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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Will the Palins pull out the abuse card on Dakota Meyer?

In the past Bristol has alleged that Levi raped her, was threatened with rape while a student at Juneau Douglas high school, while at home during the 2008 election, and was assaulted at Thonghazi.

None of which proved to be true.

It's ironic she will get a restraining order against someone who sends an engagement ring to her but not against someone who actually beat her up or raped her.


  1. Ah, but DaKOta did not give her that ring: Mommy Dearest bought and paid for it, which is why she wears it now. The whole family is dysfunctional trash. Dakota will be fortunate if the baby is not his and he can walk away.

  2. Why was Sarah not at the State of the Union speech last night?

    After all, every powerhouse in the GOP was there -- even the nutty biblethumper Kim Davis was there. Did I miss Sarah? Did anyone see her?


  3. What is it with that tribe and their preoccupation with rape? It's as if they fantasize about it being the ultimate sexual turn on. They are one sick bunch.

  4. Dakota must feel grateful that he didn't marry into that trailer trash family and hopefully he's not the father of Brissy's new bastard. It's funny how the Palins welcome new people into their lives with open arms before they disparage them as they always play the victim card. The public witnessed their horrific actions over the years and Karma's a bitch.

  5. Guarantee that $arah, Bristol, and Tawd are figuring out ways to impugn Dakota and his reputation.

    Palins live on lies, crimes, and retribution, and they have a long list of enemies to keep track of.

    I wonder if $tupid $arah ever realizes that the reason so many hate her politics, lies, and crimes is because she is exactly that:

    A liar, a criminal, and a defeated quitter

    As $ally said once in total naivete, "$arah, why do so many people hate you"



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