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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Piper Palin turns 15 today and is quite the little shit-Update

Piper and two of her worst three role models, you can guess who is missing

Piper is now 15 and she has been reduced to being a nanny for Bristol.  She has been sporting a 'tude as well:

From Dakota's instagram page

theesamboydπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ one, the baby isn't coming back to KY. She's AT HER HOME RIGHT NOW. Two, where were you the entire time B was pregnant? Now all of the sudden you wanna be a father?! Three, a baby shower is something that happens for the mother BEFORE the baby is born, not two months after the baby is born and the father decides he wants to see her. This dude is a joke. He does this shit for attention. A real dad would have been there from the beginning. A real dad would help out with the baby. Not post pictures acting like a dad while the mother is taking care of the baby. Stop playing hero and be a real man. Put your daughter first, not your reputation.

piper.pLol @theesamboyd πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

And from Bristol's instagram page

piper.pShe supports her kids. She has a full time job. She left Dakota, it's not your Business to know why. If she wants you to know then she'll tell you. But I will tell you that Dakota still has not met sailor. Bristol has offered for him to meet sailor many times. It's his fault that he hasn't met her and she is 2 months old. He also never contacted Bristol while she was pregnant. So if that doesn't tell you something your messed up in the head. Go take care of your children please and worry about your family. Don't go by the media because it's not true so if you would leave her alone that would be great:) #πŸ–•πŸΌ @iamcarlita_ 

piper.p@palinarewhores school ended at 2 hun😘 

I think Piper is going to be the worst one, considering her role models...Bristol, Willow, and Sarah.

Update-Skanky Hoohah wishes her daughter a happy birthday:

Happy, Happy Birthday Piper Indi Grace Palin! We πŸ’ž you more than life itself! Thank you for the joy you bring to our home. You really are the best. God blessed you with this gorgeous fresh snow today - all for you.

Piper went from purple hair to blond.  Willow is still a lousy hairdresser.


  1. I said this before and will say it again - I believe Piper is possibly the one that gave birth to sailor. Please don't attack me!! Look closer at the events, the odd posts, explanations and especially at the recent picture of the 3 shitheads in HI. Tell me which one looks like she just had a baby and is breastfeeding. Then look at all the pics of Piper prior to Brissypants "engagement" and pregnancy. What happened in Kentucky? Why the abrupt ending? Maybe this is more about shocking news regarding Piper being pregnant - and then finding out who the baby daddy is??!!

    1. I'm not attacking you Sharon, and I find the Palin story has some dark aspects, even worse than what you posit here - I am thinking of the posts (well-researched) by Pro-choice Grandma, in previous times.

      However, as far as Piper is concerned, that belly does not look to me like that of someone who gave birth within the last 2 months. For that matter, neither did Bristol look truly postpartum.

    2. The only time Bristol looked postpartum was at the 2008 convention. We never saw her after DWTS. We never saw her right after Tripp's birth. We have seen her 'days' after Sailor's birth, at the shooting range all day, when she wore skinny jeans and slim tops. No way was that woman nursing that day, or any day. She had a sports bra on in the hospital.
      I look at that Hawaii shot (who took that?) and see that long shirt covering Bristol's mid-section. There is another pic where she is in a bikini bottom with part of her stomach exposed-no stretch marks, no pooch. And she has never been an exerciser like her 'runner' mother. So how did she lose baby weight so fast? Either Sailor was born in November, or she is starving herself. Even then, when I nursed my two, the weight stayed to support the milk production.
      When you go back and look at Bristol pictures, the one I remember is from the Governor's mansion, where she is about 16, standing sideways in a greenish sweater for a formal family portrait, and looks at least six month along. Then you get the pictures where she looks extremely thin. She yoyo's constantly.

    3. Bristol Palin looking postpartum in January, 2011.

    4. Anon at 11:17: "there is another pic where she is in a bikini bottom with part of her stomach exposed-no stretch marks, no pooch."

      I noticed exactly the same thing. To me, it put the whole birth story in doubt, although I cannot see any reason for such a deception.

      As you say, B could not have lost the weight and belly expansion of the pregnancy so quickly. And there is no reason why any new mother should - I am very much against this pressure on women to look as if they had not had a baby. A new mother needs to eat, rest, and look after the little one - not worry about her figure.

  2. Piper needs to direct her anger at the real cause of her problems: Her mother.

    The Palin household is a dysfunctional freak show, albeit a mob with money to spread around.

