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Saturday, April 30, 2016

It's over! Dakota is not the father of Sailor Palin!

From Radar Online

It’s over! Bristol Palin has ended her messy custody battle with Dakota Meyer, has learned — at least, for now.

The duo filed court documents in Alaska on April 20, alerting the judge that they had “reached a custody and parenting agreement in mediation” regarding daughter Sailor, born in December 2015.

READ The Bombshell Agreement

Details of the agreement were not made public, as they agreed “not to disclose those terms publicly” and to file them as “confidential documents.”

“The parties agree that it is not in the best interests of their daughter for the terms of their agreement to be publicly disclosed,” the documents state.

That’s certainly a change form past filings, where the couple laid bare their nasty text messages to each other and battles to control the life of their daughter.

Palin had previously asked a judge to edit her visitation schedule with Meyer so she could spend her first Mother’s Day with Sailor. But in court documents filed on March 14, Meyer hit back and said he wasn’t backing down.

Meyer’s attorneys asked the judge to set visitation for Mother’s day from 9 a.m. To 6 p.m., noting that “Ms. Palin originally had proposed visitation on that day … and that proposal was relied upon by Mr. Meyer in making his travel plans” from Kentucky to Alaska.

“That will still provide Ms. Palin time with Sailor on Mother’s Day, but will also allow Mr. Meyer, who is traveling across the country to see his daughter, to spend time with her that day as well,” they claimed.

“There is no valid reason to deprive Mr. Meyer of visitation with Sailor that day simply because it states on the calendar that it is Mother’s Day,” the documents continue. “Mr. Meyer cannot change his work and travel plans, which have already been made to move the visitation that was planned and ordered for that day … and it would be unreasonable at this juncture to expect him to do so.

As Radar has reported, Palin, 25, and Meyer, 27, have been locked in a nasty custody battle since Sailor’s birth on December 23, 2015. The couple broke up in May, just weeks before they were set to wed.

But there’s no guarantee this is the end: Palin’s custody war with ex and baby daddy Levi Johnston was off and on for seven years, and just finalized in February.

Well isn't that neat! 

Everything is all confidential, so we will never know who really fathered Sailor.  Dakota signs a confidentiality agreement so he will never reveal that Bristol is a bonafide whore, Bristol agrees not to demand child support and expose any dirty secrets he has, so the world will never know.

Dakota and Bristol go their separate ways, agreeing not to bathmouth each for the sake of public consumption.

Both Dakota and Bristol deserve each other.  Dakota is a dumb ass just for sleeping with the Palins in the first place, Bristol is a slut who got caught with her panties down.


  1. Bristol can still put her own business in the street and leave Dakota and his daughter out of it. If she can't learn any manners she'll just have to be forced to act like a decent human being.

    Dakota is sick of reading about himself on the cheap tabloid websites cultivated by the Palins and their lawyer. He has now clipped their nasty little wings. Dakota will be taking his baby daughter to Kentucky very soon and he has the right to expect to do that without being harassed.

    If it makes anyone feel any better, this whole drama will no doubt have devastated Bristol. I have no doubt that she fled Kentucky fully expecting to have her baby all to herself plus some very lucrative child support.... and be able to tell lies about Dakota to the media to make herself look good... and send him nasty texts to make herself feel better about being such a failure.... etc. Now she wouldn't dare.

  2. No doubt that Dakota saw political connections and opportunity in hooking up with the Palins. Well, as the saying goes, "be careful what you wish for; you just might get it." Pardon my rudeness, but who wouldn't use a condom dipping into Bristol for fear of contracting an STD?

    I do not feel sorry for them in the least; only Gracie. That beautiful baby is in for one hard life that she had no choice in. At least Dakota had good lawyers so Bristol couldn't put him through the hell that she did Levi.

    1. That's right! Brissie "loves the name Sailor" so much that she has now switched to calling her daughter "Gracie."

    2. The name "Sailor" was just a dig at Dakota, the Marine. Bristol loves using her kids as weapons against the men who she believes in her lizard brain "done her wrong."

