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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Gee Sarah what took so long?

From Sarah's Fecebook page

So grateful for your prayers and support during Todd's recovery! He's in a good place - on the couch - insisting if there's any good season for injury, it's now.

"March Madness is a great distraction," Todd reports. "And catching up on 'Deadliest Catch' and 'Bering Sea Gold' episodes is some awesome motivational therapy. I can't wait to get on Bristol Bay waters and pick fish with the family!"

In our 35 years, I've never seen the guy have to literally hold still, sit down, and take a (winced) breath. And I've never seen Todd so touched by the kindness shown during difficult days.

"It's overwhelming and I'm not worthy of these well-wishes," he said. "I wish I could repay people for caring. Makes me want to do more for others, especially when they're down and out. Maybe that's part of the purpose in all this."

It IS overwhelming, friends' goodness permeating the situation. Todd is always, always doing what he can for others, and rooting for anyone going through life's trials. It's amazing to realize his character is recognized outside of our four walls. He's got a great heart... to go along with two inflated lungs now, metal holding bones together, and stitched up epidermis that makes him appreciate good health more than ever.

"I can't thank you guys enough," Todd said. "The past few weeks showed us it's not just family circling the wagons; I don't think we'd ever realized that before. People out there who are hurting a hundred times worse than I was can use our prayers and any kind gesture. Maybe I can only repay by offering the same to you."

Maybe it was the constant nagging of all of us that finally convinced her to put something up.  I still want pics of the snowmobile and insurance report.


  1. He will be in hospital for some time, with those injuries.

    1. He's home, don't you see the photo of him with Trig? He's wearing a leg brace and x-cross brace on his chest for his clavicle but he's home and recuperating. You can see the outline of both braces under his clothing.

    2. Todd could be home. Some people may think they see leg brace and x-cross brace. The pic that Sarah used is an old one. A serious crash victim, as was described, does not line up with what Sarah is using.

      I find it hard to believe if Jill Hadassah was alive and well she would not be in a picture like that. A crash victim would be in less pain with Jill Hadassah than with an active child.

      They can overload Todd with drugs so he can endure a great deal of more pain, but it is not a good plan. The Palins need to concentrate on fentanyl, prescription painkillers and heroin. "Don't let another child be lost to herion"

      Heroin addiction will define the 2016 presidential campaign. Addicted to Heroin? Trump Says Blame the Mexicans.

      April 03, 2016
      Trump is asked about the heroin epidemic in America. Trump says heroin is an “unbelievable problem” all across the United States. He says it is coming through the Southern border and he is going to “stop it.” Trump says the Border Patrol endorsed him because he is going to let them do their jobs. Trump says Mexico can stop heroin from coming into the United States and he will call Mexico’s leaders and tell them to stop it. He says he will tell Mexico, “you better not let it happen.” Trump says he promised the people of New Hampshire he would stop the heroin epidemic after that was the top issue people had concerns about when he was campaigning in the Granite State.

      Addicts and enablers are both in denial. Trump and Palin are delusional and are a danger to America, youth and anyone in need of a doctor.

  2. $arah lies about anything and everything always. It's been her default state since she was a kid, because she is a sociopath.

    She's had to lie to cover up her ethics problems, Trig's birth and parentage, the reason she quit as Gov, about all her kids and their brawls, screwups, and lack of education, and the list goes on.

    $arah fears above all, that someone close to her will come clean, and revearl the serious crimes she has committed

    Tick Tock,$tupid $arah.

  3. Where's that miracle dog Jill, Sarry?

  4. "I'm not worthy of these well-wishes."
    He's right.

  5. Hi SPHASH! There is NO fuckin' way that couch photo is current! Look at the couch photo versus the bed photo. Does that look like he is refreshed and rarin' to go after the "accident" which laid him up full of tubes and knee brace(s)? I call "BULLSHIT" on lying $arah! The beard and sideburns in the couch photo are LONGER than the hospital photo! I still say "accident", my ass! Someone pounded the shit out of him within an inch of his life! Her fuckin' lies are getting harder to control now!

    1. In total agreement. I have a chronically ill husband who has been through many surgeries in the last ten years and NO WAY IN HELL.

      I hope he did have the shit pounded out of him. They certainly don't think twice about doing it to others in their way; what's wrong with a bit of karma?

