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Friday, February 19, 2016

Tracky boy is due in court today

Will Track plead guilty or fight the charges?  Your opinion please.


  1. His lawyer advised some time ago that he would plead not guilty.

    Such a weasely Palin thing to do, but I imagine he's been successful with that, having been in trouble with the law before (and probably more than we know, given what an immature undisciplined adult he turned into).

    I'm more interested in whether or not his punching bag will be there to give evidence. But I'd be lying if I said I cared.

    I can't get over the size of those grizzly bear paws. The Palins appear to be badly inbred, although they couldn't be, but with Sarah's oversized head, Bristol's missing chin, Dudd's tiny two-tone and Tracks giant mitts, there's something seriously weird going on there.

  2. Something tells me that he's not going to jail after what he did to his girlfriend who probably has Stockholm Syndrome.

  3. Naw, he'll walk out free as a bird without even a gentle slap on his "dainty" hand.

  4. I think "SkidMark" is a good synonym for "Track."

  5. Of course, anything we say here is speculation; a lot depends on the judge. Let's hope he gets a "hanging judge" who won't take any guff.

    In his favor:
    -- his family name may carry some weight with a wimpy judge
    -- Jordan may forgive him and tell the judge it was no big deal
    -- He likely can put on a good act

    NOT in his favor:
    -- He is not unknown to the criminal justice system because of earlier vandalism, the midnight brawl, etc
    -- He gave the cops a hard time -- that's why they cuffed him; the arresting officer could sink him
    -- Alcohol and firearms were involved
    -- The prosecuting attorney may want to slam him

    I'd like to see him get jail time. He's likely to get fine, probation, good conduct for XXX years, and ordered to rehab and counseling.

    1. Hey, Ol' Redneck, you sure got under someone's skin yesterday on IM! Keep up the good work, and a tip of the hat to ya!
      -- A Fan

    2. The legal system might be getting a little tired of the Palin shenanigans up there.

  6. Such a fine young man. Drinks, use drugs, gives everyone in the world the finger, fights, threatens suicide, hits women---wow---if I were an employer, he'd be the last person I'd hire for any type of job. Maybe he'd better take one of Toad's boats and go for a nice long fishing trip-alone. He has no skills, no goals, no nothing. The Palins let him down, just like his sisters. The job of parents is to love and guide their kids, and to make sure they get an education so they can have a job to support the next generation. Not Sarah and Toad. Oh no. They encourage the kids to skip school, have unprotected sex, drink and do drugs, live at home forever, and develop mental issues that lead to the illegal behavior we see from Track and Bristol. Until they are held responsible for their actions (parents too!) this will not change, and someone will eventually be killed. Look at what you have wrought, Sarah--I dare you to take some responsibility for this young man's problems, and then some more for the mess that Bristol has made of her life.

    1. It's a good thing he has no intention of every getting a job.

    2. He is a vet. He is waiting for his bro, Dakota Meyer, to get him a job. They share many of the same issues and problems and can understand one another.

      Dakota cares about unemployed vets, he is not going to allow Track to flounder like Sarah does. Do what you do best, Dakota, help your buddy.


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