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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Question for Todd and Sarah Palin

Sarah why have you not released Trig's birth certificate?

Todd have you ever been with or hung out with hookers in Anchorage?


  1. Question:

    Sarah, is it true that your endorsement of a candidate means squat anymore?

    Todd, was it really a snowmobile accident or did you finally get the crap beat out of you?

  2. I vote - got the crap beat out of him, and somehow they same person broke bristols headlite, TRACK? on rampage?????

    1. What's this about brissy's broken headlight?

    2. She got cited for that on the same evening, around the same time that Two-Toned Toad got beat the crap outta him.
      Kind of interesting coinkidink, don'tcha think?

  3. Here's a question that's easy to answer, palins:

    Where's Jill?

    What happened to the therapy dog donated by Becky Beach to be Trig's bestie(Aug 2014)? The one you had so many pix and posts on your shoutypage over? Did your Iowan drinkin buddy take the dog back after the stepstool pic stink(Jan 2015)?
    That dog kennel is a front for money laundering, so no surprise that palins are cool with it. It is connected to the USS Iowa (where sarah gave a paid speech) deal, same people on the 'boards', and a financial whoopsie between the 2 LLC's that got some buzz a few years back and then poof, no more about that. Hmm.

    That dog should have gone to a deserving veteran. Don't you chest thump a lot about our veterans? And is excessive chest thumping what killed your belmonts?
    Wow. A lot of questions. No answers.

  4. I have one more question for Todd. Todd, have you ever had sex with a male prostitute? I've always thought that you were a switch hitter.

  5. Bristol Palin should answer the question about Trig's birth certificate, she is his biological mother.

  6. This one is better.


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