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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Sarah Palin attacks Ted Cruz and Michael Bloomberg

From Sarah's Fecebook page

Liberal NY billionaire politician Michael Bloomberg announces he won't run for President after all. Whew. Freedom loving Americans everywhere can take a Big Gulp of relief to celebrate.

Uh Sarah Bloomberg is a fiscal conservative and not all that liberal.

And she goes after former BFF Ted Cruz:

Calling GOP frontrunner supporters "low information" disengaged voters, Ted Cruz's insinuation reeks of all the reasons America knows "the status quo has got to go." The arrogance of career politicians is something at which the rest of us chuckle, but Cruz's latest dig strays from humorous into downright nasty. Cruz is right, though - independent, America-first, commonsense conservatives supporting Donald Trump ARE "low information" when it comes to having any information on Cruz's ability to expand the conservative movement, beat Hillary Clinton, unify and lead the nation.

* Where's information on any Cruz success whilst in his short, half-term U.S. Senate seat, proving his resume's advantage over another career politicians's lawyerly executive inexperience that includes never having created a single private sector job, but boasting of his constitutional law teacher creds? (Remember America experimented with that resume before; how'd that work out for the country?)

* Where's info on his reasoning in inviting more illegal aliens to flood our porous borders by enticing families with benefits and literal gifts (like teddy bears and soccer balls)?…/ted-cruz-visits-texa…/

* Any info on why he won't denounce his highest-profile campaign buddy, despite Glenn Beck's proclamation that he "hates" America's innocent victims of 9/11 and calls the families crybabies?, nor hold accountable his campaign manager for abhorrent tactics that mirror Alinsky's Politics of Personal Destruction?…/ted-cruz-adviser-admits-to-makin…/

* Info on why he continues to stand on stage with that most prominent supporter who slurs millions of patriotic Americans supporting the GOP frontrunner, calling them Nazi "brown shirts"?…/glenn-beck-loses-fans-an…/

* Info on consistency with his big endorsement this week, as Carly tells it like it is so very recently? 
"Ted Cruz is just like any other politician. He says one thing in Manhattan, he says another thing in Iowa. He says whatever he needs to say to get elected, and then he's going to do as he pleases. I think people are tired of a political class that promises much and delivers much of the same." - Carly Fiorina 1/2/16

* Info on his support for his crony capitalists' insistence that he fast-track Obama's unbalanced trade agenda, then lied about it?…/yes-unfortunately-te…/

* Info on why he's fine with increasing U.S. debt?…/

* Info on how it helps make America great again by arrogantly disenfranchising this Primary season's majority voters who are fed-up, inspired, optimistic, and engaged? How does it help unify the party or the nation when that holier-than-thou narcissism manifests itself through negative, biting, deceptive tactics... when he's had so many opportunities to disavow his campaign's shenanigans and apologize for his own?
The information we've sought is nonexistent, thus "low information voters" comprising the GOP majority support Cruz staying in the Legislative branch, while hopefully gaining understanding of the private sector's need to reduce the big government he's a big part of.

Trump's energized, positive campaign has led to this record setting stat: of all 24 states that have voted so far, ALL smashed previous GOP turnout records! 4,347,317 votes nationwide for Trump already. Now THAT'S "enlarging the tent." Any info, Ted, on where you think that "disengaged" momentum will take us?

Sarah doesn't realize that a Trump nomination will guarantee a Hillary or Bernie win.


  1. Fuck the pitbull with lipstick and no teeth.

  2. Oh Anon @ 4:18 pm. You are being much too complimentary. The Ol' TWOBULLed One is much uglier than that!

  3. She was for him until she was against him.
    $arah loooves the smell of money and follows it like a horse to a carrot.

  4. According to her Facebook page, as of Saturday night, Sarah is packed, leaving her ice-fishing hole, and jetting to Florida to help elect Trump.

    Funny -- Trump has two appearances scheduled Sunday and Monday before the Tuesday primary and, according to Trump's campaign officials, she's not scheduled to appear at either of them.

    Maybe she's going to FL by way of Kentucky, stopping off with Sailor to visit Dakota?


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