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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Sarah Palin is cancelled for Wyoming today-Update


From Politico

Sarah Palin will not be appearing as a surrogate for Donald Trump at. he Wyoming Republican Party convention this weekend, the state's GOP announced on Thursday.

According to a release on the Republican Party of Wyoming’s website, the Trump campaign said she would not be attending. It provided no explanation for the last-minute cancellation.

“The Donald Trump campaign has informed the Wyoming Republican Party that Sarah Palin, the scheduled surrogate speaker for the presidential candidate, will not be attending the State GOP Convention,” the release says. “Former Governor Palin was scheduled to speak to the convention delegates Saturday morning between 10-11am along with presidential candidate Ted Cruz and John Kasich surrogate Governor Butch Otter of Idaho.”

“The Trump campaign has not indicated whether another one of Trump’s surrogates will be in Casper this Saturday morning,” it continues.

Wyoming sends 29 delegates to the Republican National Convention in July: 23 at-large delegates selected at Saturday's convention, three chose at county conventions, and three automatically appointed by the state party.

So did Sarah cancel herself or did The Donald do it for her?  I'm guessing the latter.  Update-Ted Cruz won all 13 delegates today.


  1. I'll bet it was the new team that Trump has around him that cancelled Sarah Palin - as well they should have! She is a joke and the majority of Americans feel that way about her!

  2. Face it, the Right wingin bitter clinging religion bullshit fake CHristian $arah idiot Paylin helped lose Iowa and Wisconsin for Drumpf.

    She couldn't even give him Alaska, because she is known and despised for being a grifting IDIOT!

    Wyoming is very CHristian conservative territory, and a 3 time adulterous lecher like DrumpF won't play there well, especially represented by a douchetard like $arah

  3. Trump gave up on Wyoming and now he will moan, groan and whine because he didn't pick up any delegates. Maybe Sarah backed out because she knew it would just be another state she campaigned for Trump in that he lost.

  4. Ahhh--the Kiss of Death by the Tundra Twat. Luv it!!

  5. Like anyone would vote for Dump because that asshole said to.I think someone needs a shrink.


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