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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Now the Nevada Republicans are caucusing today


  1. The choices for patriotic conservatives are grim.

    Trump: 1st class narcisstic racist ignorant Billionaire blowhard with a nasty attitude, and no governing experience.

    Cruz: Militant hard core Christian Ayatollah running to force his Christan Jihad on the American people, destroy women's rights, start a war with Iran, and appoint viciously prejudiced judges and executive staff.

    Rubio: Inexperienced religious fanatic willing to deny science, logic, and critical thinking, and used to spending campaign and government funds on his own family, while killing Roe V Wade and stem cell research.

    What a horrible group of front runners, in the race to Christian Dominionist theocracy or a personal fiefdom in the case of tRump.


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