    Father lives off the family's investments, enjoying his toys -- float plane, snowmobiles, guns.
    Mother fancies herself as a political genius when, in fact, she's a nothing.
    Son is a thug with no education, no future.
    Daughter is a slut, no education, no future.
    Daughter is a part-time hairdresser with no future.
    Daughter is a 15-yr-old brat.
    Son with Down Syndrome is a tragic case.

    Everything and everyone the Palin's touch turns to shit.

    Here are a few questions:
    1. When will Track do something that lands him in jail?
    2. When will Bristol be pregnant -- again?
    3. How long before Piper is knocked up?
    4. What happens when Trig is 16 and cannot be physically controlled?
    5. What happens when the money runs out, as it is doing right now?

    1. Here are a few answers:

      1. He's a Palin, so those would have to be charges in any state other than Alaska, or federal charges.
      2. As soon as already?
      3. As soon as already, also too?
      4. Blame it on Obama!
      5. Ever heard of the Pie Spy LLC Poor Pitiful Palins First Annual Telethon? Someone has to pay and it sure as hell won't be them!

  3. Considering the role models this young woman is surrounded with, I, for one, am not surprised at all.

    Such a shame.

    1. Ever since she shoved those reporters at the ripe old age of seven, I had a feeling that she'd turn out to the worst of them all. I would love to be wrong but, as you say, the odds are against it.

  4. Piper is obviously bad at math. The kid was born nov.4. No amount of stalling is going to make that baby any younger. Mouth swab!

    1. Heck, she had simple flash cards when my kids knew their times tables by heart at the same age.

  5. While I've hoped for the best for Piper, her milieu is just too toxic for her to escape without serious intervention and help. That won't happen, because the Palins think everybody else is the problem and they're okay. Even if one of the kids tried to get help, the rest of them would jeer them out of it.

    And I've thought of Willow as the one who is gay. I don't know why: she's pinged my radar for a couple-three years now. Yes, I know she had a pregnancy scare a few years ago. Means nothing. Could have been exploring her sexuality. Anyway, we never seem to hear about her with anybody. She also strikes me as being somewhat brighter than Track, Bristol, and Piper. At least, she's bright enough to pretty much keep her mouth shut, and evidently she was bright enough to finish "hair school" and get a license. I'm hoping she's the one who'll write the tell-all, but I doubt it will happen before she's in a committed relationship and she's moved to another state or something. Far enough away that she can shut down her computer or block her family's e-mails.

    The whole family is a pitiful case, and I think the source of the poison is Sarah, who bred without thinking (being incapable of rational thought)and pretty much left the kids alone to drag themselves up any which way. Why Sarah is the way she is, well, I think lots of us believe she was sexually abused as a child. She does seem to have a lot of the issues that would accompany childhood sexual trauma. Too late now for her; too late for the her kids, most likely, and all we can do is hope for the best with the younger generation.

    1. How right you are, ivy. Sarah seems to be the source of the toxin that poisons the whole family.

      My immediate and extended family have had our share of "wayward youth," a couple of whom got themselves into serious trouble with the law. Of us who were "wild childs," all but one became responsible, mature adults -- that one is in and out of jail (currently in).

      I'm afraid Track is too far gone. His girl friend is as big a train wreck as he is, so, doesn't look as though a "good woman" will save him. Write him off.

      Ditto for Bristol. At age 25 with two children she should be beyond imitating a reality TV star, fishlip selfies, and $900-a-pair shoes. Instead, she's now diving into the phony world of Instagram marketing; no education; part-time job.

      Willow seems to be responsible -- you are right about her -- seems to have distanced herself from the rest of the family.

      Piper -- jury is still out. However, she's living at home, may be living with Bristol, so, she has no responsible adults as role models.

      Trig is the tragedy in all this. While many DS kids don't survive past late teens, some live to adulthood. I'm an EMT in rural Virginia. Two of our regular callers are elderly parents with 40 - 50 year old DS children who either hurt themselves, injure the parents in a struggle, or set fire to the house. That's what Sarah and Todd have to look forward to.

      The adults Palin's made their beds, let them lie in 'em. Trig can't help himself.

    2. The sad thing, Ivy, is "history is doomed to repeat itself." I have yet to see anything that Tripp and Ivy have a chance without intervention from their fathers, and we've already seen how they've ignored Trig when they had the means to truly see to his needs.

    3. ^^ Sorry, meant Sailor. :-)

    4. ::amused::: Yeah, I figured that. On the other hand, I actually may NOT have a chance. I'm a mere slip of a girl, age 62! Who knows what trouble I'll get into before I'm done?

