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Friday, March 11, 2016

Bristol Palin getting closer to being exposed for the slut she is

From People

After a months-long legal battle, an Alaska judge has awarded Bristol Palin and her ex-fiance Dakota Meyer joint physical and legal custody of their baby daughter Sailor Grace. 

The interim order comes after the 25-year-old daughter of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin sought primary interim physical custody of Sailor, with Meyer to be allowed "reasonable" visitation and no overnight visits. 

According to court documents obtained by PEOPLE, Alaska Judge Herman G. Walker Jr. ruled that it is in Sailor's best interest for her to remain in Alaska with her mother. Meyer, who lives in Kentucky, will be allowed to visit his daughter in Alaska twice a month for four consecutive days at a time. 

Palin had previously objected to overnight visits, arguing that they would disrupt her breastfeeding schedule with Sailor. But the judge said despite that, "the court finds it in the best interests of the child that overnight visitation [with the father] occur. Mother is to provide father with an adequate supply of milk or formula for overnight visitation." 

According to court documents obtained by The Daily Mail, Palin admitted in a text message to Meyer that she only breastfeeds Sailor at night. 

Meyer also shared another text in which Palin said she "didn't think about [Sailor] when she called off the wedding, and I didn't think about her when I left [for Alaska]." 

The papers then state: "Her decision to move back to Alaska, a decision in which Mr. Meyer had no say, is why there is a need for something other than a traditional visitation schedule. She must now accommodate visitation between Mr. Meyer and Sailor and the fact that the visitation may inconvenience her or occur on weekends is simply a direct consequence of her own decisions." 

Meyer said Palin initially agreed to giving him full day visits but when he told her he wanted time with Sailor away from Palin, she changed her mind and said Meyer could only spend four hours a day with the baby. That's when Meyer requested a court-ordered visitation. While the former couple have come to an interim custody agreement, Dakota is still seeking longer visits with Sailor. 

Meyer will be able to start visiting his daughter later this month. Overnight visits will begin in May. The former Marine and Medal of Honor recipient has not yet met his daughter, who was born Dec. 23.  Nov. 4.

I corrected that last sentence.

Bristol would you please admit that Dakota is not the father and quit wasting taxpayers money in Alaska?  Thanks.

It is possible Dakota is the father and he may think he is, but I still believe he isn't.

And here is this little interesting tidbit:


  1. Bristol's atty has now filed a counter motion. breast milk in the first place?

    1. It's all about the $$$. If it's joint custody she won't get all she wants.

    2. Whose tit was Stool using when she did these nightly nursings?

    3. Courtview shows it is a request for reconsideration of the judge's order on interim custody. Since it says "custody" and not "visitation," is Bristol still asserting she should have "the final say" in decision making? (Essentially sole legal custody.)

      Can't wait to see her reasons.

  2. Let's come up with a better epithet than "slut," OK? (I don't care about her sex life. At all.)

    Ignorant dishonest jackass?

    Her mother's daughter?

  3. Well, of course. There's no reason why a judge wouldn't order joint custody as well as liberal visitation. So DM will be able to spend time alone with Sailor...and perhaps get his own DNA test done? Guess we'll just have to wait and see. He's certainly acting like he believes he's the bio-dad, but he'd have to do so in order to legally get any private time with the baby.

    BP initially told the court DM shouldn't be allowed to see Sailor alone, nor should he be awarded lengthy or overnight visits, because she's "breastfeeding 24/7." Which is an insane lie. Fortunately, DM produced for the court that text from BP stating she's only breastfeeding at night. (Of course, we know she's not nursing at all.) I suspect she had to explain how she "works" eight to ten hours a day in Anchorage while Sailor's being babysat in Wasilla.

    The judge slapped her down. Dakota's first daytime visits are this month. Presumably, when his overnight visitation starts in May, Bristol will let the Daily Mail know that the baby's been weaned...or, more likely, that the "stress" of dealing with mean bad Dakota made her milk dry up!

    Love this tidbit: "Dakota has completed a [court-ordered] parenting course, something he points out Bristol has not yet completed, and has received certification for infant CPR."

    Yeah, looking at Tripp's (and even Trig's) behavior, she definitely needs a parenting course. She also needs to bar her alcoholic, drug-addicted, gun-wielding, girlfriend-assaulting half-brother from her children's home.

