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Thursday, March 17, 2016

What if the "thugs" at Donald Trump's rallies are actually on his payroll?

 Above is a video proclaiming Trump is "winning"

When you think about it it is a possibility that Trump is playing his idiot followers for fools.

These "thugs" could be working for Trump trying to stir up shit.  The Donald has been known to pay people to sit in the audience and clap for him.

Trump has said that if he ever ran for political office he would as a Republican as Republicans are dumb, ignorant, and low information voters.


  1. I saw a video once where he admits to hiring some protesters. Notice some don't get beat on. He says he loves protesters it makes his show less boring. They should start calling his rallies performances because that's what they are. Damn McCain all to hell Palin brought out the worst people we have to offer and it's been down hill every since.

  2. Would be surprised in the least if there weren't a few rhododendrons in the audience. He seemed so disappointed in Boca when there weren't any protesters. And he's always going on about how "fun" it is when there's shite in the audience. He's treating everything like a reality show.

  3. I remember seeing somewhere that he admitted to having some of the protesters hired. Don't remember when or where, but I believe there is a video out there of him saying it sometime in either January or February.

  4. On the politicalgates blog, someone posted a tweet from him in 2014. He IS going after the low information voters and that bitch $arah right behind him.


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