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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Sarah Palin threatening to sue Azealia Banks


Azealia Banks issued an apology to Sarah Palin on Tuesday after the former governor of Alaska announced plans to sue the rapper over her hate-fueled, profanity-laden Twitter rant. 

Palin told PEOPLE exclusively in a statement that she will take legal action against Banks "on behalf of all reasonable women of every age, race and political leaning." 

"I've had enough of the unanswered threats and attacks against my family and me," Palin said of Banks' NSFW social media suggestion that the former governor should be sexually assaulted. "So, for the first time I'm going to enjoy the only retribution some protected 'celebrities' seem to understand – I'm suing Azealia Banks and can't wait to share my winnings with others who have gone defenseless against lies and dangerous attacks far too long." 

Banks responded to Palin's statement within hours by posting a lengthy letter of apology on her Tumblr account: 

Dear Sarah Palin, 

I hope this message reaches you in good spirits and in good health. I want to start this letter off by telling you that I actually, really like you. While many other American people may see you as someone to be ridiculed, I truly believe that you possess a certain 'je ne sais quoi,' (a french term which is often interpreted to denote one's inexplicable charisma.) Given a bit of book-reading/media-training/patience, that charisma could become your magic carpet. There is something very charismatic and misunderstood about you. The misunderstood bit oftentimes reminds me of myself. You're very passionate about the things you believe in, super determined, and most certainly aware of who you are and where you stand in this world, as a parent, as a politician, but most importantly, as a woman. 

Given the propensity of conservative right-wing media publications to veer into very fearful/erroneous/baseless/contradictory/prejudice analyses of us 'melanated,' peoples of the United States, It should come as no shock to you that a satirical article accusing you of saying, 'Even the French understand that Slavery wasn't our fault because the negroes liked it,' Would be provocative enough to ruffle a few feathers. Now since learning that the article was not published officially, I sincerely apologize for any emotional distress or reputational scarring i may have caused you. 

In my honest defense, i was completely kidding. I happen to have a really crass, New-York-City sense of humor, and regularly make silly jokes in attempts make light of situations which make me uncomfortable. As the fabric of the American Nation is EMBEDDED with racism, I merely made a raCIALly driven joke to counter what i believed to be real, raCIST rhetoric. 

Also, i never said you should be raped. I used the term 'run a train,' which is slang for group sex, NOT for 'rape.' There are many distinctions between the two. As a woman, I would never trivialize something as lewd and criminal to provide myself any sort of comic relief because it simply… just isn't funny. (and no, is not a reputable source of information to seek clarity on the aforementioned dichotomy). However, i find great irony in the right-wing media's attempt to 'victimize,' you in this situation. Seeking empathy through sensationalism is something left-leaning liberals are frequently ridiculed for by the Right. But American Hypocrisy is nothing new. Considering the imminence of 2016's polarizing presidential election, I've taken it upon myself to do my own social research. I've recently had the opportunity to indulge in a few lengthy conversations with some very popular conservative figures. I've concluded: Amongst millennial conservatives, Censorship paired with the (questionable) social necessity for political correctness are atop the list of social grievances. It is as though this newest generation of conservative voters desire the right to express their true feelings, free of any filter and free of any consequence. I too harbor a similar sentiment regarding censorship and self-expression, as i am an artist. I cherish my ability to express myself freely, yet remain totally aware that for every action, there will be a reaction. All in All, Woman to Woman, I hope you will accept my sincerest apology. 

Sincerely, – Miss Azealia A Banks." 

Banks concluded the letter with a series of postscripts – including one taking aim at Palin's daughter Bristol. 

"P.S.: – I am an EXTREMELY intelligent woman, Mrs. Palin. 

– 'Hey Female Rapper,' was your way to euphemize what you REALLY wanted to say. What you wanted to say was, 'Hey little Stereotypical Black, Thing!' 

– Realize that stereotypes are a product of what I like to call the 'Critical White Gaze.' The basic fundamentals of the Critical White Gaze are Fear, Ignorance, Curiosity, and Fetishization. 

