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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Florida, Illinois, North Carolina, and Missouri are voting today

From Politico

Tuesday might be the most decisive day of the 2016 GOP campaign. Depending on the results, one or more of the remaining candidates might be forced to drop out. And Donald Trump might be unstoppable.

If Trump rolls to victories in Florida and Ohio — the first states on the calendar this year that award every single delegate to the statewide winner — his lead becomes all but insurmountable. Without home-state wins, Marco Rubio and John Kasich would have little cause to continue.

Can't blame Trump for not wanting Skanky around him in Florida.  He is probably thanking God that Todd was in a snowmobile crash.


  1. I haven't watched a video of hers in months and months (that voice! UGH) but someone at IM said that Trump and she were joking about it. Who does that? It sounded like some pretty serious injuries to me, and I'm not buying it's because of their "abiding faith." Utter poppycock.

  2. WTF was on her head? She looks like she did the MS ice bucket challenge right before she took the stage.

    Someone posted that she had on a staffer's jacket to cover up her embarassing outfit. maybe that's why the clothing looked so bag-lady hooker? I think the jacket was to detract from her Depends padded ass.


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