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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Sarah Palin MIA

Since Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump back in late January, she has been pretty much MIA.  She hasn't been on the campaign trail with him, she hasn't done any stump speeches, all she has done is post cheerleading shit on Fecebook like this:

Trump Smashes Records, Again; Democrat Turnout Declines, Again; Media Ignores the Reason, Again

Hat trick! Three in a row with a "yuuuge" Trump victory in Nevada last night. The ‪#‎TrumpTrain‬ rolls on, full steam ahead to Super Tuesday.

To all GOP beltway bellyachers crying (literally) this marks the "end of the GOP" or the people's vote for Trump is "bad for democracy," how about you try something new this morning: use your noggin and examine the facts.

The fact is, Trump's independence, commonsense conservatism, experience, success, and refreshing candidness attracts voters. But most significantly, his message INSPIRES AMERICANS! We CAN win again! Trump's building a new, broad coalition - bringing the GOP new, hardworking patriots who love America as much as he does. This is how he wins this fall.

- In the four states already voting (Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Nevada) each saw a record GOP turnout, smashing previous records.

- Nevada was so big, it's record-setting number equaled that of 2008 and 2012 turnouts COMBINED! Meanwhile, turnout for the democrat caucus declined by 33% - yikes!…/270555-gop-race-drives-record-turnout-…

- GOP turnout in South Carolina DOUBLED that of 2008, and grew another 130,000 new voters in 2016. Any bets on what happens Saturday when it's the democrats' turn?…/…/2583786

- Records broke in New Hampshire; again the GOP trajectory UP, democrats DOWN. Liberals lost thousands in their hot contest.…/new-hampshire-turnout-breaks-records-b…
- Iowa GOP caucus ranks grew by 60,000. On the other side? A strange, tight race was decided by only 0.3%...? Dems lost voters.…/caucus-turnout…/79626128/

Wake up, Old Establishment. You're the last to open your eyes to what is happening in this country. Donald Trump has awakened the electorate and exposed the self-serving political machine in a way no other could. The rest of us welcome new voters into what you've claimed to want - the "big tent" - even as you practice your disparaging elitism, trying to discourage us all. Your true colors show. As I said in Iowa, you don't care WHO wins elections as long as you keep your perks, crony capital favors, and inner-circle money-centric power. This is merely a BUSINESS for you. You're in it for a season, not a reason. So obvious is your agenda, trying to destroy anyone who'd go rogue and not get sucked into your schemes, that when we find the candidate in the perfect position to bust up your cabal, you've gone into overdrive. Meanwhile we'll keep on winning, and encouraging all these new voters to bring family and friends along!

What is happening that the Permanent Political Class can't see? For our solvency and sovereignty, lovers of America knew the status quo had to go. We knew we needed a revolution. We found a revolutionary.

- Sarah Palin

Actually Sarah you cunt there are still more registered Dems and liberals in this country than conservatives.  With only two Democratic candidates there really isn't any point for them to vote.    The only way the Repukes will win is if Dems stay home or if the Repukes cheat like in 2000 and 2004.

Now she is back to grifting for money again.

From the Immoral Minority:

Dear (Name removed to protect the innocent.), 

We have some exciting news! We were organizing the office today and found some extra copies of Sarah’s book “Sweet Freedom: A Devotional “ and she has agreed to sign one!

We will raffle off and send a signed copy of Sarah Palin’s book for just a $25 donation. (Currently Amazon has this marked down to $12.83. I think it's less if it has Sarah Palin's signature on it.) Your donation will go straight towards funding bold conservatives running for office in tough elections. (Ha!) President Obama and Hillary Clinton have handpicked many of this year’s democrats running for office, and it is our job to stop them. 

Make a donation of $25 and you will be entered into the raffle! 

Or… Make a donation of $50 and be entered in the donation twice! Every $25 contribution will be counted as one entry. So if you donated $100 you will be entered four times. (Does this actually work on people?) 

Please hurry! We will close the raffle in five days. 

Thank you so much for your help, (Name removed to protect the innocent). I hope you’ll enter the raffle for a copy of Sarah’s signed book and help us defeat Obama and Hillary’s hand-picked liberals running for office this year. 

Thank you. 

You can get Sweet Freedom on Ebay for a third of the price including shipping.



  1. Hi SPHASH! After that disastrous debacle in IA in late January, when she babbled nonsense, The Donald decided she was Melba Toast! He looked very embarrassed stageside, and she was a complete moron! Add to that the negative publicity surrounding Caint Get Right, and the drunk and battery charges. He decided to cut the cord, and distance himself from her juvenile pettiness i.e. spelling Democrat with a small 'd'. No one wants to be associated with her; she is an insignificunt!

  2. I just can't even imagine Melania Trump, so beautiful and super-smart, ever hanging out with a whodack like sarah palin! Seriously, what would they have in common to talk about?? Bristol and her 2 babies, with 2 separate baby daddies, who preached about abstinence and got paid for it? Track's court case for domestic violence? Her quitting her Governor job, halfway thru it? Need I go on??

    1. Save your drooling. Melanie Trump is not 'super-smart.' She dropped out of college to model.Her semi-nude photos are all over the web. Classy. She is Donnie's THIRD wife. She was his mistress while he was married to wife #2. I suspect she and the Palins would find topics of interest. They are all married to egomaniacs. Kids are spoiled. Melanie knows how to present herself as a lady; Sarah never will.

  3. Sarah. Journalism was your alleged major?
    Eighth paragraph. "Records broke in New Hampshire;..try 'broken' and drop the semicolon?
    You had better be reading this as your spawn won't be able to translate.
    Oh hell. Who are we kidding? YOU won't either.

  4. The dumb ass quitter hasn't grasped the fact that those new GOP voters could just as easily have registered because they wanted to vote for someone other than Trump! Trump is only getting about 30% of the vote which means 70% of Republicans don't want him as their candidate. Those are not good numbers for Donald, if they didn't like him enough to vote for him in the primaries there's a good chance many of those people will not want to come out and support him in the 2016 general election. They could even end up voting for the Democrat because they know Trump would be a disaster, just like Sarah Palin!!


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