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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

What gives Marina Lupas the right to judge Dakota on his "parenting" skills?

From Bristol's instagram page:

lindsey986What about her daddy? Girls need their daddy.

marina_exotix_llcWell her daddy has not made the time to meet her yet @lindsey986

Doesn't Marina have a son that lives in the lower 48?  Does she ever go see him?


  1. Marina Lupas feels entitled since Bristol gave her permission. The script may come from Sarah who wanted to get that in there since she can't let loose how she really feels to the media.

    Lupas vs Meyer

    Lupas was one of the special people at the birth of Sailor, if not the birth at least a staged production. She is the one that shops and takes care of details a father might help with when there is a newborn.

    I think Sarah even gave Lupas a shout out about being there for Sailor.

    Sailor is bonding in these early months with Lupas. Are there any male fathers for Sailor to bond with? We know Chuck and Sally won't touch her. Todd did make an effort to pose when she was given the December arrival. The only male father would be Track. He and Jordan would spend time at Bristol's place. Bristol always said he was a great father and she took a cute picture of Track with her boys at her house right before Track was arrested. Bristol deleted it right after the incident, the police reported he had been to a sister's house.

    Track may be out of the picture for Sailor now he has to deal with the domestic violence, drinking and his assault weapon issues. That would leave only Lupas to be a father Sailor would bond with.

    As she feels bonded and as the father, I bet she feels entitled to tell Dakota or tell on Dakota. Lupas would not want to repeat the 'deadbeat' part but that is what they want to announce and scream about Dakota. Especially as long as he won't or can't stand up for his part in any of this.

  2. Why has Dakota not seen Sailor? If Bristol Palin is responsible for this, then it shows how willing she is to "co-parent."

  3. Prostitutes are not normally judgmental by nature, however a large number of prostitutes tend to have "daddy issues." I'm guessing Marina has major problems with her own father. Plus Bristol probably told her to write that comment.

  4. I do not believe Marina's assertion Dakota has willingly not met Sailor, as Dakota filed a paternity action in TWO states AS SOON AS Sailor was born. He legally could not file a paternity action until he had confirmation the child was born. (Did the Palins even inform him?)

    No matter how the Palins and their sychophants try to spin this, it looks like Bristol has deliberately and spitefully tried to carve a father out of a child's life. And for a second time.

    There is no reasonable excuse Bristol will be able to come up with as to why she has not allowed Dakota to see his child. None.

    Naming a Marine's child Sailor; the posting of "my babies," "such a mommy's girl," our family is "complete;" Palin statements asserting Dakota filed a paternity action because he is trying to "save face" - making it about Bristol's pregnancy and not the child; and now this cryptic "respect" quote - show Bristol sees herself as a victim and will use her daughter as an avenue for revenge.

    We still don't know who called off the marriage, but if it was Dakota, then it's becoming even more clear Bristol is angry and is using, and will use, this child as a means to punish Dakota.

    Thankfully, Dakota and his lawyers are playing this by the book. Palin camp attempts at victimhood, pity parties, histrionics, making it all about poor little Bristol, with holding the baby, dissing Dakota, and using public venues to duke it out aren't going to work.

  5. A mother will do what she has to do to support a child. I could see if Marina had no choice but to sell her body to feed and clothe her kid. But she clearly enjoys working outside of the office and having her clothes off and everyone gawking at her, and she wants to make money off being nude for as many years as she'll be able to. What kind of message is that sending to her child? And I'd love to know just how much of her porn money is going toward his welfare down in the lower 48.

    On another note, Marina is the man in Bristol and Sailor's life. If I didn't know she had actually given birth to a child, I'd think Marina was really a guy.

  6. Marina must know a lot about the recent history of the Palins. They had better hope that she always stays as a friend, and never falls out with them.

    I think Bristol, like many people who dropped out of school, only feels comfortable with others who have little education. That might explain her bond to Marina. But Marina might be a very smart opportunist, ready to cash her in at the right time.


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