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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Parenting done right

From Sunny Johnston's Facebook page


First butte hike of the year today and then an amazing lunch at Turkey Red — feeling blessed

Spending quality time together outdoors and getting fresh air and exercise while and you don't have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars doing it.


  1. Levi and Sunny seem like upstanding people who will welcome Sailor to accompany Tripp on those weekends Sailor is not with Dakota.

    Eventually, the twice-a-month Dakota visitation will go away. Eventually, due to the long distance, maybe at age 1, it'll turn into a week, once a month, in Kentucky with daddy. Maybe around age 1.

    So for those other three weekends a month, I have no doubt Levi and Sunny will welcome Sailor to accompany the other three kiddos on their sports, scouting, fishing, camping, and hiking adventures.

    Sailor will want to go where her big bro goes, and I have no doubt Levi and Sunny will cherish taking all of the kiddos out for adventures!

    1. Why should they take care of that one child - what about the other two (TriG and Tristan)?!
      Why should Levi and Sunny be laden with unruly kids, just because one happens to be the father's kid? The other three are not. They are BARSTOOL'S responsibility! SHE has to find a way for all her kids to have a meaningful, happy life. Sunny and Levi had to pay around $100,000 to get their son. If Barstool wants them to take care of any of her other brats, then SHE SHOULD HAVE TO PAY for them, just like she has to pay a regular babysitter. I believe, the going rate is somewhere around $10-$15/hr/child.
      Sunny is actually doing babysitting for other moms, so it would only be fair if she got paid for this, too!

    2. It's not their job to look after Brissy's bastards so she could hang out at bars and meet other men to screw with whenever she wants.

  2. You're fooling yourself if you think Barstool will ever allow Sailor to accompany her half brother to spend time with adults who aren't even related to her. Remember, Barstool's specialty is to rip her children's hearts apart time and again by exposing them to various drunken trial baby daddies and other melodrama; so that is what is in store for poor Sailor on weeks she is home with her psychopath mother.

  3. Is Sunny pregnant again? Look at the glow in her eyes/face!?!

    1. She always has a glow from being such a natural raving beauty.

  4. Here's a possible scenario.

    On one of his trips to Alaska, Dakota hooks up with Levi and they become BFF, doing all those guy things -- shootin', huntin', fishin', four-wheelin' . . . taking Tripp with them. Sunny then introduces Dakota to an Alaska girl who is just like herself -- gorgeous, smart, honest, accomplished, responsible. Dakota marries this princess, settles down in the Last Frontier; Sailor decides Daddy Dakota is a lot more fun than Mean Mommy Bristol .. by this time, Tripp has seen the light and moved in with Levi and Sunny.

    Guess who is then left all alone . . well, not all alone . . . she'll have her Louboutin shoes, Piper, Trig, and that damn little dog.


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