    2. I call bullshit on the extent of his injuries.

  6. It's certainly possible he's home from the hospital. In fact he's probably been home for the last ten days or more. All he has to do is be able to get to the bathroom. His lung(s) would have been fully reexpanded a couple of weeks ago and the chest tube out. So long as he's able to gimp to the bathroom, and his pain is reasonably well controlled with pain pills, there's no reason that he shouldn't be home. In fact it's better for him to be home- he'll have to move around more. He just won't be happy about it, because it will hurt, but too damn bad. He should have been more careful- either driving his snowmobile or pissing off somebody else, whatever. Take your pain pills and a stool softener, Todd! And eat a balanced diet! I'm sure Sarah can pick you up some frozen meals or a restaurant can send takeout.

    Sarah's report of Todd's little "speech" doesn't even remotely ring true, though. What does he want to do for others? Find them hookers? Is this the guy who asked, "what's in this for us?" Doesn't sound like him.

    Incidentally, what is this "in our 35 years" crap? She was pregnant with Track when they got married and Track is what, 26 now? Nobody's mentioned Todd following her around or them dating in high school that I can recall. Does she not know how long they've been together? I can imagine life in the Palin household would seem like an eon, though... does anybody know how long they've known each other? Was she flying back to Alaska every time she switched colleges to shack up with him? In high school she was all about Curtis Menard, from what I recall.

  7. Still odd that the only reported damage to any vehicle in the Palin family is Bristol's car missing a headlight.

    Odder is that we STILL haven't seen a picture of the snowmobile, given this family's propensity for self-aggrandizement. Or seen any thanks for the rescuers that found him, when only family members are around... and oddest of all is that Bristol, whose received a citation for a missing headlight, has not once said, "OMG Dad was hurt BAD and I'm so scared for him" post. This is a girl who will post when she's gotten drunk and ruined her life in Vegas, but won't mention her father having a near-death vehicular accident? Not a word?

    At this point I'm thinking either Todd was massively drunk/stoned at the time, or he finally pissed off somebody who went after him, or Bristol drove into him. That girl isn't quite stable, IMO.

  8. Is Todd at home as shown in the photo with Trigg? I don't know, could be.

    His injuries were bad, especially the punctured lungs and broken clavicle. Still, to add to what ivyfree points out, there's a lot of home care available, so, it's not as though he's at home depending on Trigg to care for him. If he goes home, follows doc's orders, has home health care and therapy, it's much better then being in a hospital.

    Several folks have commented on the photo of Todd and Trigg on the sofa, speculating that there's a brace under Todd's right trouser leg. There does seem to be the outline of something under the trouser leg. I don't recall the extent of his leg injury/injuries.

    However, what I don't see is clear evidence of braces, slings, bandages, or the like on his shoulder(s). He was supposed to have suffered a broken clavicle (collarbone). If that's the case, he should have some type of bandage that immobilizes the clavicle as well as immobilizing the arm on the side of the broken clavicle.

    It does look as though his right arm is lying at his side and there may be a brace/bandage/sling/device under his shirt around the right shoulder. Also, notice he has the TV remote in his left hand -- is Todd left-handed?

    My wife has had two separate knee replacements and a torn rotator cuff repaired. She stayed in the hospital two nights after the knees and one night after the rotator cuff. We were visited by home health care nurses and therapists, so, yes, it's possible he is at home.

    What I'm really skeptical about is the facts of the accident -- the family has been VERY quiet about details. There was one early claim that Willow tweeted something about "Dad crashed on the 'leaning dog' " -- apparently a reference to one of their snowmobiles that was known to have a balance problem.

  9. I agree with your take above, Ivyfree. Toad most likely is home for a while already.
    However... I thought her had something like 8 or 14 broken ribs (depends who talked about it, I guess), as well as a broken clavicle and and a broken collar bone and numerous other broken bones and injuries. Wouldn't you think that he would wear braces and, maybe more telling, wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing like maybe some sweats, instead of thos tightfitting clothes he is seea wearing? Also, if he had all those injuries, how can a rambunctious DS kid sidle up so close next to him? How could an injured person with all those broken rins and clavicle and collar bone sit on a slumpy couch, slouching like he does?
    Does not make sense in my book. With all those broken ribs, would he not wear a corsett to keep his chest restricted and straight, so the bones could heal properly and not askew?
    I also caught that 'together for 35years' and thought wait a minute, they were together since they were 15y/o? First thing I heard... and they waited for a good ten years before she had Track? Yeah. And I have a bridge to nowhere to sell you!
    Re. a picture of a wrecked snowmobile: I believe someone said she is actually trying to shop for some wreck, so she can post pictures. Either way, by now, they have totally lost THAT puppy by waiting almost a month for showing any pictures. I would not believe if they physically went on a nation tour to show it. Besides, if the snowmobile had just rolled over him, it might not even have had to sustain much damage, depending where it happened - but even that part is a mystery. No mention of the terrain, no nothing.
    Who found him?
    Who transported him to that grocery store?
    How, if he was in such bad shape?
    Who called the ambulance? Why did they not call it from the accident place?
    Was he left outside in the parking lot, or was he brought inside?
    Was he on a stretcher? Who would 'happen to have' a stretcher when they passed him at the accident site?

