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Friday, March 4, 2016

Happy 4th month birthday Sailor Palin!

Today is Sailor's 4th month birthday.

Bristol claims to be breastfeeding her which is the reason Dakota can't come see Sailor but we all know better than that.

Look at what Piper is holding, a baby bottle.

Look at what Bristol is holding, a baby bottle.

Bristol also posted that she was giving away baby formula, but took that post down.

Poor Sailor, stuck in all that drama and only four months old.  Happy Birthday kiddo, I hope you can run away when your old enough and find your real dad.


  1. Is Dakota the father or not? The DNA result took so long and it's been over two months which is odd.

  2. Courtview shows a Mar 2, 2016 Order for part of Dakota's motion. I wonder what that is about.

  3. who's that lady in the voting for trump post on sarah's fecebook march 1? In the sports arena that looks like sarah's house, giggle?
    That same lady showed up in a pic from thanksgiving in todds garage from a couple years ago sitting on the couch near Sarah. Who the hell is she?

    1. Juanita Fuller, nearly the only (probably paid) friend left from that original Gang of Six group interviewed shortly after Sarah was named VP nominee by McCain.

  4. Poor Sailor, adrift in a ship without a rudder.
    Dumb Barstool, a Grifter shit without an udder.


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