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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Another victim of Josh Duggar comes forward

From The Inquistir

Josh Duggar has been accused of molesting another Arkansas woman—but did the Duggar clan know the report would surface? On the same day the report was published by celebrity tabloid magazine In Touch, the Duggar family shared an inspirational quote on their official Facebook page that indicates they might have been aware the news would reach their fans.

On April 20, the Duggars shared a quote from preacher Charles Spurgeon (the namesake of Spurgeon Seewald, Jim Bob and Michelle’s grandson) that read the following.

“I would go to the deeps a hundred times to cheer a downcast spirit. It is good for me to have been afflicted, that I might know how to speak a word in season to one that is weary.”

The same day, rumors began that an Arkansas woman came forward to claim that Josh sexually abused her several years ago, presumably around the same time Josh molested several other young girls. The anonymous victim reportedly lives near the Duggar hometown of Springdale, Arkansas, and knows Josh well.

A source knowledgeable about the situation revealed to In Touch magazine that following “last year’s revelations” about the Josh Duggar scandals, “word got around that there was another girl who said she’d been abused by Josh when she was a teenager.”

But the victim wasn’t just anybody. According to the insider, the Duggar family “knew the girl” but naturally didn’t want her to tell her story about Josh. After the scandals that nearly brought the famous reality star family down, “Michelle was terrified when she heard that this girl was talking about what Josh had done” and the impact it might have on their own lives.

It’s well known that following the myriad of Josh Duggar scandals in 2015 and the subsequent cancellation of the long-running 19 Kids & Counting that the Duggar family lost several hundred thousand, if not millions, of dollars in income. Josh himself lost his job in Washington, DC.

They’ve managed to bounce back somewhat after TLC picked up Jill & Jessa: Counting On for a season, but the Duggar clan still has lost speaking engagements and book deals, including several conferences where they were mainstays for years.

According to Hollywood Life, after the latest alleged Josh Duggar victim came forward, Jim Bob and Michelle confronted the woman’s parents “to represent their daughter in a face-to-face confrontation.” During the meeting, Jim Bob reportedly asked if there would be any lawsuits, but the woman’s parents assured the Duggar patriarch that they would handle the situation with their daughter.

While the parents confirmed that the woman isn’t looking for a pay day, according to Hollywood Life, she’s had a rough life since Josh allegedly molested her, including rebelling and leaving home. In addition, the Josh Duggar scandals last year “made her an emotional wreck.”

Considering that Josh has become something of a target following the $500,000 lawsuit filed by adult film star Danica Dillon, it’s understandable why Jim Bob would be concerned this alleged victim would be only out for money, too. In her lawsuit, Dillon claimed that she had sex with Josh, who was so rough, she felt as if she was being raped. The lawsuit was later dropped after Josh proved he wasn’t in the same state as Danica, and Dillon failed to provide enough proof to the judge that Josh abused her.

While the Duggar family did not reveal why they shared the somber quote from Charles Spurgeon, many fans are wondering if it reflects a downcast mood because the Josh Duggar scandals continue, particularly since it was shared on the same day the In Touch report was published.

If I were the victim I would definitely look for a payday.  And I don't blame the girl for rebelling and running away.


  1. And his wife took him back. And he has access to kids.

    1. Well, when you are raised without an education, with no job skills except "taking care of the kids," and with zero self-esteem, you take him back. Besides, she's no doubt been told it's her fault that he 'needs' pornography and a dating service. This is pretty normal stuff for the Quiverfuls. The man is always right. The woman is to be silent and a helpmate and do what she's told. Wonder how they are feeding the kids and paying their mortgage.

  2. How is he not in jail? Oh never mind.

  3. I'm appalled that the young lady's parents didn't tell the Duggars to get off their property when they came to ask whether the alleged victim planned to try to get compensation for being sexually molested by Josh. After reading what he'd done to his own sister and others, it's what I would have done. I'm also appalled that her parents told Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar that they'd "handle the situation with their daughter." What a way to NOT show support for your kid in light of all of the information that has emerged about Josh Duggar's penchant for molesting and abusing women. This just goes to show that some persons have so much power that they can use it to protect themselves and their family members from facing justice for the things they've done to others. If any of the rest of us had a kid who had molested someone, our kid would be either be behind bars or sued for his/her actions.

    1. I have a feeling that this one was a little older and actually engaged in some "un-bible-like" sexy times, which most teens do, and now the girl has been made to feel like a dirty whore for fucking around with the Duggar boy?

      This repressive christian environment that the backwards religious people grow up surrounded by can only lead to things like teens fucking around and then being made to feel guilty about it. The sooner we get rid of this religious scourge in our world the sooner that all people can live a reasonable existence.

      This kind of brainwashing and "jesus" teaching (or muslim or hindu or really , any and all of them) makes me sick to my stomach for these poor kids that are raised with any sort of any of the world's "moronic and brainwashing" religions.

      Simply stated we ALL have the ability to find the information now that allows us to live without these fairytales of control. The families that won't allow their children to find the TRUTH and keep them believing in "gods" get exactly what they deserve, unfortunately the children do NOT deserve to have their education retarded by religion.

      The enlightenment can't come soon enough because enough people have suffered the curse of religion for long enough. We are smarter now, we are better now and for fuck's sake, you have to know better unless you are an utter fucking moron.

  4. Why is that Duggar puke-face NOT in jail??? and why are his parents interfering with another family's problems???


  5. Who in the heck would name their kid "Spurgeon Seewald?"

  6. Lawd amighty!

    What a bunch of phucking Pharisees!

    1. I'm unsure of what a pharisee is but I have to assume it's a bad thing?

    2. 8:41
      If you read your Bible, you damn heathen, you would know what a pharisee is. (satire)


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