  6. I just wonder why there is so much hate in that family. Rarely do you ever see one of them say something nice unless there is something in it for them. Anger and hate seem to be the one emotion that is always on display. It's a very unhealthy atmosphere to grow up in; however, some education away from home might expand Piper's views and help her to climb out of the gutter the Palin family wallows in.

    1. Why is there so much hate in that family? One could ask the same question about Donald Trump, who is constantly filled with rage. He hates everyone and seems to enjoy the violence that he generates.

    2. On IM, a long time ago, someone commented on the scene in the Palin reality tv skit, where one of the siblings smashes Piper's face into a birthday cake. Piper laughed - as she had to - trapped in that situation.

      The poster commented that in that family they settle their scores openly and viciously. There does seem to be a lot of hate.

  7. Pregnant?

  8. Why is Piper's face so fat and round? Is she in need of 'jaw realignment surgery' like Bristol claimed to have had?

  9. Intersting that the skank actually congratulates one of her brats just by herself w/o having to brown-nose some other celebrity!

    Random observation: That is Willblows dog in there, actually a white dog, but she colored its hair so it looks like a fox...

  10. Wait a minute! Where is that picture taken? Is this taken at the cabin, where Two-Toned-Tiny-Toad was beaten to a pulp? Doesn't Dakota get to spend the day with his 'daughter'?

  11. Are those Bristol's "Gun Training" jeans? Whose dog is that? Never mind--this family is sickening.

  12. That photo of Bristol, Willow, and Piper holding a pot of tulips is STRANGE.

    Did someone do a hair coloring job on the dog?

    What is that backless top Bristol is wearing -- in the snow, no less.

    And what is it with the torn jeans? Bristol must have a closet full of them.

  13. Alicia insta name of the day...... fantastikduo

  14. Hey, MALOE, Thanks for staying touch. Do you know if Dakota was able to visit Sailor this weekend? And a more important question. Do you have any idea how Todd Palin is doing? His condition sounded very serious but Sarah is too busy posting a birthday picture for Piper to keep her fans updated. Her original facebook post was almost flippant, talking about his innards not being able to skate through TSA and saying everything was all right when being on a ventilator with so many broken bones sounds much more serious. Do you know any of the details of Todd's accident? Thanks always for posting comments.

    1. I don't know about Dakota, sorry. I texted Piper but she said if I have questions about sailor I should ask Bristol.....even tho she knows good and well Bristol blocked my # in January.
      I do know several family members think the "accident" is the perfect excuse to put off Dakotas visit. But she's gonna have to let him see the kid some time. I mean unless she admits she knows it's not his baby which will never happen.

      Like I just posted on the thread above this one, I think todds injuries are either not that severe or are obviously not snowmachine injuries just by looking.

      I don't think he's on a ventilator. From the beginning Bristol has been saying "dad said....." Or "dad wanted me to ask...." ect when talking to family members about the after math of the accident so if he's talking that means no ventilator right?

    2. You're right. If you're on a ventilator you can't talk. If you have a tracheotomy, you can learn to talk. But if you're intubated, your vocal cords will not vibrate and produce sound. Also, they do tend to at least minimally sedate people to make being intubated more tolerable- it's uncomfortable.

      I think that the surgeon told Sarah that Todd was intubated for surgery and that he was on a vent afterwards. But they would get him off the ventilator ASAP. As soon as they had reasonable assurance that he could breathe on his own, they'd start weaning him. Again, he's not that old and he looks to be in fairly decent shape- it shouldn't have taken that long to get him off a vent. He'd be on oxygen for a few days, though, but that doesn't require a ventilator.

  15. Silence from Bristol today. If only there were an insider who knew something! Sigh.

    1. At first I thought we would see a pic on Dakotas insta if he met sailor but then I thought well since he has bitched at Bristol for "exploiting" sailor on social media, he wouldn't post a pic.

      On the other hand he did post the "baby shower" pics right?

      My gut feeling.....
      Either we will see a pic from Dakota soon OR 1st thing Monday AM Dakotas lawyer will be filing docs to have Bristol compeld to produce sailor for a visit bc she didn't do it when she was supposed to.

  16. Seriously? P.I.G. Palin? This was done to her, and pointed out, by her own mother? This family is from a horror movie. The gift that keeps on giving. Like herpes.

  17. There's no hope for Piper She may be the worst of them all with the three older siblings she has as role models.


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