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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Sarah Palin will not be in the tRump administration

From USA Today

Never far from a glowing screen, Sarah Palin may be coming to a TV dial near you: She will star in a new Judge Judy-style courtroom reality show in 2017, according to a publicist for a Montana production company.

The former governor of Alaska, who's already starred in her own reality shows since the end of her vice-presidential campaign in 2008, signed a production deal last month with a Montana-based company called Warm Springs, according to Howard Bragman of  Fifteen Minutes P.R., a veteran public-relations executive who represents Warm Springs.

Palin's show, still unnamed, would feature Palin in a nationally syndicated daytime show premiering in the fall of 2017.

But first she has to make a pilot, meet with TV stations across the land and sell it and herself to them. Which shouldn't be too difficult, Bragman says, even though Palin is not a lawyer.

"She's sold millions of books, one of which sold over 2 million copies, she's a proven ratings draw, she has close to 6 million followers on social media, she has a huge audience and you can say that audience corresponds well with a daytime audience," Bragman said Tuesday.

People magazine was first to report the news Tuesday.

Warm Springs includes Larry Lyttle, who is the producer behind courtroom reality shows Judge Judy, starring Judge Judy Sheindlin, and also Judge Joe Brown, starring Judge Joe Brown. Sheindlin plays well on TV as a straight-talking, no-nonsense, stern-but-fair judge presiding over sometimes goofy cases.

Palin starred in Sarah Palin's Alaska on the TLC network starting in 2010, and in 2014 she launched Amazing America with Sarah Palin, an outdoor-themed show on The Sportsman Channel, but her TV schedule is clear for the moment.

Instead, she's plunged into the tumultuous 2016 Republican presidential campaign, endorsing Donald Trump in a surprise move since she was expected to endorse Trump rival and tea-party favorite U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz.

(Palin was stumping for Trump last week when husband Todd Palin was seriously injured in a snowmobile accident in Alaska and she rushed home to be with him.)

The backlash from her endorsement has been a lot of criticism on social media, to which Palin is no stranger. But this time it's coming from other conservative Republicans who reject Trump. Palin was prominent on a list of Trump backers who would be "blacklisted" from the party for endorsing him by other GOP conservatives.

Not that Trump would ever be elected but if he were that means a role for Sarah in his administration is out.

Seriously though the only legal experience Sarah has is figuring out how to break the law and get away with it.

Will Track be her first case?  What about Bristol and Dakota's custody dispute, will she preside over that too?

This show will not make the airwaves.  Bank on it.


  1. Someone is dreaming. "But first she has to make a pilot, meet with TV stations across the land and sell it and herself to them. Which shouldn't be too difficult, Bragman says, even though Palin is not a lawyer."

    Oh, really? How about when prospective advertisers learn about:
    -- the drunken brawl
    -- three grandchildren, not one of them born with benefit of marriage
    -- previous failures with her "reality" shows
    -- the fact that her "6 million followers on social media" all date from her VP run and now she may have a few thousand followers at best
    -- her inability to meet a production schedule

    On the other hand, the Duggar's are back, which suggest that is an audience out there that will drool over anygoddamthing.

    1. Last sentence should read:

      On the other hand, the Duggar's are back, which suggests there's an audience out there that will drool over anygoddamthing.

    2. Well, the Duggars are NOT back. Advertisers are pulling out like one of Todd's SS agents. And no one is going to chance millions of dollars on the lazy, uneducated twit who now thinks she can play a judge on the TV. Does she think that will qualify her for the Supreme Court?

  2. If she gets this job, the show's producers had better write a script and put in her contract that she must follow it. Imagine her speaking "off the cuff" when asking questions and/or rendering a decision. She's not a trained lawyer like Judge Judy, Cristina Perez, Mablean Ephraim, and the others who host successful law-related shows. Palin acting as judge is a recipe for disaster.

    1. Doesn't her Good Book say, "Thou shalt not judge?" or something? Sarah, have Bristol's ghost writer look that up for you.

  3. If Sarah Palin had such a huge audience then her most recent show on the Sportsman channel, her internet channel, and her latest book would not have tanked! The fact is, for a brief time period, when Palin first quit her job as Governor, she was able to cash in on her celebrity status. But over the years Palin has worn out her welcome, the public is sick and tired of her and her family and no network will want to purchase a show starring Sarah Palin because it will be a ratings disaster.

  4. Sarah's latest disaster, the book "Sweet Freedom," is currently #131,107 on Amazon.

    1. Wouldn't you think that these people would be talking about easter? I grew up atheist so easter wasn't a thing for us but I would think that christian people probably celebrate easter kind of hard and fast?

    2. I can't figure out why we don't know if dear he-man Todd is alive or dead. I mean, they post everything from Bristol's supposed breast feeding schedule to Piper's piglet, but when Todd is brought to the hospital unconscious with life-threatening injuries, we get a photo of the girls laughing in some hospital room somewhere, and a harried makeupless Sarah, phone in hand, leaving the hospital a week ago. Nada.

  5. I say this is nothing more than another publicity stunt put out there by The Sarah to cover for Todd's 'accident'! I suspect he was drunk and beaten to a bloody pulp by a member of his family - perhaps Track?

    Too bad real journalist in Alaska are not digging into the story. But, then there seem to be NO journalists in Alaska that have ever covered the Palin klan truthfully!

  6. What I heard, is that Todd is very badly injured, and will physiotherapy in order to be mobile again - after he has recovered from multiple bouts of surgery.

    Very bad "accident" - whatever it was.

  7. I sure do wonder how hard Judge Judy is laughing as she hears what Palin wants to do now!! Maybe she will scrape enough money together to buy her Judge show. Would be entertaining, she sounds NOTHING like how a real Judge talks,what a loon!


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