    Since the court gave Dakota joint legal custody as well as joint physical custody, he now has a say in whether she continues to post photos and details about the baby online. That's realy gotta burn her butt.

    Also too: With her spur-of-the-moment Hawaii trip, moron Bristol just demonstrated that the baby can easily travel thousands of and from Kentucky. Heh! Interesting info: An MOH recipient and his dependents get lifetime free travel worldwide on any military plane; apparently, some commercial U. S. airlines may let them fly free, too. So even if Bristol drags Sailor all over the place like she did with Tripp (book tours, Hollywood, Arizona, Kentucky), preventing Levi from seeing him, Dakota can just hop on a plane.

    The court appears to be acting very reasonably here, which has got to drive Bristol nuts. She's not going to be able to deal with Dakota as she did with poor dumb Levi. And if Dakota is really just grifting, he'll soon be able to collect the $$$ in person from Sarah.

    Cute pic of Tripp & Sailor on the Daily Mail piece. For once, that little boy actually looks happy and natural in Bristol's presence. When Dakota's in AK, I wonder if he'll take Sailor to meet her half-brother's adorable (Johnston) half-sisters? When BP and DM were (briefly) living together in KY, it appeared that DM and Tripp became quite close. (And, of course, Bristol didn't think about TRIPP when she called off the wedding, and didn't think about TRIPP when she left for AK.) Gee, maybe Dakota and Levi can go out together, shoot some animals, drink some beers, and swap Bristol anecdotes.

    P. S. Bristol's response to the Daily Mail article:

    P. P. S. Love the National Enquirer headline: "Judge To Bristol Palin: Hand Over The Breast Milk!"

    1. "Dakota has completed a [court-ordered] parenting course, something he points out Bristol has not yet completed, and has received certification for infant CPR."

      Bristol has her priorities.

      'What a great gift! What a great way to spend the day with family and friends.' Baby Sailor was 2 wks old and was breastfed?

  4. Oh my. You can't just 'breastfeed at night.' Good grief. The purpose of nursing is to keep the milk flow increasing as the baby grows. That means you engorge 24 hours a day, and the baby feeds and relieves the pressure, plus encourages more milk production. Anyone who has ever done this knows what a blatant liar this girl is. In the first place, the milk produced during the day has to go somewhere, and if she isn't expressing (somehow I don't see Bris getting along with a breast pump all day!) she will be extremely uncomfortable and the milk will start drying up. Considering that she had a sports bra on in the hospital, and she is thinner than she was while dancing 8 hours a day, the money's on zero breastfeeding, ever. I think Dakota is marginally more intelligent than Levi, Bris. You dear, are screwed.

    1. As a mom who breast fed two babies for four months each, I believe there was ZERO breastfeeding by Bristol. Ever. You don't drink "diet shakes" a month after giving birth. You don't attempt to worry about pregnancy weight that first month while lactating. Or second month. Or third. Or do you EVEN CARE because you are thirsty and ravenous.

      Your breasts are huge, laden, and unpredictable. Huge. Explosive. And IF this social-media addict, Bristol, was truly breastfeeding, she would've pimped breastpads, huge maternity bras, nipple tea bags and cream, gallons of orange juice, and pics of Sailor on the nipple. But she did not because the whole beast feeding excuse was a manipulating scam designed to control Dakota in her presence. Bristol did not breast feed.

      And the only time you "breast feed at night" is the couple weeks after returning from a 10 hour day at work, and you pick up your child from the sitter and your baby latches on while she is being weaned. But Bristol didn't even have this issue, because she did not breastfeed. Photos of the Italian restaurant and green couch bottles within that first month prove this. Photos of the pacifier's artificial nipple in Sailor's mouth prove this.

      The girl is a liar. And has been from day one. She did not breast feed.

  5. Barstool is too lazy to breastfeed. Breastfeeding is easy and inexpensive if you're smart.

  6. Is Dakota the father? This is so confusing.

  7. Levi and Dakota need to stop this nonsense of Bristol publically pimping products using her kids. She just posted on IG, a photo of Tripp with a product-placement blanket, and Bristol thanking the manufacturer.

    She's on her way to the cabin, as I guess she needs a vaycay vacation after Hawaii.

  8. Another example of your pathetic virtually libellous language! incredible! what are you? judge and jury?

    Get off your high horse! Leave these people to a fair accounting ! You are showing a pathetic demonstration of envy and low down dirty hatred!
    Pray for forgiveness!
    God Bless!


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