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Monday, February 29, 2016

Bristol spreads rumors that Levi is posing for Playboy

From FOX News

Levi Johnston is stripping down again for Playgirl. The 25-year-old Alaskan is in talks with the magazine to do another photo shoot to help with his legal bills reports Rob Shuter of But this time they are insisting that Johnston do full-frontal.

(Johnston racked up legal bills securing  joint custody of his 7-year-old son Tripp with ex-fiance Bristol Palin).

“Levi has an opportunity now that he was won the custody case with his son to show how hot daddies can be”, a Playgirl rep told Naughty Gossip, “we’re currently in New Orleans doing a Daddy model search.”

Johnston first received national media attention in August 2008 when Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin announced that her 16-year-old daughter Bristol was pregnant and Johnston was the father and that they were engaged.

The couple’s son, Tripp, was born in December 2008, but they called off their engagement in March 2009. They briefly reunited the following year before splitting for good.

Johnston has two daughters with Sunny Ogelsby who he married in 2012.

Really Bristol shouldn't you listen to your attorney's advice and stop spreading rumors about Levi?  I don't have 100% proof Bristol is the one who contacted "Naughty Gossip" but I can totally see her (or Sarah for that matter) doing that.

Sunny took to Facebook to denounce the rumor:

Shouldn't Fox News have to have confirmation about something so personal in someone's life? Or are they a tabloid now and just write about anything? Levi has not spoke to Playgirl about doing another issue but the part that he spent 7 years and $100,000 in legal fees fighting for his son is very true. I guess he needs to speak up again to clear up some rumors!


  1. Hi SPHASH! Remember when $arah and Pimp Toad stuck their fuckin' noses in her sister's divorce proceedings, and the judge warned them to butt out? Fuckin' $arah is controlling little Miss Bastard Breeder behind the scenes. She is such a simple girl; she only has a GED that mummy bought for her!

  2. You say you don't have 100 % proof. Do you have any? I'm just wondering if this is Bristol or some troll like MALOE trying to stir up shit. Or is it just bs click bait?

  3. There has been a lot of BS click bait. It would seem that MALOE was used as a spin device to stir shit and make the IMers and such look like a bunch of conspiracy nuts. Some of the info was true to make it seem legit and some of it was rotting meat to make us look like bottom feeders not the truth seekers most of us are. I think "MALOE" was a device used for Bristol's PR. There is a good possibility that Alicia and some of the other trolls that sulk around our garden of information are the Palins or their friendly stamp lickers.

  4. Brisdull must be insanely jealous of Sunny and Levi's grounded life which she will never experience.
    Plus, the Johnstons are all movie star gorgeous. The little girls look like models;but I bet they will not be plastered all over gossip rags.

    MALOE posted a couple of responses here and on your other post about her, and all of a sudden they are GONE! I swear, there were like 4 or 5 just a minute ago (as long as it took me to log into my account), and I also had responded to one of her posts.


  6. She's jealous of Sunny and it's eating her because no one will marry a whore who can't stop breeding.


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