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Friday, April 1, 2016

Speaking of affairs Sarah and Ted did do the nasty, Ewww!

Ted's daughter giving Sarah the evil eye
Sarah hooked up with Ted Cruz several times between 2012 and 2015. A former staffer and campaign worker for Cruz recalls, "They went out. I suspect it was more than that. I 'm pretty sure they had sex, but I remember Ted bragging about how he banged Sarah Palin"

Cruz and Palin's encounters took place in several different states...the Senator's office in DC, the Holiday Inn Capitol, and Sen Cruz's private home in Texas, and while in Nebraska campaigning for Ben Sasse.  "She blew him out," another staffer says, "but he freaked out afterward. Hysterical, crying, totally flipped out. The thing that people remember is his freak-out, how completely crazy he got: I cheated on my wife with Sarah Palin and she was a really bad lay! He was just horrified. He couldn't believe he'd done it."

Cruz finally confirmed the relationship . he told me. "We really hit it off while she was campaigning for me. In a short time, we got to know a lot about one another. It was always done in a respectful but quick way, Slam, bam, thank you Ted"

"What is disappointing to me" Ted recalled, "is that after all the sex we had, she ended up endorsing Donald Trump"

Oh geez.  I think this will tank Ted's presidential campaign and possibly his re-election campaign for Senate in 2018.  And it will tank Sarah's potential new unreality show.

April Fools!


  1. You know, if we repeat this often enough, the RW will believe it. They truly hate Cruz, and Sarah is also person non grata. And if she thought there was 'something in it for me,' she'd sleep with Satan.

  2. This would seem more credible if you gave a source/link for it. Otherwise it's just hearsay. Doesn't mean it's not true, but you can't do much with it.

    1. Do you not understand the fundamental concept of April Fools?? You can't do anything with it because it's not true!

  3. LOL! You caught me! I love a good April Fool's joke. I WISH this was true. I thought it could be true. You did a good job. (Actually, perhaps it IS true -- seems in character for both of them.)

    I am wondering what the "phone numbers from the D.C Madam" will yield, so this seemed right in line with that. Hahaha. Good one.

  4. He has standards. He wouldn't do her with Uncle G's d---.


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