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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Bristol Palin toughen up!

From Brancy's blog

Unless you’re lucky, you have heard that Donald Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski has been charged with battery for this:

Did you watch the video?
An assault charge against this guy???
I bet Michelle Fields feels like an idiot after this video was released.  This was NOT an assault.
As Piers Morgan wrote, “A man would have been condemned as a laughing stock for complaining” about that slight event.
He’s right.  Toughen up.
Bristol you need to toughen up, how about this:
And this:
Shut up you bitch.  Did you tell Jordan to toughen up after your brother beat the crap out of her?


  1. Palins are desensitized due to the things they've seen, most recently Track beating on his girl, if Lewandowski was continued to be allowed to act like that no doubt his actions may have gotten worse, like Track???? because things are allowed to continue....

  2. Perfect post, SPHASH! Yes, Bristol, you big crybaby wuss. Toughen up and quit your bitching about everything. Poor little victim. Bless your heart!

  3. Bet they told Jill the miracle dog to 'toughen up' before they beat/shot her to death. Wonder what Becky Beach of Iowa thinks about the disappearance of that donated therapy dog?
    Naaahh, she only thinks about that next shot of scotch, and it's the Good Stuff, Jameson, right Beck?

  4. Bristol should be the last person wanting to start a conversation about assault, let alone trying to define what it is or isn't. Glass houses, Bristol, glass houses.


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