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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Donald Trump makes a joke about Todd's accident

Keep it classy Donald.


  1. No surprises here, this is Donald Trump. The epitome of the ugly entitled American. No filters, no sensitivity and no class.

    Trump truly believes that he and his family are above everyone else, especially the hired help: Sarah Palin, her husband, and rest of her family.

    But Sarah's so clueless and spineless that she'll yuk this off as satire. She'll send Todd home from the hospital on a moose, and she'll go stump for Trump...again.

    Bristol will probably be next when Trump starts yapping about pro-life issues while Madonna's Papa Don't Preach is playing the background.

  2. Trump may be right. It is a joke. If it happened as stated I think we would have seen the snowmobile wreck photos that were taken the night of the wreck.

    If something happened to Todd I doubt it was the snowmobile that did any damage.

    People that live in the area need to say something about how these accidents are typically handled. The market where Todd was dumped is a big modern place, it is not backwoods. The area is only an hour or two from Anchorage.

    Why was it they took the injured man to MatSu when Anchorage would have been a better choice?

    1. I don't believe anything the Palins say. Everything they say is a lie, a cover-up, a diversion, an exaggeration, an unfounded attack, a grifting tactic, anything but the plain truth.

  3. If $arah Palin were in that room, she would have been first under a table.

  4. @8:38AM wrote: "Why was it they took the injured man to MatSu when Anchorage would have been a better choice?"

    Because Mat-Su is beholden to the Palins and will help hide the truth of how he got hurt.

  5. I suspect that Sarah told Trump that she and Todd do not lead a life of husband and wife. Plus, he probably knows that Todd was a pimp - "Boys Will be Boys" - w/Shailey Tripp being his prostitute (as well as the author of the book!).

  6. It sure sux to be Toad. His 'wife' gets on the horn to call for more money for her PAC, his oldest daughter is on the horn to grift some money for her shakes. Toad himself is in serious condition in ICU, but no compassionate post from them about how concerned they are about their husband/father. Nice 'family values' family!
    By now, it turns out Toad has been in a surgery that took SIX HOURS. Does not sound something that is just a tiny little issue.
    He was an Irondog competitor, and he was 'first dude' of Alaska. So, even though he is a has-been, you would think the hospital would put out a statement about his condition.
    Why was he not airlifted to Anchorage? His injuries seem to be quite serious. He is supposedly in serious condition in the ICU.
    No pictures about the crash site, no information of how he got to that Chubby Market.

    1. I sure hope, that Gryphen has it correct, and that Tripp, TriG and Sailor are OK!

  7. Interesting - Barstool has gone back to her regular postings on her instagram. No mention about her dad anymore, just 'cute' baby pics up. No mention that he had 14 broken ribs, that he was in a 6hour surgery, that he is in serious conditon in ICU, NOTHING.
    Willow, OTOH, posts some updates.

  8. From IM:
    Anonymous 2:46 PM
    "I checked all the AST public safety 'dispatches between today and Saturday night for B detachment. Nothing about any accident, incident or even medical transport involving anyone. Makes you go....hmmmmmmmm. Wonder if public emergency workers were really involved or not. ..."

    (AST=Alaska State Troopers)


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