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Friday, February 5, 2016

Sarah throws Donald Trump under the bus and blames the media for it

From Yahoo News

Palin also shared her thoughts on why Trump, who had been the frontrunner, was defeated in Iowa.

“I think he just had to have seen more of his conservative side out, because Iowa’s so good and conservative,” Palin said.

Now she has posted this on her Fecebook page:

Time to Call Out the Jackals In the Lamestream. Again.

A quick behind the scenes look at how disingenuous the media is; a reminder why Americans distrust them.

Willow and I were trapped today for hours at the Des Moines airport, along with what seemed the majority of the international media trying to fly out from last night's Iowa caucus. Having nothing else to do, the cream of the crop in the press corps decided it would be fun to do their thing and hassle... while we were walking in, checking in, through TSA, at all the gate changes, etc. All the while shouting out questions from near and afar, while we remained polite to the jackals so as to be less disruptive around the great people who were there with more important things to do than follow us into the bathroom with their cellphone cameras. Then, as per usual, the more unprofessional ones REALLY did their thing in editing my comments to fit their own narrow headlines.

(Let me point out, there were two actually WONDERFUL media leaders I ran into there - thank you radio host Laura Ingraham for being the sharpest, most refreshing visit today! And CBN's awesome 

David Brody - thank you for "rescuing" us out of one of the situations!)

Here are four real headlines from today's airport experience - just a quick example of the media herd mentality. This doesn't illustrate wholly their pathetic inconsistencies and inaccuracies whilst taking out of context my answers to their drive-by questions, but it gives you an idea... especially of the herd's inconsistent interpretations and coverage of the same answers they all heard. Then below, you'll find my own headline setting the record straight:

"Palin: Trump Should Have Shown More Of His 'Conservative Side'"
"Sarah Palin Silent On Trump Loss As She Leaves Des Moines"
"Palin Sticks By Trump as Sixth Graders Seek Answers"
"Palin Gears Up for SC Campaigning For Trump"

So media which is it?

Here's the real headline:

"Media Lies; Trump & Palin Strongest of Allies For America. Really - Get a Life, Guys!"

Sarah Trump lost because he received an endorsement from you and he wimped out on the last debate.


  1. I really don't understand what she is saying, but that's nothing new. I can read her ramblings over and over and they never make sense. No wonder she loves Trump so much they are just alike. Except she's a millionaire and he's a billionaire. If she was 20 years younger Trump might dump wife number 3 and make her number 4. She would do it for the money and attention.

  2. O/T alert with H/T to Malia Litman: In an article posted today, People Magazine states that Sailor Grace Palin was born "in November." See:

    Also, too: Check out the photo of that HUGE three-month old baby.

    1. And Bristol removed a photo of her in front of her Xmas tree today from Instagram....why?

  3. For the record, here's my take on Trump's loss in Iowa: It wasn't because Sarah endorsed him, it was because of what she said in an interview.

    When a reporter was interviewing Cruz's campaign manager, the reporter asked him why he thought Sarah did a U-turn and instead of endorsing Cruz, endorsed Trump. He emphasized all the issues Sarah had in common with Cruz, as opposed to Trump. Cruz's campaign manager was an Iowa Rep. to Congress and well liked in Iowa. The campaign manager's reply indicated the possibility Sarah had been given something in return for her endorsement.

    When another reporter interviewing Sarah (early in the afternoon before a lot of people voted) asked her if she had received anything for endorsing Trump, she was furious and denied it. And then, being Sarah, she added: The reason he probably said that was because...he had been "huffing ethanol" out in the corn field.

    After hearing this, I think all the people who were going to vote for Trump -- they didn't like Cruz -- so, they voted for Rubio.

    Anyway, that's what I think happened.


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