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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Bristol Palin still whoring herself out

From Bristol's instagram page

bsmp2Exercising and #310shake to lose the last few pregnancy lbs! 💋@310nutrition #sp #fitnessgoals

And from Daily Mail

Bristol Palin may have only given birth less than two months ago, but she is on a mission to shed her 'last few pregnancy pounds' amid the bitter custody battles she is embroiled in with her ex fiances Levi Johnston and Dakota Meyer.

In the image, Bristol can be seen wearing a purple jacket over a black top as she grabs her shake bottle off the counter while balancing her infant daughter in her other arm.

The mother-of-two, who seems determined to stick with her diet, has her meal replacement shake mix lined up on the counter, ready for her to grab. 

It has been a stressful couple of months for Bristol who is involved in not one, but two custody battles over her children Tripp and Sailor. 

After Bristol and her ex-fiance Dakota separately announced Sailor's birth on December 24, one day after she was welcomed into the world, the alleged father filed paperwork asking a judge for joint custody of the little girl. However, Bristol has never confirmed that he is the father of her baby girl. 

The Medal of Honor recipient is now being forced to take a paternity test as part of the former couple's increasingly bitter custody battle over her new baby.

Bristol the best social welfare program is a JOB!  So get one.


  1. That carrier is EMPTY. Empty. E.M.P.T.Y. Like her head.

  2. Bristol is an ignorant self entitled grifter like her mommy. She's dull witted and immature. She is a HS dropout. What job is she qualified to do?

  3. $he looks a bit anemic in that picture with the empty, but almost-too-heavy baby carrier on her arm. That 'whistfull' look on her face, while reaching for the shake, I almost expect her to take her hand off the container and raise her arm to her head and say something silly like 'oh daddy-o, oh daddy-oh, where arst thou?' And then swoon and collapse from hunger.
    STUPID BEOTCH! I can't believe some company is willing to pay for this non-acting that you produce! A FIFTH GRADER would do better at acting than you!

  4. LMAO!!! I guess Bristol can't afford to go to Arizona for liposuction anymore so she's stuck drinking diet shakes to take off the extra pounds!! Poor chubby Brissy!!

    1. Why would she go to Arizona and pay for that? After all, she works for Dr. JackMeOff, and liposuction and other 'minor adjustments' are complimentary for his 'workers'!

  5. The shake company stated they were not paying BP. It looks like she was trying to get a gig as an endorser, and they said no. All of these photos of her "complete" family are an attempt to paint herself as a better and normal parent - oh looks she's got a large extended family, oh looks she works so hard at a job - have sympathy for me and make baby daddy number 2 just a visiting stranger. What Bristol can't grasp is she can't cut Dakota out of his child's life like she did Levi. The fact that he had to wait until Sailor (he's a Marine - was that an attempt at disrespect?) was born and get a court-ordered paternity test in order to start working on a parenting plan indicates she may have shut him out. Courts frown on parents who do not encourage a loving bond with the other parent. I hope Dakota gets generous parenting time, and generous deductions from any child support obligation in order to exercise that parenting time. I also hope the court prohibits Bristol from posting photos of Sailor. Kelley Rutherford was ordered not to pimp out her kids so it can be done. That little girl has a right to a loving father who thinks of her best interest. Hoorah Dakota.

  6. My dream and hope: the baby carrier is empty because Dakota's lawyers hinted they will come full bore unless she stops posting photos of Sailor to pimp products. She has posted photos of Sailor, then names the manufacturer of the shoes/clothing. She is doing that in the hopes of getting a paid gig. That's not what a "fit" parent does to their kid, and my guess is Dakota's lawyers are making that clear.


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