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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Sarah Palin makes an ass out of herself in Wisconsin

First she makes an ass out of herself in Milwaukee:

Then she makes an even bigger ass out of herself in Racine:

Last but not least Wausau:

She really out assed herself on this one.  Maybe that is Donald's plan.  Let her be an ass so he would lose Wisconsin.  Then he could blame her.


  1. SPHASH: You owe me a new keyboard. I just puked all over this one.

  2. She's always been an ass, it's just that more and more people see that now.
    And it's about time! When Trump loses I hope we're done with her.

  3. "When Trump loses I hope we're done with her."

    My thoughts exactly.

  4. I don't know that we'll ever be rid of her.
    She's attack those lips to anyone's butt for publicity and $$.

  5. Hi SPHASH! Yes indeed, the asshole made an ass of herself again! Narcissists have no fuckin' shame, do they? My favourite photo of hers is the one where she looks like a braying ass!

  6. Palin's Scottsdale, AZ, house is still on the market -- 105 days; already dropped the price once.,-111.392785,33.427429,-112.285424_rect/10_zm/?3col=true

    1. So let me see if I've got this straight... Trump's little yappy lap dog bought a high-end house in an area where high-end houses are massively over-built, and now struggles to unload the thing because, gosh darn it, there just aren't too many people in that rarified top 1% (and even fewer with tacky taste)?
      I don't know about Scottsdale, but I was just visiting family in another area where land is cheap and high-end houses were massively over-built, leading to a sea of for-sale signs in the new developments, while entry-level houses that real people can afford are few and far between, and getting snapped up quickly when they come on the market. I'm guessing Scottsdale isn't too different. If Palin had bought 10 $150K houses instead of 1 $1.5M monster, she probably would have made out like a bandit selling them now.
      Like they say, karma's only a bitch if you are.


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