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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Bristol Palin got a citation the day of Todd's "accident"

From Alaska Courtview:

Ticket/Citation #
Citation # : PALEE000001910405 - State of Alaska Offense Date 03/13/2016
Agency Alaska State Troopers
Docket Information
Date Docket Text Amount Owed Amount Due
03/19/2016 Minor Offense Citation or Other Charging Document Filed
03/19/2016 Fine Due
Charge #1: 13AAC04.020(a): Headlight Requirements (Correctable) $80.00 $80.00
03/19/2016 Police Training Surcharge
Charge #1: 13AAC04.020(a): Headlight Requirements (Correctable) $10.00 $10.00
03/19/2016 Defendant must respond to citation within 30 days as directed on the citation.

Did this have anything to do with Todd?


  1. The longer this goes without much concern expressed for Todd, the more it feels like someone beat the shit out of Todd. The absence of Track is suspicious as well.

    1. Considering the Palins lie about every last thing, I never bought the snowmobile excuse. Too convenient.

      Given their shady dealings and associations, I've always thought that he had the ever loving crap beat out of him as a "warning" and the family knows better than to talk about it. I hope they stay in hiding for a good long time.

  2. I don't think Track's absence is suspicious. We never heard much from Track. But it's extremely interesting that Bristol has said nothing about her father's accident. In fact, the lack of information is surprising. Nobody's really posted anything- not "Todd doing well and coming home soon!" or "Todd home now- he's glad to get home cooking!" (Not that anyone there actually would cook.) It's just weird that a family whose members practically can't have a bowel movement without mentioning it online won't say anything more about Todd and how he is doing.

    And it's very weird that Barstool's citation would be the same day. Think maybe she got mad and drove into him? If he wasn't in the snowmobile... I've wondered how you get into a snowmobile accident and get THAT injured. Sure, if it rolled on you, but it would only roll on you if you were driving horizontally on a steep hill. Much as I hate to give credit, Todd's too experienced a snowmobiler to do that.

    On the other hand, if he was actually standing (or running) and somebody drove into him... knocked him over and drove into him... well, you'd get, probably, one-sided injuries, as in a fractured collarbone and scapula and ribs..

    Somebody think of another scenario. Assault with a moving vehicle, maybe. Attempted vehicular homicide? That's stretching it pretty far. Getting into a fight and losing it and driving into him? And then dumping him at the store? Even for Barstool, that's a bit much.

    OTOH, we do know (beer brawl) that Barstool is willing to attack when she's pissed off. And now that I've written that, "pissed off" (given the picture of her standing with a puddle between her feet) seems particularly apropos.


    1. The only thing I would ever defend Bristol for would be the pee puddle. There were other photos of the driveway area and there were several other oil drip stains all the same pattern as the one that is cited as Brissie peed herself. It was oil on the asphalt. Bristol was pissed off but not pissed.

    2. True, but it's odd she would stand directly over one like that.

    3. Where she was standing in relationship to a drivewy spot was the last thing on her mind. But she will check out her photo angles the next time she's involved in a brawl.

      That could be the reason there are no photos of the Todd incident.


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