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Monday, February 15, 2016

Monday Meme


  1. $arah Paylin is the ugliest woman alive, and not based on the stupid way she dresses, or the hideous makeup jobs, the fake boobs, or the ass pads she uses, or the fugliest shoes ever invented.

    $arah is ugly because she is selfish, nasty, viciously prejudiced, ignorant, uneducated, and has propagated hate and xenophobia.

    She's ugly because she has done a truly horrible job as a parent, raising a women beating drug addict named Track, , a three time pregnant unmarried mess named Bristol, and a wild child house vandalizer named WIllow, and stole Bristol's first kid and pretended it was hers.

    She hasn't worked since 2009, is a defeated quitter and loser.

    Yes $arah, you came in 2nd out of two, that's called LOSING!

    ENdorsing the nasty braggart named Trump is yet more proof of just how fugly $arah really is.

  2. Replies
    1. It could be any one of three. Megyn Kelly on Faux, of whom $arah is jealous of, since she has more brains in her ass than $arah does in her empty meathead! Or, it could be Meghan McCain, who can rip $arah a new asshole if she wanted to, and spill the truth of $arah's shenanigans during the '08 campaign, when she went "rogue". The other guess would be Meg Stapletongue, palin ass-kisser extraordinaire! Maybe she has been thrown under the bus!!

  3. I agree completely with one exception. I believe Brissybabymaker has given birth to 4 - possibly 5 kids based on compelling info - photos, known facts and how she disappeared from sight a few times, as well as input from her inner circle. Great description of Sarah - yep!!

    1. I believe that Bristol the Bbreeder has been prego more than twice as well. Or she is a chronically fat fuck. No pun intended. Or every pun intended.


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