WILL!

    1. Unfortunately, laurensd1, I don't think they will. They let her get away with everything.

  2. Read more about this on the European blog, politicalgates...

    Also, too: who says $arah will pay tRump anything? $he is spending her time promoting him, so isn't it $HE who should be paid by HIM?! (/snark)

  3. The REAL reason Sarah is endorsing Trump is this: His name is spelled "T R . . . " -- she thinks he's part of her family.

  4. You should read the tweets today about Sarah's endorsement because they're so funny:

    #SarahPalinAlsoJustEndorsed Cheetos as a good source of Vitamin Orange.

    #SarahPalinAlsoJustEndorsed Michigan Governor Snyder. "I grew up drinking water with lead in it and I turned out fine. "

    #SarahPalinAlsoJustEndorsed Teaching American instead of English in the schools.

    #SarahPalinAlsoJustEndorsed the new reality show 19 Baby Daddies and Counting.

    #SarahPalinAlsoJustEndorsed The Magazines. All of them


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