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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Even Eleanor Roosevelt took care of her husband when he was sick

I thought about how Sarah Palin has shown little concern for Todd since his accident.  She didn't fly back to see him right away and when she did she went back to campaigning.  Also there has been no updates on his condition.

It got me thinking about another lady who nursed her husband back to health after a major health crisis.


Like the Palins marriage, Eleanor and Franklin had their difficulties.  Franklin had an affair with Eleanor's secretary Lucy Mercer in 1918.  When Eleanor found out after going through FDR's mail, she confronted him and offered a divorce.  After much discussion with FDR's mother Sara, they decided to reconcile but live separate lives.  That changed three years later.

While on a family vacation at their summer home in New Brunswick, FDR came down with a chill, then tiredness, then a fever.  After a few days he was unable to walk.  A doctor diagnosed polio.

Despite their differences Eleanor helped FDR get back to help.  She encouraged him, helped him with his therapy and a shoulder to lean on.  Eleanor knew FDR wanted a career in politics and without it he would be lost.  She once said polio affected his mind as well as his legs.  After his illness even though he no longer had use of his legs he developed an empathy for the underdog and disadvantaged.  FDR grew up in a world of privilege and never even had to work.

A trip to Warm Springs GA to try out a health spa really changed him forever.  For the first time in his life he saw poor people living day to day in the mountains of Georgia.  That inspired the New Deal.

If Todd really was hurt in that accident this could change him into a positive like it did for FDR.  But since Palins are reprobates, it won't happen.


  1. That was blatantly evident when Trig was born.

  2. She's probably blowing The Donald, just like she blew Kristol and McCain; that is how she was "vetted"! If she's bored of the two-toned Pimp Toad, there's always Brad!

  3. Don't forget Joe Schmidt the former Director of Prisons.

  4. Don't you wonder if there even WAS an accident? I mean, we saw the giggling girls along with a foot in the hospital (could have been from Sailor's birth,) and we saw an undated photo of Todd slouching on the couch in belted slacks right after having had all his ribs stitched back together with metal rods. Oh, and Sarah asleep on that day bed, and leaving the hospital looking like something the cat dragged in. But really, one to two 'thanks for your prayers' updates in a month? Something smells, as always with these hillbillies.

  5. Toad is wearing belted slacks and a tucked-in dress shirt in the picture with Trig sidled up to him. He also is wearing tied shoes.
    Sorry, but I had some shoulder surgery, and I for one was not able to wear formfitting clothes for quite some time. I am a 'tuff broad', but I made my hubby buy me an oversized mens shirt, because I simply could not get my arm into any shirt/blouse that was even just loosely form fitting. Forget about a belt, and forget about tied shoes! (And I 'only' had shoulder surgery, I did not have a dozen or more broken ribs and broken collar bone and broken shoulder blade on top of that!)


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