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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Is Bristol Palin trying to send Dakota a message?

From Bristol's instagram

bsmp2almost a year later and Piper is still scared, "I want a mini pig" she said .. 🙄🙀🙅🏻 #didnotlastlong#butimnotcomplaining
As you all remember Dakota was the one who gave Penelope to Piper.  Is there some sort of hidden message cuz I doubt Bristol would give a damn about the pig.


  1. The only pig Bristol cares about is herself.

  2. I think, you read too much into this, SPHASH! DakotAh gave the mini pig to Piper, who after a very short time decided she could not care for it, so they gave it away to a friend. That friend actually posted a couple of pics on her instagram - one when the piglet was tiny, and one now, when it is more like a 90 lbs porker, one year old.

    As to Bar$Tool and hidden msgs to DakotAh... Nah! $he'll do those privately on instant messenger - until $he is pi$$ed enough about DakoAh and not getting her way, so $he will sell those messages to the highest (and only...) bidder.

  3. It is a constant pattern, in the Palin family, that pets don't last long. They seem to get handed on to someone else, or just vanish from view.

    I find this to be a very bad sign, in a family, that they lack the ability to offer long term security and loving care.

  4. I still believe there's a connection to Piper in all their insanity,photo shopped pics and bizarre lies and blurry inked masking tape. I just don't know how deep the madness goes in this strange, fucked up band of gypsies.


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