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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Even Patti Davis Reagan didn't like Ronald and Nancy

From NY Daily News

Nancy Reagan's biological children commemorated the former First Lady Monday, one day after her death at 94 —but her once-estranged daughter offered cold comfort.

Patti Davis, 63, a longtime liberal activist who drifted from her right-wing Republican parents during the 1990s, released a statement early Monday describing her mom’s final years but said little about the former First Lady's remarkable legacy as an Alzheimer's disease advocate and passionate drug prevention champion.

“My mother had been in poor health for quite a while, and recently had gotten markedly worse, so this wasn’t a surprise,” Davis wrote in a two-paragraph statement posted early Monday on her website.

"Just as when my father died, there is comfort in feeling surrounded by gentle thoughts and kind wishes, often sent out by strangers. And just as when my father died, we will honor my mother publicly — stand on the public stage and share as much as we can.”

Davis infamously fell out with her family following a rough upbringing marred by drug addiction. After the Reagan presidency, Davis posed nude in Playboy and penned a memoir blasting her father as “distant” and her mother as “abusive.”

But she reunited with her parents before Ronald died in 2004 and wrote a memoir, “The Long Goodbye,” about his fight with Alzheimer’s disease.


  1. Ron Junior couldn't stand them either, he's also an enthusiastic & outspoken liberal. They both couldn't stand their Father's politics. The adopted son Michael is a dedicated RW fanatic & always has been.

  2. Michael Reagan write a telling book when RAygun was in office. It was very nasty. He described how he was in summercamp and his father was there to speak about something. Michael was in line with the other kids and when he came face to face with his father RR didnt recognize him! He had nothing good to say about Nancy either.It's ironical after this he makes his living singing RR praises. Hypocrit.

  3. Please read Patti Davis' autobiography "The Way I See It" published in 1992 for a glimpse of the REAL Ronald and Nancy Reagan and their world.

    I respect both Patti Davis and Ron Reagan, Jr. They have stuck to their own beliefs under difficult circumstances and have lived honestly, without hypocrisy.


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