  3. So . . . Bristol now is (1) the recipient of TWO monthly child support checks; (2) attended by two nannies/housekeepers who are paid for by SarahPAC as "part-time clerical" workers; (3) a paycheck from Dr. Jack Me Off for which she shows up at "work" once a week; (4) an occasional royalty check from hawking weight-loss shakes, subscription boxes, and other junk on her Instagram page; and, (5) largess from Sarah and Todd's LLC's that pays for her big purchases -- house, car, furniture, taxes, insurance . . .

    How long before she decides she needs more monthly income, suckers another sperm donor, gives birth, has a custody battle -- lather, rinse, repeat . . .

    1. Totally agree Old Redneck. Between 2007/2008 and November 2015, Bristol has birthed four babies that we know of: Trig, Tripp, DWTS baby and Sailor Grace.

      If Bristol doesn't change her reproductive life style, there is no reason to doubt that within another two years, her baby number five will arrive amid much drama and (once again) questionable paternity.

      IMO the Heath side of the clan is fed up with Bristol and chooses not to acknowledge Sailor. Even Grandma Sarah ignored Bristol's latest pregnancy as long as she could. (Not that Sarah is affectionate or caring about any of her grandchildren...including her "son" Trig.)

      Oh to be a fly on the wall of the elder Palins, elder Heaths or any of the cousins!

      I do feel sorry for all of Bristol's children, but at least Tripp has good parents in Levi and Sunny. There is nothing that makes me believe that Dakota is Sailor's bio father, but father or not, at least he is providing another, hopefully better, parent for Sailor.

  4. Has Maloe disappeared? Haven't seen anything from her in some time. Hope she will weigh in on this......

  5. It's fairly strong circumstantial evidence; it isn't documentation or an admission that he's not the father. I think he's probably not, but this just says that he bluffed them and won. What remains to be seen is whether he'll actually come visit Sailor, or take her to stay with him. Because no matter how much he might like babies- who knows?- he's not going to visit somebody else's kid. He might make a couple of visits just for the sake of appearances ... but then it will just fade away. If he has brains he'll drop the Palins entirely, but face it: if he had brains he wouldn't have involved himself with Bristol. Whatever his goal, (or his lawyers' goals), he got that agreement, which to me means he had least had smart lawyers.

    "Dakota is a dumb ass just for sleeping with the Palins in the first place, Bristol is a slut who got caught with her panties down."

    I'm not sure Bristol even owns panties. I don't care who she has sex with, or how often, or his marital status- it's none of my business. But if you put yourself out there as a public figure (my keyboard which occasionally acts like a ouija board just wrote that as "pubic figure") as a social commentator and proponent of "family values" it's open for public discussion.

    And yes, I wonder how long it will be before she gets pregnant again, accidentally on purpose, and whether she'll try the same game. She's getting custody payments from at least one of her children's father.

    1. ivy, there still are men out there stupid enough to walk into that trap! Also too, strongly agree on public discussion. They put themselves out there; what were they expecting? I'm so sick of their victim crap.

  6. What a disappointing post! It reads like the worst of the tabloids and is mostly fact-free. None of it proves that Dakota isn't the father. Bleh.

  7. OFF-TOPIC, slightly.

    Reports from Alaska claim that Jordan Loewe, Track Palin's girlfriend, is -- shall we say -- knocked up.

    As I recall, the reason for the Jordan-Track fight that landed Track in jail with assault charges was his claim that she had been "in touch" with an ex-boyfriend.

    All of which raises the question: If Jordan is, indeed, in a delicate condition, WHO IS THE DADDY? Is he:
    -- Track?
    -- the unnamed ex-boyfriend?
    -- some other ex-boyfriend?
    -- a one-night stand?
    -- anyone's guess?

    If this is true, then of Sarah's three grandchildren and one grandchild-to-be, all four were conceived outside marriage; one was born while the parents were married after a shotgun wedding, they soon divorced. And Sarah preaches to us about family values.

    1. For the life of me, Old Redneck, I can't understand why a woman would go back to her abuser but plenty do. It boggles the mind.


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