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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Nancy Reagan is dead

I have nothing else to say on this matter except all the Reagan lovers are going to fawn and cry all over her


  1. I do. Here's your hat, here's your coat, hate ta see ya go. I wonder if her astrologist predicted her end?

  2. Wonder if Elvira of the North will crash her funeral.

  3. The woman didn't have a maternal bone in her body. We hear constantly about her love affair with Ronnie. Wonderful. As for her kids and stepkids-crickets, unless we talk about the books written by her daughter Patti. I love her son Ron Jr.-except I heard today that he's for Kasich. WTF, Reasonable Reagan? I hope it's not true.

  4. Despite her husband's policies, she helped raise awareness about drugs and breast cancer.

    1. Ya don't say....
      The queen of head is dead. At 94, the life of Nancy Reagan, the pin-up girl for the genocidal War on Drugs, finally blinked out. Rat Pack actor Peter Lawford, who frequently appeared on Ronald Reagan’s General Electric Theatre, wrote in his memoir that Nancy gave the best blowjobs in Hollywood. It’s one of the most benign things you could say about the woman who saw herself as a kind of Catherine the Great for the American Imperium.


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