    And the biggest question of all: Why is Bar$tool so completely quiet? Not one peep out of her how her dad is doing, NOTHING. Talking about suspicious...

    Oh, and one more thing: no independent report AT ALL about his accident or his injuries. No journalist gone up there to check into witnesses, no one allowed to visit him at the hospital, no statement from the hospital (you would think, even though now they are nobodys, at least for a couple years there, he was the 'First Dude' of Alaska and as such, would merit an official statement on his condition, especially if he were really that badly injured as $arah wanted to make it look...)

    Ok. Off my soapbox.

    1. Why did they not call it from the accident place?

      They have GPS and would have cell phones with them.

      The population of the town where the cabin and the store are is like about 900 people. It was spring break and the snowmobilers and other snow people would be in town.

      They don't say if he was unconscious or what. How far was he transported, how was he moved? Was he on a road where they could load him in a truck bed? Did they have to go back to a cabin and get a trailer for a snowmobile? There is much more to their silence than the little the only person (Sarah) who can talk about Todd will say.

      I know it is not always good to move a person in an accident. Especially if his upper back, neck area could be traumatized.

  10. I agree with Old Redneck and Anonymous at 12:12. Home is realistic, but those pants aren't. And he does look like he has some kind of brace on his right leg, but he might have just torn a ligament or something... not that that wouldn't be painful. He might have wrenched it, who knows?

    In fact, my husband does not have sweatpants, but if he needed them, I would go out and buy them for him. They'd be a lot more comfortable. We advise patients to bring loose comfortable clothes to the hospital when they're having stuff done: it's much easier to dress afterwards.

    You know, being in the hospital, even for a procedure that you know you need and you actually want, it's TRAUMATIC. It's a major change in your life. You can't get good rest, there's noise ongoing, there's lights on, you're being fed on somebody else's schedule... there isn't a single aspect of your life that it doesn't impact. After major injuries and 10 days or so in the hospital, Todd would look like crap. He doesn't look too bad in the picture. Old Redneck spotted what I missed- with a broken collarbone and clavicle, he should be in a sling. In fact, for having been so seriously injured on the 13th, he's looking pretty good.

    Props to him for interacting with Trig, no matter when this pic was taken. That kid needs attention. It's not therapy, and the kid may be pretty much nonverbal, but he seems happy with Todd and Todd seems happy with him. Good for Todd.

    1. A very insightful post, ivyfree, as is your usual standard.

      One thing I deduce - just speculating - is that Todd's relationship with Bristol has gone south. In the past, it was always Todd who picked up the pieces with Palin children uproar. But he was no where in sight when Bristol up and left Dakota - she was driving her own truck. Likewise, he has not been seen with his latest grandchild, and he seems to like his grandchildren - unlike Sarah.

      Bristol's silence on her father's injuries is noticeable.

  11. Collapsed lung, fractured ribs, and a broken clavicle and shoulder blade. Knees and leg.

    I suppose a broken shoulder blade is no big deal for a strong man like Todd. I had a friend with shoulder blade problems and he thought it was the worst he had. They don't explain much of the medical, only Sarah's good old girl baloney.

    Accident March 13, 2016. Picture on sofa next to active child posted March 31, 2016.

  12. Todd's father probably did not know what he was talking about on Mar 14. After this all the people questioned went dark. Todd was both seriously injured and Scott Davis said he's hearing that Todd Palin has some broken ribs but has no life-threatening injuries and is in good spirits.

    At close to 8 p.m. on Sunday night, emergency responders went to Cubby’s Marketplace on the Parks Highway south of Talkeetna Spur Road in response to a page, according to Mat-Su Borough spokeswoman Patty Sullivan.

