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Friday, April 8, 2016

Flashback Friday: Sarah's confronation with teacher Kathleen Gustafson


  1. Hi SPHASH! Of course we all know that the retarded palin spawn, led by simple $arah, are the poster childs of dumbing-down! Look how they shit all over that poor teacher in AK! This hapless bunch of ignorant, lazy, lay-about slacker couch slugs have amounted to fuck-all!

  2. Dumping on a teacher is about par for the course considering how ignorant and stupid the Paylin clan is

  3. these palins MUST punch down. It seems to be the only way they can feel close to normal ego-wise.
    I bet they're rude as hell to waitstaff. That's a good way to get peepee in your coke.
    Paraphrasing Bill Mahar, isn't it about time someone put the average worker in their place(snark)?
    That hag sarrah's supposed father was a supposed teacher. Disparaging that lady teacher must've felt good to scarrrah. It was a symbolic dump on her 'dad' whom she secretly hates for beating and sexually abusing her(can't blame her for the hate on that). Still running scared from Creepy Chuckie, but not able to find the seed of fear n'loathing she buried years ago in her twisted mind, must show the world what a loving tight xtian family we are!!! Unfortunately for scarrrah, she's not self-actualized and would NEVER see a therapist to heal her mental wounds so they've festered all these years to yield....this monstrosity of a human who has autonomy and agency to go out into the world, reproduce and send her horror and severe dysfunction into the future. Bet you the mere mention of the word "teacher" is a trigger for old sarrah.
    Can you imagine the cognitive dissonance in that family?
    I'm still not convinced Creepy Chuckie is her bio dad. I do think Sally is her bio mom.

  4. Of course they're anti education.
    The low-info crowd are all they can grift from!

  5. Meanwhile, if you thought having a second child would cause Bristol to grow up and focus on motherhood, education, a job, and the future -- think again.

    Bristol -- who is 25 going on 13 -- is back on her Instagram page with stupid, cross-eyed, fish-lip photos.

    1. They only go so far in that family mentality-wise, Old Redneck. None of those kids will amount to a damned thing.

    2. She's got four kids and she's not mature enough.


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