Intelligence is not something which can be quantified in 140 Characters. 

– Twitter is not real, neither is your opinion of me! 

– If Bristol Palin listened to my music she probably wouldn't have all those cotdamn kids!!!! ;-P #sis #iud #stayinschool #causeitsthebest." 

In Banks' initial tweets, some of which were deleted but screengrabbed by the Media Research Center, Banks, 24, wrote that she hoped someone would "bang some sense into that h-." Banks' rant, in which she also charged that Palin is never "coherent or cohesive," appeared to be in response to a satirical news article that jokingly featured Palin saying that black people "accepted [slavery] willingly." 

"Azealia engages in a form of racism and hate that is celebrated by some in the perverted arm of pop culture, but is condemned by those who know it's tearing our country apart," Palin's statement said. "Others may keep turning a blind eye to problems like Azealia's mouth; I choose to take a stand against it and the double standards that result in her actually being rewarded for her divisive tactics and aggressively inciting violence." 

Banks has used social media to voice controversial opinions in the past: late last year she faced backlash after tweeting that the "LGBT community (GGGG) are like the gay white KKK's. Get them some pink hoods and unicorns and let them rally down Rodeo Drive." 

Let me be the first to say that Azealia was way out of line.  I dislike Sarah Palin as much as the next person, but I do not wish her to be violated or murdered.

If Sarah actually sues Azealia, I doubt she will get anywhere considering her reputation.  Joe McGinniss, Geoffrey Dunn, and Frank Bailey did a good job at exposing her in their books.  She threatened to sue Joe but never followed through either.


  1. I fervently hope/wish that PayMe sues her, and that Azaelia's lawyer then have her under oath and ask her all kinds of pertinent questions about her life and her involvement in diverse crimes. I f she does sue, we should supply Ms. Banks with all kinds of information that would be not so good for the PayMes to bring out into the light!

  2. They are both so gross that I wish they would just go away, together.

  3. I really wonder, as Anonymous @ 7:26 writes, whether Sarah will risk being put on the stand and questioned under oath. Because she will lie... and think she'll get away with it... and she won't.

  4. Isn't Banks the same age as Barstool? Why doesn't Skanky Pay-me sue her daughter for all the ignorant filth that flows from her mouth?

  5. I do not approve of anyone wishing physical harm to come to Sarah Palin, whether it is an out right threat or in the words of a rap song. However, Sarah Palin has not been shy in choosing her words carefully. Sarah loved to use gun rhetoric, telling people not to retreat but to reload, take aim. Her targets were democrats running in the 2010 election. When Gabby Giffords was wounded, and others killed, Sarah issued her blood libel video, making it look as if she was being victimized for her choice of language. Ya think?

    Sarah once said that our national debt was slavery. Martin Bashir descibed some of the actual horrors of slavery, and asked how Sarah Palin would feel if these tortures were inflicted on her? Ever the victim, Bashir's history and vocabulary lesson was lost on Palin, and she moved her fans to demand that Bashir be fired for exercising free speech. He was fired, but Sarah continued to spew her own verbal hatred. Sarah also said that waterboarding was our way of baptising terrorists, insulting baptism and failing to understand that waterboarding is torture.

    Sarah has hurled vulgar insults at President Obama. When one occupies a public position, there should be some thought given to public speech because it can incite others to violence. After Palin's 2008 campaign speeches, the Secret Service reported an increase of death threats against Obama.

    When Joe McGinniss lived next door to the Palins while writing his book about Sarah, she accused him of spying on her and Piper in a disgusting sexual way. She rallied her fans against McGinniss who said that Sarah had unleashed the Hounds of Hell.

    These are just a few examples of Sarah's own hateful speech, so this is just a form a payback. Sarah can dish it out but she cannot take it. Maybe that would be a good reason for Sarah Palin to take stock of all of the hateful things that she has said and try to understand why someone would have the same kind of violent attitude towards her.


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