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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Did Track and Jordan get back together?

Wouldn't be surprised if they did.  Jordan seems the type to do so.

Speaking of Track, he has a courtdate coming up: has learned that Track Palin will soon have to face the court to answer for his recent arrest for assault and possession of a weapon while intoxicated.

The army vet, who pled not guilty to the charges, must attend a pre-trial conference on Feb. 19 at the Palmer Courthouse.

If Palin does not settle his case at the pre-trial conference, the courts have set a trial call for March 24.

As Radar reported, Palin was arrested for assault and possession of a weapon after he allegedly attacked his girlfriend in Wasilla, Alaska, on Jan. 18.

According to officials, Palin, 26, was drunk when he went after his girlfriend. “A male had punched her in the face and that a firearm was involved,” read the police report.

Palin was arraigned the following day.

After the incident, Palin’s mom, former Vice Presidential hopeful Sarah Palin, tried to write off her son’s actions as having “to do with PTSD.”

But an insider told Radar there’s a simpler explanation for his actions. “Track is a hothead,” the insider told Radar shortly after the attack. “He has these outbreaks.”

If Jordan does get back with Track, she has low self esteem.

And rumor has it Track and Bristol have a spring break trip planned to Hawaii.   Are they going to take Tripp, Sailor, and Kyla too?  


  1. Bristol.

    Doesn't she have a job with Dr. Jack-me-off's to go too? Didn't she just take a month off maternity leave? And she's going to leave again for Hawai'i?

    1. I thought only students got a "spring break". Where would Barstool and Off-the-Tracks be studentizing?

    2. Track will be helping Bristol with the children?

      I take it not only the local police give him a pass.

      Does homeland security allow him a pass also? His paranoia will not be on vacation, won't he want to feel safe and have his guns or at least a gun? He does carry concealed. If he doesn't have to deal with TSA like the rest of us, why would he leave his gun at the compound? Or he may just buy one when he gets to Hawaii?

  2. Who will watch Bristol's house? Sarah saw to it Bristol has a gun safety certificate. She may not be as wild and crazy as Jordan and Track. If she has a big cache of weapons like her parents and Track, it might be a good idea to have someone stay at her place when she leaves town. There is also talk about Peter Ferrero living in Anchorage and he thinks he is in tight with the Palins again.

    I don't know if Mat-su Tactical would be the place I would send my kids for gun safety. They gave Sarah a certificate and a few weeks later it turned out she left all those weapons under the watchless eye of Track and Jordan Palin. At the same time Sarah claims she knows Track has PTSD.

    I guess gun safety doesn't include who you leave with weapons in your house when you go away or out of town. So the law is cool with Sarah being that irresponsible?

    1. Todd will probably watch the house as they said they are going the end of March and Iron Dog will be well over by then.

      I think Jordan and Track want to try to see if there is anything left of their relationship and Bristol wants a little time away, but it remains to be seen if she really will live the kid behind. She says she wants a break and Sailor will be 4 months by the end of March and Bristol will definitely need a break at that point but I don't think she'll leave her but maybe take her with to Hawaii.

      Tripp and Trig got to go last October with her and Track and Willow for the friend wedding so I think Sailor should be able to have that experience as well. Just my opinion, but if I was her I'd like to have some time away from the baby responsibility and leave it behind with the grands for a week away, regroup, refresh and have some time alone without baby.

    2. Correction-Sailor will be over 4 months almost 5 by the end of March. Fixed it for ya.

    3. The guns? Who's going to watch the poor dog? Isn't this her fifth or sixth dog? Is she going to get rid of it like she has all the others?

    4. ...and let's not forget someone to feed Trig.

  3. He is supposedly calling in the arraignment over the phone, he is currently on probation if he is out of jail and awaiting sentencing or trial.

    If he pleads not guilty at arraignment, he cannot leave the state while awaiting trial. So if he does.... he will be in violation of probation. Before trial??? not good. Most judges would revoke bail for that, which would put a warrant out.

    Let's hope he is stupid and defiant enough to violate probation. Stock up on popcorn.

    1. My bet, they are giving him the best medical care, his favorite Oxycontin-like and inhibitors or what ever it takes. If he is pliable he will just do what they tell him to do. That would be Sarah's attorney and who is in charge of the pharmacy. He may listen to them?

    2. He's already been arraigned, he was right after his arrest. He pled "not guilty". This pre-trial conference on 2/19/16 is his opportunity to plead "guilty" to the 3 misdemeanor charges and get a reduced penalty. Each Class A misdemeanor, of which he has been charged with three, can be punished with up to a year in jail, $10,000 fine and community service.

      Being that he is a first-time offender if he decides to plead out as guilty then he'll most likely get a $10,000 fine and some community service and no jail time.

      He won't have to go to trial on 3/24 if he pleads out for reduced penalty.

      His attorney filed a motion to allow them to attend the hearing on 2/19 telephonically and the judge accepted on 2/5 so he or his attorney will not have to appear on court for this pre-trial conference.

    3. Track will be able to carry his concealed weapons since he can phone in. How cool is that?

    4. Jordan will probably be giving him a BJ while he's on the phone. How's wonderful it is to be a Heath/Palin/Menard? Well, until SarahPAC is as shriveled up as $arah is.


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