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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Bristol and Dakota are in court today

Bristol and Dakota will be in court today regarding Sailor.

Now that Dakota has seen Sailor, was he able to get a DNA sample tested, and if so will today's hearing announce the results?

And Bristol is playing the media again:

No hard feelings? Despite months of tension between Bristol Palin and her ex-fiance Dakota Meyer, it seems the mother of two has buried the hatchet with her ex and confirmed the paternity of her daughter, Sailor Grace, all in one Instagram photo.

On Thursday, Palin, 25, posted a picture of Meyer carrying Sailor in a baby bjorn with the caption: "too cute not to share." In the shot Meyer is taking a selfie with his little girl.

Palin has never publicly confirmed that Meyer is the father of baby Sailor, but earlier this month she posted a sweet photo of her daughter, writing, "Looks exactly like her daddy!"

ET has verified that Meyer is the father of Sailor, thanks to a paternity test the former Marine took in February. Meyer has been granted joint custody of the infant, though she will still reside in Alaska with her mother.

Palin also recently worked out custody with her ex Levi Johnston for their 7-year-old son, Tripp. Shortly after the decision was made, the daughter of former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin took to Instagram to clear up rumors.

Wel all know this bullshit as Bristol is just doing this for public consumption.  Check out what she posted on her instgram, obviously aimed at Dakota:

And some of the comments below:


  1. Sounds like her fans are as big a dicks as she is. And how anyone who dares question her credibility is automatically 'a hater.' We don;t hate Bristol. We hate her ignorance, her fake swagger, and her lies. We hate her hiding behind the Bible while giving everyone the finger (so Christ-like.) We hate her being held unaccountable for her unwed pregnancies, her lack of an education, and her $200 purses and $300 sunglasses on a salary form a part part-time job, while trying to squeeze money from her children's fathers to support her lifestyle of choice. Why are none of those fans the least bit concerned that she drinks a lot, parties often, and is no role model for those kids?

    1. How stupid do you have to be to admire Bristol Palin? Very stupid.

    2. $2000 purses.

  2. Barstool's dna test showed he wasn't the father according to maloe. It will be interesting to see what the court ordered dna shows. Maloe,where are you??? Can you give us an update on todd's "wreck"? What happened to him and how is he now?Any update on today's court custody hearing?

    1. Gryphen outed MALOE as a fraud, Anonymous @7:22. MALOE was trolling IM.

    2. Many of us do not believe that, 348pm.

    3. AnonymousMarch 30, 2016 at 3:48 PM

      Gryphen outed MALOE as a fraud, Anonymous @7:22. MALOE was trolling IM.
      No. MALOE did not troll IM. The Brissie trolls did. Gryphen admitted that MALOE had some things right but he wasn't going to allow her to post. The TROLLS got their way. So MALOE comes here and MALIA where she is FREE to post and Fuck all the trolls! Have a nice day y'all!
      Oh, the paymes seem to be getting their asses handed to them in court and the media, its pretty awesome! Who's the dick now, huh Bitchol? fuck yall.

  3. Unlike how Judge Sarah's Courtroom will be caricaturized on TV, most of what happens in an Alaskan divorce (except for the Spenard version) occurs between the lawyers for the parties who are working with a judge in 'settlement' conferences.

  4. What I heard, is that Bristol & Dakota have already worked out an agreement, which can simply be approved by the court. She also has conceded to a schedule for his visits, as his lawyers had asked.

    There is no possibility of the DNA results being put into question, and Dakota is the nominated father.

    So that is according to rumour, and we shall see if it is true.


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