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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Some dumbass thinks Sarah Palin should be called honorable

From Ask Hutch

Q: Why do they call her Gov. Sarah Palin when she quit during her term? She is a quitter. Shouldn’t that title be observed for someone who served a full term?

You are technically correct. Calling her governor is not proper, according to Robert Hickey, who wrote the book “Honor and Respect: The official guide to names, titles and forms of address.”

And it doesn’t matter if someone leaves office midterm or not.

Hickey said proper etiquette would refer to Palin as the Honorable Sarah Palin. But former governors in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and South Carolina are referred to as “Your Excellency.”

Yet, according to Emily Post, she was taught to address ex-officials by their highest title – and in a formal setting she would have said – President Jimmy Carter.

But in newspaper world, we will still call them former governors. For instance, in the future, we’ll have former Governor Sam Brownback.

Robert needs to do an update on his book.  Anyone elected to office who quits mid term should get the title "quitter".


  1. Honorable? Nope! However the words dishonorable and disheveled do come to mind. Again, what was John McCain thinking?!

    1. I doubt that I could utter "Your Excellency" to her face either without an extremely facetious tone or flat out laughter following.

  2. I would be inclined to address her as shithead. Please excuse my vulgarity. She elicits such black feelings.

  3. Half Gov. You don't fulfill the job,you don't get the title.

  4. "And now, ladies and gentlemen, we have the former GovernoT of Alaska."
    Just one little letter.


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