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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Sarah Palin tries to get Azealia Banks banned from Twitter. And fails. And Bristol bitches about it

From Daily Mail

Twitter will not suspend Azealia Banks's account after the rapper tweeted that Sarah Palin should be gang raped because the violent language 'was not in violation of the Twitter Rules.'

The social media company's response came after a user submitted a complaint and was first reported by Breitbart.

'We reviewed the content and determined that it was not in violation of the Twitter Rules,' the company said in a statement, according to Breitbart.

The content that Twitter approved of included tweets that had Banks calling for Palin to 'get headf****d by a big, veiny, ashy black d**k' and for 'the biggest burliest blackest n*****s' to 'run a train on her.'

According to Twitter's rule book, the company does not 'tolerate behavior that crosses the line into abuse, including behavior that harasses, intimidates, or uses fear to silence another user’s voice.'

Violent threats, 'direct or indirect' are also forbidden: 'You may not make threats of violence or promote violence,' the rules read.

Also, the rules state users 'may not incite or engage in the targeted abuse or harassment of others.' 

'Some of the factors that we may consider when evaluating abusive behavior include... if the reported behavior is one-sided or includes threats.'

Palin has said she is planning to sue Banks over the tweets. 

I was surprised Twitter didn't take action against Azealia.  Like I said before Azealia's comments were way out of line and Sarah had a point.  But I still don't feel sorry for Sarah over this as she has said pretty nasty stuff too over the years, especially about President Obama:

Lacks cojones

Shuck and jive

Blood libel

Crosshairs map which almost killed Gabby Giffords

Encouraging her followers to harass Joe McGinniss


And now Bristol is whining about it too:

The feud between the Palin family and Azealia Banks continues to drag on more than a week after the rapper called for Sarah to be gang-raped by a group of the 'biggest burliest blackest' men.

On Monday, Bristol went after Twitter over their decision to not remove Banks from their service following her offensive comments, which she eventually deleted from her personal page.

Banks meanwhile took to her still active Twitter to accuse the Palin camp of harassing her and threaten to sue them less than a week after Sarah said she planned to take the New York City native to court.

Bristol spoke about the situation in an interview with Fox 411, saying; 'Twitter’s own words - "We believe that protection from abuse and harassment is a vital part of empowering people to freely express themselves on Twitter."

'I cannot imagine what they would have done if races were reversed. It's unfortunate that Twitter is not truly colorblind in this situation with regards to Miss Banks and her threats.'

Banks meanwhile is now painting herself as a victim in all this claiming that the Palins have refused to leave her alone, and is even suggesting that the Secret Service is now involved in the feud.

'Palins secret service people r still calling my family's phones,' tweeted Banks on Monday afternoon.

'I'm going to be the one filing charges against her soon.'

She then added; 'Because this is harassment.'

Banks also retweeted a poll posted by Bristol asking if she should still be allowed to stay on Twitter, writing; 'Yawn.' 

Bristol go back and take care of your children.


  1. I don't think Sarah has any Secret Service protection. And what Banks said was vile. But frankly, if Brissy is mad at Twitter, she can alway STOP USING IT. Keeping the feud going is juvenile, on both sides. Ignore each other, go away, and stop acting like spoiled brats, all three of you. Geez, Sarah has a show to sell, Bristol. You know, money for your mortgage and expensive handbags and trips to Hawaii. Priorities, girl!

  2. Sarah Palin doesn't have Secret Service protection. Why would she? She's a nobody.

    1. Of course she doesn't. The Palins are all about threats and intimidation, so no doubt some of their goons in action.

  3. Poor victim Sarah shithead. No sympathy out there for you? Remember how you used to stir things up if you perceived insults from ANYONE? Late night show hosts, media, journalists, neighbor's, ex family members, Levi, and so many others on that long list. Remember how so many people jumped in to defend you and your family? Now...crickets. Go away. PLEASE, just STFU finally and stop making an ass of yourself. There's no place for you in politics or reality TV - most of us, including your own party cannot stomach you. Liar Bitch.

  4. YES!! Thank you, Anonymous 8:12. Maybe they have hired bodyguards, and maybe just some goodbuddies willing to hassle Miss Banks "to get even" with her.

    I don't think anybody thinks that Miss Banks was justified in her comment- it was really tacky- but, OTOH, she didn't come near the possibility of Sarah being raped. The language was crude, and of course, Sarah is the eternal victim. But read it. There is no mention of the possibility of Sarah objecting, which alone would make it rape. If she'd written something like "hold her down and make her pull a train", that would be rape. But Miss Banks' comments are so far over the line that only Sarah would take them seriously. The policy is against harassment, and I think it might be possible for Facebook to dump Sarah for arranging for the hassling of Miss Banks. She's the one whose family have b.een receiving phone calls. Now, that really IS harassment.

  5. Sarah deserves all the negativity she gets from the public for being a vile woman who can't keep her mouth shut. The same goes for her skanky daughter who can't quit posting every single detail about her life and her bastard kids.

  6. I, too, think that Sarah and the Palins deserve everything that is finally coming their way. They've ranted on for years - racist commentary, lies about others and have shown (and it's been proven!) the frauds they are!

    And, now Todd is actually paying the price for his nasty ways throughout the years too! (Both physically and mentally.) Did Sarah promote the accident/beating he took? Questions, questions!

    Don't forget that Sarah slept with a black guy years ago - he confirmed it and it's of record. She was employed by Channel 2 in Anchorage, AK at the time as a 'sports announcer'! Which was a joke in itself! The job didn't last long needless to say.


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