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Saturday, April 23, 2016

If Todd is so banged up why is he able to hold Sailor Grace?

From Instagram

This was posted a couple of weeks ago.  If Todd was as injured as they say he was he would not be able to pick up Sailor.

Here is another suspicious picture:

Todd looks like he is wearing a brace but he wouldn't be able to wear slacks, he would be wearing sweatpants.

And the rumor on the street is that Todd has been able to drive and get in and out of his truck.  He must be Superman (sarcasm).


  1. The Palins can fake anything from pregnancies to birth dates and injuries.

  2. I wore my knee brace under my jeans all the time. It was made for that. Don't get me wrong; something stinks in Wasilla about this whole thing, but let's not go off on red-herrings. It is much more suspicious that Trig is cuddled up to him with the array of injuries he is supposed to have.

  3. Nice camel toe there Todd. I mean, we all know your dick is tiny but sportin' that toe is just ridiculous bro. You really are nothing but a big pussy

  4. The Palin's rarely post photos that are actually current. The photo with Sailor was probably taken a month after she was born, so several months before Todd's drunken snow mobile wreck.

    1. NO WAY is that a one month old baby he is holding! She is able to hold her head up and interact with him as seen on her smile and her hand trying to touch his face.
      No, that is a five months old.

      BTW, interesting, that Bri$$y does not post any more pics of her latest crotch fruit. I wonder, if Dakota's lawyer put a stop to it?

  5. They are obvious liars. Why do Bristol and Dakota allow their child to pose with such dishonorable idiots?


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