    Medics received a page around 8 p.m. last night and and found a seriously injured snowmachiner. The person was at a residence on Talkeetna Spur Road, according to borough spokeswoman Patty Sullivan. She was not sure exactly where the snowmachine crash took place.

    Sarah Palin said in the good laugh post ' And thank you to the still-mysterious snowmachiner(s) who came upon the wreck and provided critical help that night. I hope to meet you soon!'

    Person at a residence on Talkeetna Spur Road... Patty Sullivan.
    still-mysterious snowmachiner(s) who came upon the wreck and provided critical help that night... Sarah Palin.

    'broken and fractured ribs, broken shoulder blade, broken clavicle, knee/leg injuries; and a collapsed lung.' (also later are more minor things like ACL/MCL knee injuries) Sarah Palin.

  13. I think the picture of Todd with Trig is just an old one. There is no way that a guy who supposedly had the injuries being reported for Todd would be sitting like that, dressed like that and cuddled next to a kid is sure to be wiggling around. I also don't think his leg has a brace on it. It just looks like the pant leg is being pulled aside after moving his leg on the couch.

  14. Didn't Todd hurt his leg once during the Iron Dog?


      He broke his arm in 2008 but still finished.

  15. Another scam. Those hospital photos were probably taken in the first day or so after the accident, not recent. The photo of barstool & willow at the hospital shows them sitting on an empty bed. And to the picture of Scarah supposedly sleeping by his side in the hospital - that's a laugh, another staged photo. As to the extent of his injuries, I wouldn't believe anything that came from his Dad's mouth or from any other Palins. So he just got home from the hospital? Yet Scarah is happily & drunkenly speechifying for Drumpf in Wisconsin - what a loyal & dedicated wifey. The whole thing is a big scam. As many suggest, he probably just got the crap beat out of him & they wanted to blow it up big & capitalize on it.

  16. What is that person, Patty Sullivan, talking about a person at a residence on Talkeetna Spur Road in the Paula Dobbyn/KTUU and Associated Press report? Who was that at a residence? Bristol?

    Was Todd taken to that house or was it near the accident? How did that house and resident get involved? Patty Sullivan is the worst Public Affairs Director. I don't recall reading such a poor report about an accident. You would think it was about a crime the way Sullivan is handling this private accident.

    Iron dog champs have GPS and Sullivan says they did not know where the accident happened.

    If you find the ex-half term governor's husband, a 4x champ in bad shape you don't just go silent and act strange.

    How did the Talkeetna Rd resident get involved? How was Todd transported and dumped outside a store?

    Sullivan and others have the numbers of the people that helped and saved Todd. Why can't they say who they are? Todd was said to be wanting to repay people. Sarah wrote that she wanted to meet them. Sullivan and others have information, so why is she acting so questionable?

    Was the resident at the house Bristol? Bristol has been acting like she never had a father. She went overboard when she STFU about something a daughter would be talking about.

    1. Iron Dog contestants only wear the GPS during the race, not during their regular life.

    2. There are some bad players in that little town where Todd owns his cabin. They may not want to kill people, they may just want to terrorize and or rough them up. The law is looking for the following vehicle. This could be the same people that transported Todd Palin, or they are connected to a gang of bullies in the area.

      Troopers search for vehicle of interest in Friday shooting near Talkeetna
      ANCHORAGE - A man was airlifted to hospital with non-life threatening injuries

      .... a 42-year-old male had been shot while at his residence, troopers wrote in a dispatch posted online. For some reason when Todd had his accident no one wanted to call the Troopers. No one wanted to have Todd air lifted while he was in a serious condition with collapsed lungs and much more. Well thugs would not want to call Troopers.

      Todd was not shot on the 13th. He just looked battered and no sign of an accident. There was no one saying where the accident happened. Maybe no one asked? There is no word about Todd's machine because there was no machine to look for? No one mentioned a helmet, like when there is an accident and a person was wearing a helmet that may have saved him. They just trusted whoever said Todd had an accident on a snowmachine?

      Bullsh!t about people only having GPS to track race. They could have found where the snowmobile was and the accident happened that night. GPS or not. They would have had the snowmachine by the next day if they were competent and there was an accident.

    3. lol. Okaaaay 8:54, aka Stretch Armstrong.


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