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Friday, April 29, 2016

Flashback Friday: Sarah Palin gets Ronald Reagan's alma mater screwed up


  1. Surely you can't post that without posting the live mic review of Sara's idiot diatribe.

  2. Palin proves every day what a complete and total moron she is.

    Hey $arah, why did you tell John McCain that "god will make sure the right people will win this election"?

    Hey $arah, why did you quit in 2009?

    Hey $arah why did you hold up a poster saying Fuc_ U Michael Moore with gun sights on his name?

    That was such a gracious and thoughful Christian thing to do, in front of children, proving what a faithful Christian you are

  3. I wonder if she'll ever realize that she'd be so much better off keeping that ignorant maw of hers SHUT.


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