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Saturday, April 9, 2016

If Bristol Palin wants privacy-Update

Bristol Palin wants us to all mind our own business when it comes to her family, if she wants privacy, she needs to do the following:

Delete her instagram accounts (I'm sure she has more than one)

Delete her blog (that means firing Brancy)

Delete her Fecebook page

Quit going to Radar Online, Daily Mail, People Magazine and spilling her guts

Don't shop for an reality shows, book deals, photo shoots etc.

Bristol that is what you are going to have to do.  If you do that I will stop writing about you.

Update-Bristol posted this on her instagram


  1. But if we all stop writing about her, she will cease to exist. Poor girl has no education, no career opportunities, no husband, and no future. Can you imagine when her children have left home and are ignoring her the same way she and her mother relate? The difference is that Brissy will not have that "former Governor/former VP candidate" tag to fall back on. She will have nothing.

  2. According to estimates I have seen, Sarah pulled down around $13 million for her reality shows, her stint on Fox, and her other ventures. As best I can determine, Sarah and Todd put that money into one or more LLC's and that's how the family is living.

    Even if Bristol's allowance has been reduced (as MALOE claimed earlier), there's still plenty of money sloshing around for Bristol to enroll in a community college where she can earn certification as a dental assistant, accounting assistant, paralegal, welder, or the like. Or, she can continue to a 4-year-college and emerge with a professional degree. The LLC should be able to cover child care costs -- which is what is happening now -- check out the financial reports for SarahPAC -- two women are on the payroll -- they provide child care for Bristol's children.

    Of course, as she demonstrates almost every day, Bristol is not too bright, so maybe further education is beyond her and she's damned to a live as a poor little semi-rich girl.

    Either way, time marches on and in what will seem like about 6 months, she'll wake up and be 30 years old with two (or more) kids; Tripp and Trig will be big, husky teenagers beyond her control, and she'll be last year's news.

  3. One of the 'women' on the payroll for childcare could be Jill the miracle dog! Think of it......
    She's the perfect babysitter for their type of sick family system--she'll work around the clock for kibble and let the paylin's keep the $$. Plus she's non-verbal like her charge, Trig, so she can't repeat or reveal a damn thing! No real legal status to protect her from any and all paylin abuse, and nobody gives a damn about her whereabouts after all that fanfare 'launching' her to the adoring paylin fans. She is (was?) a labrador retriever, a breed that will do practically anything to please its humans that it loves(yeah, I bet she loved them, it's in a lab's nature, poor sweet girldog).
    Was that the summer just prior to the drunken, drugged up, cussing like a good christian, Iron Dog birthday party crashing when Tripp saw his perfect, always-wronged mom get her drunk ass handed back to her by the party's host after her assault upon him?

  4. Bristol only wants privacy when people call her out on her stupidity and her dick moves.

  5. Amen, SPHASH, I'm so sick and tired of her victimhood crap when she has brought it all on herself, and she wonders why she's the butt of jokes?!

    1. Talking about the butt of jokes: her latest (as of yesterday) instagram picture shows her making a fun of TriG with one eye crossed, and her mouth shaped like something I have never before seen on a woman's face - a butt?!
      Interesting how she posts pictures of Tripp and herself, mocking who knows who or what, and Sunny, Tripp's stepmom (who considers him to be one of her own kids!), showing how he excells in school. You go, Tripp Johnston!

  6. LOL. The entire Palin family has not figured out that it's not enough for people to admire you, they need to be admiring you for positive accomplishments. I'm sure she'd be a lot happier if she was admired for raising her little bastard Sailor, but the fact it: most people who have heard of her think she's an ignorant little slut, too dumb to contracept.

    She needs either an IUD or a hormonal implant. These can last years and be removed when you actually want to get pregnant.

    But if she used them, then she couldn't claim victimhood and demand child support... and she's got nothing else to live on.

    She'd love to be actually married and doesn't realize that any reasonably good guy would run from her... as Dakota did, as Levi did. She's very... disposable.

  7. Let's look at the psychology here. Sarah Palin was so busy advancing her own political career that she ignored her own kids. I guess that Bristol is still looking for some kind of attention to make up for the lack of it during her childhood. She did know how to act out, finally getting Sarah's attention and embarrassing her (by becoming pregnant while Sarah had her eye on being named McCain's VP pick). I have no idea what happened between Dakota and Bristol, but once again, Bristol wrote it all up in her blog, called her pregnancy a huge disappointment and asked for her privacy. That's a joke, because Bristol had been posting fish lips selfies before, too many photos of Tripp, followed by photos of her huge disappointment, growing month by month.

    Bristol, as you continue to give birth, with it comes the responsibility of caring for those children. It was something that you had control over. You claim that you "forgot" to take your "cramp" pills. You claim that you "got ahead of yourself." That means that you were the one who was responsible for getting pregnant, and afterwards, you had the responsibility of caring for those children. We don't need to read the details of how lonely your Mothers Day will be because Sailor will be with Dakota for a few hours. We don't need to see your latest $300. sunglasses, thong dress, decorating scheme (who has white rugs and white chairs with kids around?). I agree with the others who write that your family has the money to send you all to college where you might learn about other people throughout history and other places. College can lead to a good job, and it also broadens your outlook (or at least it is supposed to if you aren't out there binge-drinkining every night). Sitting in a college discussion group exposes you to new ideas and different ways of looking at things. Without knowledge or even curiosity about the world, you will remain an immature child-- not a good thing when you have children of your own to look after.

  8. Bristol the deadbeat mother doesn't care about school and having a career at 25. She's a lazy whore who gets $5,000 a week from her mother's PAC and blackmails the fathers of her bastard kids over child support even if they're struggling with their finances as she still dreams to be a reality TV star like those untalented losers known as the Kardashians and Jersey Shore. No man would even think of marrying someone who acts like a stupid teenager and refuses to get off her ass and find a job to support her kids.


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